The Ultimate Guide to Replica Sneakers

1. Recommended Sellers List

The ESL consists of a collection of sellers that the mod team believes to be “well-established“, after years of following user experiences and relevant discourse here on the subreddit. These sellers have either been providing good service to r/Repsneakers users for a long period of time, demonstrated exceptional commitment to the members of our sub—or both. Just because a seller isn’t on this list doesn’t mean they aren’t a good or “trustworthy” seller. Part of purpose in renaming our list is to discourage our users from being so reliant on our list, and treating the TSL/ESL as the Holy Scripture. It is up to you to do your own research, and decide which seller you think is the best—whether they’re on our ESL, or not.

Without further ado, here is the Official r/RepSneakers Established Sellers List:

Established Sellers List (alphabetized)


Mr. Hou
Panda Chen


Uncle Lin


Established Agents

This list is just like the ESL, but it is pertinent to agents. The most popular agent, by far, is WeGoBuy.

Website Discount amount
PandaBuy Use code “Repsneakers” to get 5% off on shipping unlimitedly
Wegobuy $40 in Shipping Coupons (Must use the register links to achieve this)
CSS Buy 20¥ Coupons and Platinum Member Status


Blacklisted Sellers

Here is the wiki page with the names and reasoning for each blacklisted seller. If you are a reviewer, please check it frequently, to avoid an accidental violation of rule 10.


This component of the post is exceptionally important, and has the potential to save countless people from being having their money stolen. If you are new, please pay attention.

These lists—particularly the ESL—will serve to help you guys avoid ANY real chance of being scammed by the numerous impersonators of these sellers, who are out there prowling around, waiting for people here to make mistakes. Always check and double check this community’s catalog of sellers, to make sure you are talking to the right person. And as a rule of thumb, if you don’t know what you’re doing, DON’T BUY ON INSTAGRAM. If you must buy on Instagram, heed the following warning:

IF THE SELLER’S INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT USERNAME DOES NOT MATCH WHAT IS LISTED HERE, IT ISN’T NECESSARILY LEGIT. (By “USERNAME”, we mean the “handle”. For example, “@JohnDoe”. This is not the same as their name/title/bio, which can be changed to anything—and is not a unique identifier—like the username/handle!) We will discuss this topic in more depth and include visual examples, as the aforementioned subreddit resources are created and updated. But we thought it was important to get this information out ASAP, given the frequency at which people are getting themselves scammed here.

The Rep Game requires personal responsibility

One final note: These lists consist of collections of sellers that the mod team believes to be worthy of the labels well-establishedon probation, and blacklisted, based on our years of experience and after paying close attention to discourse and events on the subreddit. Just because your favorite seller—who you believe is 10x more established than any of our sellers—is not on the list does not mean they aren’t a good seller.

Just because you personally disagree that a certain seller belongs on the blacklist doesn’t mean we will remove them from it. In the past year, we have seen too much dependence and borderline “worshipping” of our subreddit’s various lists.

As if we are the one, definitive resource on which sellers are good/safe or bad/unsafe to buy from. This is not the intention of the lists. We are just one internet community, created and operated by ordinary people. We are not infallible.

Without a doubt, there are good, established sellers which aren’t on the ESL; this list is just a collection of sellers that we have judged to be established and “good”. It is also obviously biased towards sellers that are popular on Reddit. There are also terrible sellers who we have not yet identified on the blacklist, because they are small players and/or have no history on Reddit. In any case, no one is being forced to use our lists, if they do not agree with them. Please acknowledge these things before you make a negative comment about r/Repsneakers lists.

Sorry, but we had to make that disclaimer for the insufferable jerks that choose to let our lists live rent-free in their heads, and pretend that they aren’t allowed to make personal decisions which conflict with our lists. For the ordinary members—veterans and noobs alike—that are here in good faith, we appreciate you guys and your continued support of our forum.

We hope that you will find our new ESL and the numerous coming updates to be helpful. Please let us know of any comments or constructive criticism you may have.

2. Introduction to r/RepSneakers

Welcome to Repsneakers!

This community is for discussion of replica sneakers and other related items. Our focus is to be the center of replica sneaker discussion on Reddit. We have nearly 6 year of discussion archived on this subreddit, and encourage using the search function to learn more before posting. All selling of replica items is strictly prohibited on this subreddit.

Why Aren’t My Posts Showing Up?

Posting on Repsneakers requires a well established Reddit account. In order to deter advertising spam and ban evasion by scammers and spammers, we have increased the old requirements. The new numbers will remain a mystery, for security’s sake. Trust that they are not too high, and most people will be able to pass the requirement within a short time, naturally participating on other subreddits.

We do not respond to messages us asking for post approval. If you are unable to post, just continue using your Reddit account naturally, and soon enough you will be able to post. Posting is not a requirement to gain a lot of useful information from this subreddit. Lurking and searching will hold you over until you can post.


Please read these, they contain lots of good info and can answer your question much faster then making a new thread!

Middleman Guide for Beginners, by /u/Warm-Lobster

Replica Slang and Acronyms

Agent Guide

Seller Profiles

Introducing Seller Profiles! Seller Profiles allow for all the information related to a seller to be organized into one dedicated list for each seller.

With this new addition, Sellers will be able to edit their profile directly with no approval process for advertisement or waiting for their posts to be approved.

You can find the sellers profiles list here

Known Trustworthy Sites (Save $30 with code: sneakerahead-dis and 10% off your order with WU)Contact+Discount (Not to be confused with OG Tony) (Save 15$ with code: sunday3120) (Code: “Lisa-reddit” $15 off. 12% off with WU)Contact+Discount (Code: “TOP-reddit” 15$ off. 10% off with WU) $15 with code: coco-dis)

Bruce (no site lol. his Whatsapp is: +86 189 0916 2046) (Mango) (Vicky) (Weng) (Code: “FKReddit” for free shipping)

Known Trustworthy Agents (DISCOUNT CODE: repsneakersRedeem) (DISCOUNT CODE: automatic — UNLIMITED 5% discount)

3. Glossary of Common Terms
1. FashionReps Terminology

QC: Quality Control (QC for short) is talking about pictures that are posted from an agent of an item that was ordered. Users will post these if they’re unsure about the quality and would rather have someone else take a look at them if they’re good enough.

LC: Legit Check (LC for short) Much like the name states, this is a tag used for posts requiring a legit check. Legit checks are a great way of finding out if a item you’re purchasing is authentic or not.

GP: Guinea Pig (GP for short) Guinea Pigging is much like being a test subject. In this instance you will be the first person to order a sellers new item. This means you’ll be the first to get pictures of their product and often times you’ll post them to be checked for quality by the community.

FIND: Much like the name states. Posts with this flair are often linked to new products that haven’t been posted before.

W2C:: Where To Cop (W2C for short) W2C refers to the search for a desired item. Often times will be linked with retail images for an example.

1:1: One to One (1:1 for short) 1:1 refers to a perfect replica. However, not many exist and often times you won’t be able to get these as they’re sold out.

GL: Green Light (GL for short) GL Refers to a user who has given their approval of a QC post.

RL: Red Light (RL for short) RL Refers to a user who has given their disapproval of a QC post.

B&S: Bait & Switch (BS or B&S for short) B&S Refers to a seller who has advertised their product and sent goods that are different from advertised.

2. Tops

尺码: Size

领宽: Neck width

领长: Collar length

肩宽: Shoulder width

袖长: Sleeve length

袖围: Sleeve circumference

袖口: Sleeve/Cuff opening

肘宽: Elbow width

胸围: Bust width; Chest width

3. Pants and Trousers:

腰围: Waist

臀围 or 坐围: Hip width

衣长: Length

松量: Relaxed (measurement)

拉量: Stretched (measurement)

前直档长: Front rise

后直档长: Back rise

裤长: Trousers length

拉链长: Zipper length

内长: Inseam

大腿围: Thigh width

裤脚围: Leg opening

裤脚宽: Trousers width

身高: Height

长度: Length

宽度: Width

4. Shoes

脚长: Foot length

美国: US

英国: UK

欧洲: EUR

中国: China

厘米: cm

毫米: mm

英寸 or 寸: inches

4. Beginners Guide to Middlemen

r/Repsneakers - **beginners guide ( MiddleMan) simplified version on how to buy from a middle man for beginners

5. Beginners Guide to Shipping from China

6. Guide to Keeping your Shoes Clean

I have had Lin’s Triple White Ultraboost 4.0 for just over a year now and I am constantly being asked how I maintain my them and keep them looking what I call close to deadstock.

Please note: This guide is overkill, this is what I choose to do, It is not for everyone but from what I have found it pays off for maintaining my shoes at a high quality and 1:1 deadstock looks ;). This guide is completely based on my personal experience.

If you are just here for the photos scroll to the bottom 🙂

There are two methods, Handwashing, and Machine washing. I wash all my shoes by hand except the ultra boosts and I will tell you why. I put the ultras in them machine one day and found the result was outstanding this was due to the shoe getting a much deeper clean in the machine and making the white really shine out compared to when I hand washed them (you will see in the images). However, this is not necessary for darker shoes nor will I put shoes such as my Offwhite Vapormaxes or Yeezys in the machine. A hand wash is more than enough however I continue to use the machine only for the ultra boosts as it works well.

Method 1 – Hand wash:

What you will need

  • Wool/Delicates Soap

  • Fine brush for uppers

  • Thicker brush for sole

  • Sponge

  • Cloth of your choosing (I prefer a microfibre one)

Photo of products I use


1: Prep:

  • Remove laces

  • Get your sponge, wet it with warm water and lightly rub-down the shoe, getting it wet but not soaked.

  • Place your soap in a container and mix with hot water (you should be comfortable handling it)

2: Laces:

  • Get another container and fill it with warm water and soap

  • Leave the laces in the container to soak while you clean the shoes

  • Once you have cleaned the shoes come back and continue on

  • Take your laces out and with your hand rinse them under warm water, usually if the dirt is light it comes out however you may need a cloth and just run it down the lace to get out any dirt. If they are really bad you may wanna scrub them.

  • Once satisfied set out to dry (I tend to hang on a towel rack)

3: Bottoms:

  • Grab your thicker brush and dip it in the soap and scrub at the bottoms (this includes the boost in the case of ultra boosts)

  • Once you are satisfied with the bottoms get your sponge and rinse all the soap off, continuously rinse the sponge out with warm water

  • Once all soap is off the bottoms we move onto the uppers

4: Uppers:

  • Dip your fine brush in the soap and begin to scrub the uppers of the shoe (everything above the boost in the case of ultra boosts)

  • Once you have a soapy layer all over, rinse your finer brush with warm water and continue to work the shoe alternating between cleaning the brush and more soap if necessary, don’t be afraid to scrub hard if you need

  • Once you are happy that the uppers are clean get out your sponge and wet it again and get all the soap off, you want to continually rinse the sponge and keep wiping until all soap is gone.

  • Once satisfied set aside

5: Drying:

  • Set your shoes in a spot where they won’t get touched or interfered with.

  • I leave mine for 24 hours to dry usually before wearing

  • I have my laces from a towel rack and just lean the shoes against a wall on a towel.

6: Protection:

  • Once shoes are fully dried I spray 2 layers of Forcefield Protector and set to dry again, I prefer forcefield over Crep as I have seen cases where Crep leaves yellowing on the boost.

Method 2 – Washing Machine (how I get my ultras looking so crisp):

Please note: All machines are different, I got lucky with mine and it has done me well however as good as it can be I still recommend washing by hand.

  • Front Loader Machine

  • 30 Degree Temp

  • Wool Setting

  • I put them in a wash bag

  • I use a liquid washing detergent

  • Lowest speed, for me 400rpm

  • I wash for around 39 minutes (that is my machines cycle)

  • Put them in the machine and watch them go.

Once they are cleaned in the machine continue with steps 5 and 6 as mentioned above.


After Wash





7. Complete Guide to r/SuperReps

Welcome to r/SuperReps. Thank you for joining our SuperFam! We encourage you to follow basic online Reddiquette and read our rules! We want our community to be a fun and enjoyable place for everyone to participate and be a part of! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to message the mods if you have any questions…and Enjoy!

What’s SuperReps?

We are a new community with the main goal of creating a “Super Family Rep” interested in shopping, good reviews, helpful guides, questions and, topics related to the awesome world of reps. If you are a reps enthusiast, this is the right place for you!

Subreddit rules

If you’re reading this mini-guide, it means you’ve landed on our subreddit, so welcome to r/SuperReps! We are a community for replica sneakers discussion.

We don’t want to see offensive and toxic comments within the community, don’t judge other people’s questions or opinions you can discuss without offending each other. Respect will always be the foundation of every family and, we are, right?

Be helpful and follow Reddiquette; we, as mods, will do the same to ensure those who follow us and those who (I hope) will become part of this family, total transparency, and a great experience here.

For those who will need help and ask questions, we encourage you to be patient! The people in the community are doing this as a hobby, not for work, so be patient and, your questions will always have helpful answers.

Please read all the sidebar rules and check out all the resources and guides available; we will do our best to update them as much as possible with time.

We remain available for any questions. If you have any suggestions, please contact the mods! See you soon!



Guide for replica shoes

Payment methods

Sizing guide reps





8. Guide to Shipping Replica Shoes & Sneakers

In this guide, I will be providing shipping information, returns, and frequently asked questions to help the r/SuperReps community with their purchases.

Reading it won’t take much time, but maybe it will help you resolve doubts and issues.

I’ve divided the guide into sections, so it’s easier to navigate!


Trusted Dealers usually use two types of shipping: regular mail (EMS, Cainiao, China Post) and express courier (DHL, UPS, or FedEx).

The products are processed and shipped within 5 – 10 business days. So, after making your purchase, make yourself comfortable and wait patiently for a few days.

Even though express delivery is expensive, we highly recommend you choose it, if you want to make sure you don’t lose your money. Often we hear complaints from customers who have chosen slow shipping and are still waiting for their product.

Trusted sellers ensure that products are shipped using safe routes and measures that mitigate the risks of customs stops.

You will not have to pay customs duties or additional taxes.

The safest shipping is by express courier (DHL Express or UPS).

Shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK is safe (no customs problem).

Shipping to Europe is more difficult (DHL Express is often not a good choice). The advice is to contact TD before purchasing and ask for advice on the best shipping for your country of residence. They have a lot of experience shipping to your country and will know it better than anyone else. Any good seller will inform you of your country’s shipping requirements.


Delivery times depend on many factors: mainly on the country of residence and the type of shipment you choose at the time of check out.

Generally, you can receive your product in 7-10 days in the United States or Canada with express shipping,

If you choose regular shipping, the average time is usually 15-20 days.

This is an estimate; there may be delays caused by national holidays, weather, customs inspections, and other circumstances beyond our control and for which TD cannot be held responsible.

Take into consideration that, we are in a particular historical moment, so, things are bound to get tangled up, take alternate paths, tracking numbers can be confusing, etc. There is no universal path. You can track your package via the tracking number, but don’t spam your TD with messages if you don’t get it right away.

At first, your tracking number will take a few days to update – giving messages like “Scanned by customs” and whatnot. It’s important to be patient during the shipping process; especially now, international shipping can take some time.


Before buying your reps, I recommend you to do some research, there are many resources you can find; if you have doubts or questions, you can write on our sub-r/SuperReps. Our community is here for this, so you will always find someone ready to help you.

Anyway, if after having purchased your pair of reps, you have changed your mind, let your TD know ASAP. He will check if the order is already processed and tell you if it is possible to cancel the order or not.


It’s nothing new that people spam TD with messages asking for photos before buying. Here is the case to say: DON’T DO IT because you won’t get anything.

Just look at the photos you find on the TD website, if they are TRUSTED DEALERS, they will be authentic photos from the factories.

After you’ve made your purchase then, you can receive the photos for QC (and we encourage you to post them on SuperReps for advice and go for it), to authorize shipping.


If you are not satisfied with the item, you can return it within 14 days from the date you received it.

However, the return will only be accepted after an official inspection, so, send an email to TD with all photos and confirmation of the return. Please note: TD will not accept returns and/or exchanges if there is sufficient evidence that the shoes have been worn outdoors.

You are responsible for the shipping costs to return the item and will receive your refund using the same payment method you selected at the time of purchase. Refunds can typically take up to 7 business days from receipt of merchandise.

In case of a return, do not use the main shipping companies such as DHL, EMS, or FedEx, but the regular registered mail service to avoid entry problems.

Returning the item is not a simple process and, sometimes, it may not go well, so I suggest you take information on SuperReps, to make an informed and safe purchase.

But don’t worry, once it clears customs in your country, things will be faster and, you’ll be getting your super cool reps soon! This guide aims to pull together all the most frequently asked questions about shipping and some tips that may be helpful. But you can find all of this and more on Trusted Dealers’ websites.


9. The r/SuperReps Replica Sneakers Trusted Sellers List

Seeing all the questions we get about where to buy your replicas, we decided to share a guide on the trusted sellers to help all the newcomers within the community! In the list, you can find all the stores that have proven to be reliable and have earned the esteem and trust of the community.

I plan to keep the list updated over time. We hope this list helps you make safe purchases and answer the most common question: “where to buy replica sneakers?”.

Let me know what you think. If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me or other moderators! If you have any issues with any of these sellers on the list, let us know, we’ll try to help. Our community has no censorship, we are always open to welcoming new sellers if they prove they deserve our trust.


Yang Official website
Tina Official Website
Repshoes Official website
Mr Hou Official Website
Panda Chen Official Website
JoyStudio Official Website
Repsneakers Official Website
Worls2kicks Official Website


CNFactory Official website
Queenieluxury Official Website
Weng Official Website
Ucut Official Website
Annie Jindian Official Website
LuFan Official Website
Anisa Official Website
Seven C Official Website


AngusStudio Official website
Aooko Official Website
Queenieluxury Official Website
Anisa Official Website


AngusStudio Official website
CND Official Website
SSCap Official Website
LYFactory Official Website


AngusStudio Official website
10. The Entire Guide to Kanye/Adidas Yeezy Sneakers

With so much industry-wide influence, it’s hard to track down an itemize every single Kanye West-designed sneaker.

Here, we outline every release from 2007 to the present day, showing just how deep West’s sneaker roots run.

Kanye West x BAPE Bapesta (2007)

Kanye West x BAPE Bapesta (2007)This collab was limited to one ultra-rare release, and was based on the color scheme of Kanye West’s debut album, The College Dropout. This sneaker was released at the peak of the Bapesta’s—and BAPE’s—streetwear relevance. It also boasted West’s unofficial mascot, the “dropout bear”—and was the last time a Kanye West shoe collaboration would entail West simply recoloring an existing silhouette.

Kanye West x BAPE Bapesta “The College Dropout”
Release Date: January 2, 2007


Kanye West x Louis Vuitton (2009)

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton (2009)This collection was the first time the world would see a Kanye West-designed sneaker, and they made their debut at Paris Fashion Week in early 2009. (In fact, this was the same week that the legendary “South Park” photo would be snapped, in which West is standing beside friends like Fonzworth Bentley and Virgil Abloh, wearing a pair of the “Don” sneakers.)

Named after West’s longtime friends, including fellow creative Don “Don C” Crawley, his barber Ibn Jasper, and his then-G.O.O.D. Music signee Mr. Hudson, these sneakers were inspired by ‘80s sci-fi movies and seemed to—intentionally or not—mirror West’s spoiler-like hairstyle of the time. The color schemes ranged from minimal (white) to eclectic (tan, brown, pink), while the standouts—a red pair of the “Dons”—would foreshadow the Red Octobers to come. These kicks, which retailed from $840-$1,170, set the stage for a decade of high-fashion sneakers and designers collaborating with musicians on luxury streetwear.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton “Don”
Release Date: 2009

These sci-fi inspired shoes featured a rear spoiler that would make a Porsche ducktail jealous. In addition, they had an extended length tongue, and were crafted of the finest Louis Vuitton leather. And in their all-red colorway they made the biggest splash—both in public and on the runway.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton “Jasper”
Release Date: 2009

An even more radical design that was a high-top with a major contrasting color scheme with a pink sole and tan/brown upper. These kicks, named after West’s longtime barber Ibn Jasper, boasted two straps across the toe and ankle that would define Kanye West’s sneaker designs for years to come.

Kanye West x Louis Vuitton “Mr. Hudson”
Release Date: 2009

West’s take on the iconic boat shoe featured the same rear spoiler design as well as added tassel laces. In hindsight these shoes were likely the most wearable of the bunch.

(Pictured Above: Kanye West x Louis Vuitton “Don”)


Nike Air Yeezy 1 (2009)

Nike Air Yeezy 1 (2009)It’s easy to forget in today’s world of Off-White and Fear of God Nikes, but when we first saw samples of the Nike Air Yeezy 1 back in 2008, they were an enormous deal. See, at the time, Nike had never created a signature sneaker for a non-athlete. As such, the release of the Yeezy 1 would change the industry forever. The Air Yeezy 1, which was co-designed by Nike’s Mark Smith, was defined by its ultra-high top design, Jordan III-esque sole unit, and strap across the toe box—a feature West would return to numerous times both at Nike and later adidas.

Thinking back to the release of the Air Yeezy 1 triggers some heavy nostalgia, given the lack of apps, bots, and other nonsense that surrounded it. You wanted a pair? You waited in line, perhaps for days, outside your local Nike retailer and prayed to the sneaker gods for mercy. At $225 a pop, they were way more expensive than anything else in Nike’s line-up. But this once again opened the floodgates for the decade-plus since of high-end Nikes with big price tags.

Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Zen Gray”
Release Date: April 4, 2009

With a sole unit and toe box strap pattern inspired by classic Air Jordans, the Air Yeezy 1 in “Zen Grey” was the first Nike Air Yeezy to hit shelves. The shoe had an ultra high-top design and glow in the dark sole—apropos for the time as West had just wrapped up a global “Glow in the Dark” tour.

Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Blink”
Release Date: May 4, 2009

The most contrasty of the color schemes was “Blink”—a black and pink combo which allowed the textures of the strap to pop and upped the sneakers’ futuristic qualities. In 2009, the year of their release, these shoes would be rocked by celebrities like Lil Wayne and Kobe Bryant, solidifying their legendary status.

Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Net Tan”
Release Date: June 1, 2009

The third and final Air Yeezy 1 colorway featured a tan leather upper and gray strap with pink design details that would set the stage for future earth-toned Kanye West sneaker designs.

(Pictured Above: Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Zen Gray”)


Nike Air Yeezy 2 (2012-2014)

Nike Air Yeezy 2 (2012-2014)Three years after the Nike Air Yeezy 1, the Air Yeezy 2 would hit shelves in a 5,000 pair, limited edition fashion, with a $245 price tag and one less colorway than the Yeezy 1—at least for the 2012 drop. Designed alongside Nike’s Nathan Van Hook, the sole unit was swapped over to that from a Nike Air Tech Challenge II, and featured a reptile-esque texture on the upper that was in line with West’s Givenchy-heavy wardrobe of the time. The sneakers also featured an Egyptian hieroglyphic-like bird inside of a circle inside of a triangle embossed on the tongue, which only (hilariously) fueled people’s Illuminati conspiracy theories. Like the Air Yeezy 1, the Yeezy 2’s release was quaint by comparison to today’s tech-heavy drops, dropping online and in store, sometimes by raffle in the latter case.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Solar Red”
Release Date: June 9, 2012

The Solar Red color—which was more of a black and pink similar to the “Blink” Air Yeezy 1, put the Air Yeezy 2’s reptile upper on full display. Look closely and you can also see the bird logo on the tongue. The kicks also featured a glow in the dark sole and golden lace tips.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Pure Platinum”
Release Date: June 9, 2012

The more dirty-able of the two colorways was a light gray-dark gray combo that also boasted a pink sock lining and glow in the dark sole.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”
Release Date: February 11, 2014

The most famous of the three Nike Air Yeezy 2s was the one that was released in unexpected fashion and was name-checked on Yeezus. Whereas previous Air Yeezys had relied on a combo of design and color combos, the Red Octobers let the shoe’s design do most of the talking by featuring a completely solid color scheme. For what it’s worth, the October-named sneakers actually dropped in February of 2014.

(Pictured Above: *Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”)


History of Kanye West x adidas (2015-Present)

History of Kanye West x adidas (2015-Present) During West’s public Nike-bashing tour in late 2013, he pointed to two big reasons repeatedly that ultimately caused the split. The first was that Nike denied his request to receive royalties on future sneaker drops—something they only did previously for Michael Jordan. The second gripe had to do with what he time and time again referred to as being “marginalized,” which to him, referred to the fact that Nike only wanted West to design sneakers in small, limited-edition runs—not back his vision for a larger sub-brand of the Swoosh. (Once again, a opportunity afforded to His Airness). After discussions, adidas agreed on both fronts, and the rest is history.

Perhaps no shoe has ever been more hotly anticipated by sneakerheads than the Yeezy Boost 750. Leaks of weird slip-on shoes precluded the actual drop on Valentine’s Day 2015, and were the cornerstone of a truly insane week in modern NYC fashion history. Over the course of a few days, the NBA All-Star Game, New York Fashion Week (which also included the Yeezy Season 1 show and debut of the song “Wolves,”), and West’s new kicks—even the low-top 350—all descended upon the Big Apple.

Five years later, the chaos of that moment—which climaxed with customers getting to meet West in person at adidas’s Houston Street store in NYC as they picked up their new prized possessions—hasn’t really sustained. Today, Yeezy Boosts, particularly the 350 v2 (first released in 2016), drop every other week in some new iteration, making the resale market on them not nearly as fruitful as it was in the early Yeezy Boost days. Then again, this was always West’s intention. He never wanted to be known just for limited-editions and hype—he wanted to make shoes that people would actually wear. The naysayers have also been silenced along the way, particularly when last year in 2019, Forbes reported that West is on his way to making Yeezy a billion dollar empire.

Don’t think West can’t create buzz though; Yeezy still knows how to get the people going. This past week, at NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago, brought back to mind that first Yeezy Boost drop. Millions of sneakers later, West proved that he can still get the kids to pour into the streets for a new model from the Yeezy line-up—literally. In this case, the new Yeezy Quantum and Yeezy Quantum Basketball—the label’s first foray into true performance wear—were handed out for free via a fleet of SHERP ATVs, which also made an appearance in West’s “Closed On Sunday” music video. Kids didn’t just hustle to get a pair, they chased the ATVs down the street.

Ultimately, where Yeezy goes from here has yet to be seen. While the brand’s non-sneaker footwear, like its boots and slides, are actually well-made and subtle wardrobe staples, the question remains if West can finally jump over the Jumpman in terms of sales.


Yeezy Boost 750 (2015-2016)

Yeezy Boost 750 (2015-2016)The high-top Yeezy Boost 750 hasn’t returned since 2016, and against today’s style backdrop feels specific to its time. But when they debuted, they were so distinctly Yeezy that their lack of release in recent memory has only added to the shoe’s legacy. Inspired by equal parts basketball sneaker and military boot, the 750s are true showstoppers (and bank-breakers). They, like the Air Yeezys, feature a distinctive toe strap, but added things like adidas Boost technology and a zipper for easier entry.

adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “OG Light Brown”
Release Date: February 14, 2015

The first Yeezy Boost ever was done up in a light grey suede with a white sole (even though they’re officially dubbed “light brown”)—a signal at West’s then newfound love for all things muted. The shoes came with two pairs of laces, one of which were hiking laces and the others flat white laces. The ridge midsole is also a feature that would find a home on the low top 350 v1. One notable feature of the OG 750s was their price—$350—making these squarely between the realm of everyday sneakers and high-end designer versions.

adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Triple Black”
Release Date:* February 15, 2015

The blacked-out version of the 750 was loved for its stark, minimal appearance, as well as the quality of the suede. However, like all Boost shoes of the time, the white Boost sole was exposed on the outsole, which to some fans detracted from the overall look.

adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Glow in the Dark”
Release Date: June 11, 2016

The Yeezy 750s that most harkened back to West’s Nike days featured a glow in the dark sole, though the shoe’s glow potential wasn’t obvious at first glance. Stealth glow technology, folks.

adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Gum”
Release Date: October 15, 2016

Featuring an actual light brown suede upper and what was a new, translucent sole, these kicks were originally thought to be a reissue of the Glow in the Darks, though they turned out to be a colorway unto themselves.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “OG Light Brown”)


Yeezy Boost 350 v1 (2015)

Yeezy Boost 350 v1 (2015)According to West, these shoes were designed alongside other big name talent like Virgil Abloh and Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia, and the original 350 set the stage for the core of Yeezy’s business as we know it today. Much more unassuming than the 750, the original 350 had a heavy sock sneaker feel that allowed the style to crossover from hypebeasts to “people who like comfortable shoes.” That’s of course, if you could get your hands on a pair of the OGs.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v1 “Turtledove”
Release Date: June 27, 2015

The original low-top Yeezy 350 was a massive success, given the hype surrounding West’s still-new collaboration as well as the style’s more wearable look. The Turtledove upper was a gray and black textured look in a single piece of fabric that boasted a single stitch up the toe box as well as a contrast tan loop on the heel. The sole unit echoed the high-top 750 as well as the hiking inspired laces.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v1 “Pirate Black”
Release Date: August 22, 2015

A blacked out version of the same pattern featured on the Turtledoves, these kicks became instant grails and were worn by celebs like Pharrell Williams and die-hard sneaker fans.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v1 “Moonrock”
Release Date: November 14, 2015

The “Moonrock” returned to West’s preferred muted colors cheme and were done up in a beautiful dusty green.

adidas Yeezy 350 v1 “Oxford Tan”
Release Date: December 29, 2015

Also in-line with West’s tan-heavy Yeezy Season 2 collection (which never reached stores, unfortunately), the Oxford tans doused the Yeezy 350 in a killer khaki.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v1 “Turtledove”)


adidas Yeezy Boot 950 (2015)

adidas Yeezy Boot 950 (2015)Yeezy’s take on the duck boot was oversized, pre-Cyber truck apocalyptic minimalism at work. A little bit hiking boot and a little bit “Bean Boot”, it’s the perfect fusion of retro military style with West’s vision for the future of American fashion staples.

adidas Yeezy 950 “Pirate Black”
Release Date: October 29, 2015

adidas Yeezy 950 “Moonrock”
Release Date: October 29, 2015

adidas Yeezy 950 “Peyote”
Release Date: October 29, 2015

adidas Yeezy 950 “Chocolate”
Release Date: October 29, 2015

adidas Yeezy Boot 1050
Release Date: Cancelled; Never Released

This slimmer, more refined on the duck boot style debuted at Yeezy Season 3’s epic Madison Square Garden reveal and featured a Gore-Tex upper, but never saw the light of day on production lines.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy 950 “Moonrock”)


adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 (2016-Present)

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 (2016-Present) Today, when people think of Yeezys, this is the sneaker that comes to mind. The sock upper was given more texture and stretch over the v1s, which allowed the shoes to act as a canvas for infinite color combos and mixtures, as well as a new “SPLY 350” knitted into the radial side. Meanwhile, the new shape made these kicks just a little more aggressive in their look. Since its release, the v2 has been sold in over 30 iterations, as well as in kids and infant sizes. Though Yeezys are now for the whole fam, some models are still managing to get sneakerheads excited (like any new models that are region specific or reflective), while others have become a staple of any casual style fan.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Beluga”
Release Date: September 24, 2016

The first v2 saw a bold, new, striped Primeknit upper, gray color scheme, and a show-y orange stripe on the shoe’s outside. Though the shoe was completely revamped for the v2, the sole unit remained quite similar to the v1. The shoe also boasted a new, neon-orange stripe into the upper, with the letter and number combo “SPLY 350” knitted in.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Core Black/Red Stripe”
Release Date: November 23, 2016

Released alongside the black, copper, and green versions, this version made the stripe the star of the new 350 v2 on the “Core Red” version.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Core Black/White Stripe”
Release Date: November 23, 2016

The most Oreo-like of all the Yeezy 350 v2s.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Core Black/Copper Stripe”
Release Date: November 23, 2016

A subtle take on this model, the copper version combined a classic solid black upper with the signature Yeezy brown.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Core Green”
Release Date: November 23, 2016

A little bit of army inspiration on the v2s.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Black/Red”
Release Date: February 11, 2017

Colloquially known as the “Bred” 350 v2s, this style added a hoop on the heel that hadn’t previously been seen on the v2. In lieu of a stripe, the SPLY 350 text was stitched into the upper on its own.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Zebra”
Release Date: February 15, 2017

One of the most rationally named 350 v2 sneakers, these black and white Yeezys were another smash hit for the label, proving once again that Chicago colorways work well even on adidas kicks.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cream White”
Release Date: April 29, 2017

One of the most widely released Yeezys to date, these were the first v2s not to feature text stitched into the upper. Later re-releases would solidify their status as an everyman staple.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Semi Frozen Yellow”
Release Date: November 18, 2017

Like a Yeezy 350 v2 “Zebra” that was left at Chernobyl, the Semi Frozen Yellow v2s also boasted a new gum sole.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Beluga 2.0”
Release Date: November 25, 2017

An updated version of the original v2s, the 2.0 Belugas replaced the bright orange stripe with more tonal gray and a bold SPLY 350 on the side.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Blue Tint”
Release Date: December 16, 2017

Like a muted Zebra that was washed out in skylight, the Blue Tints also featured a subtle translucent sole unit.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Butter”
Release Date: June 30, 2018

A toasty update the solid Yeezy 350 v2 line-up, this close cousin of the “Cream” 350 v2 was one of the more widely available v2 models since release.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Sesame”
Release Date: November 23, 2018

A nice complement to the Butters, the Sesames were even toastier, featuring a solid tan upper and gum sole.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Trfrm”
Release Date: March 16, 2019

The first Yeezy to feature a strange, coded name, these sorbet pink Yeezys also boasted a new upper with a transparent panel. The soles even feature a two tone design, with the pink acting as a core to a translucent outer section. These were also a Europe-only exclusive.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Hyperspace”
Release Date: March 16, 2019

A unique light blue and tan combo that also featured a transparent cutout in the upper and multi-hue sole unit.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Clay”
Release Date: March 20, 2019

A more saturated color story (an orange pink) dominates the upper of the “Clay” v2s, these v2s featured a bright orange heel tab to set off the style.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Glow”
Release Date: May 17, 2019

Featuring a glow in the dark sole, Yeezy showed that in 2019, this feature is still something he loves to lean on in order to give new sneakers an extra pop of (nocturnal) color.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Static Black (Non-RF)”
Release Date: June 06, 2019

These shoes kicked off the latest era of Yeezy 350 v2 sneakers, namely in that they came in a wide release, non-reflective version, and a super-limited reflective version. Most similar in design to the breds or the Pirate Black 350s, these retained the transparent stripe from earlier models.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Static Black (RF)”
Release Date: June 06, 2019

The same as the above, but with a coated, 3M Primeknit upper.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Synth (Non-RF)”
Release Date: June 21, 2019

Continuing with the above theme, these kicks take the non-reflective/reflective duo to a new level by doing it up on this peach-ish style.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Synth (RF)”
Release Date: June 21, 2019

These shoes shined like crazy when contrasted against the more natural hue of the upper. This pair was specific to the Triple A of continents—Africa, Asia, and Australia.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Antlia (Non-RF)”
Release Date: June 21, 2019

These shoes were released at the same time as the previous two sneakers above, but done up in a pale yellow. This pair was Europe-only exclusive.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Antlia (RF)”
Release Date: June 21, 2019

A reflective twist on the pale yellow v2s.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Lundmark (Non-RF)”
Release Date: July 11, 2019

Yeezy kept the theme going—solid upper, earth tone colorway, non-reflective upper. This pair was specific to North and South America.

didas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Lundmark (RF)”
Release Date: July 11, 2019

Once again, this is a reflective counterpart to a wide-release Yeezy.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cloud White (Non-RF)”
Release Date: September 21, 2019

The cloud whites featured a white and pale blue combo that gave a soft edge to the futuristic-looking kicks.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Cloud White (RF)”
Release Date: September 21, 2019

Even the calm Cloud Whites still came in a reflective iteration that sneakerheads drooled over.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Citrin (Non-RF)”
Release Date: September 23, 2019

Similar to the Lundmark in its tan Primeknit upper design, but with a new gum sole to keep this era of Yeezys going.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Citrin (RF)”
Release Date: September 23, 2019

What would a new Yeezy in 2019 be without a reflective upper version?

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yezreel (Non-RF)”
Release Date: December 17, 2019

A neon green and black upper gave this version of the non-reflective Yeezy lineup an almost comic book feel.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yezreel (RF)”
Release Date: December 17, 2019

The 3M fabric gave the upper a more pronounced, radioactive feel on the reflective version.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yecheil (Non-RF)”
Release Date: December 19, 2019

One of the quirkiest colored Yeezys to date, this smattering of colors included a Primeknit upper composed of a black base, with purple, red, yellow and blue accents.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yecheil (RF)”
Release Date: December 19, 2019

The shoes got even more wild with the addition of a reflective pair.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yeshaya (Non-RF)”
Release Date: January 25, 2020

Yet another neutral-hued 350, this time boasting a gray textured upper with an off-white sole and gum outsole.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Yeshaya (RF)”
Release Date: January 25, 2020

As it stands, the final in the series of the reflective / non-reflective Yeezy 350s (for now).

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Marsh”
Release Date: February 01, 2020

The Primeknit upper was more solid than it had been for a while on the Reflective/non-Reflective models, and replaced the see-through panel with gray fibers and a new, darker, brown sock liner was added. This pair was exclusive to Yeezy Supply (West’s direct-to-consumer site for all things Yeezy).

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Earth”
Release Date: February 22, 2020

An exclusive to North America, the “Earth” Yeezy saw a saturated brown Primeknit, transparent stripe and a solid brown sole where previous models opted for more translucent pieces.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Tail Light”
Release Date: February 22, 2020

Bold color pops returned with the Tail Lights, featuring a light gray upper and transparent stripe that faded into a bright orange. The neon orange heel tab also gave these kicks a sports car look, hence the name. This sneaker was specific to Europe.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Flax”
Release Date: February 22, 2020

Exclusive to Asia and Africa, the “Flax” saw another subtle Yeezy iteration, with a yellow-ish tan Primeknit upper and light gray translucent sole.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Beluga”)


adidas Yeezy Powerphase (2017-2019)

adidas Yeezy Powerphase (2017-2019)The simplest, most regular guy sneaker in the Yeezy line-up is hardly a Yeezy at all. The 1980s tennis shoe was adidas’ version of a Reebok Workout, brought back with “Calabasas” gold foil lettering. Today, the powerphase remains the subtlest way to rock Yeezys.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Core White”
Release Date: March 28, 2017

The original Yeezy Powerphase, these use a soft off-white leather on top of a simple, solid sole and “Calabasas” lettering. The adidas name also graces the heel via embossed lettering.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Calabasas Gray”
Release Date: December 19, 2017

Named after West’s adopted hometown in California, these have a Cali-cool laid back feel when done up in the signature supple leather and a medium gray colorway.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Core Black”
Release Date: March 17, 2018

Continuing the theme of the Powerphase, this solid black leather upper gives these kicks an ultra-minimal appearance, though the gold lettering pops a little more against the stark black backdrop.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Simple Brown”
Release Date: September 18, 2019

Released alongside the last two colorways on Yeezy Supply, these sneakers change the formula for the Powerphase by being done up in suede, rather than flat leather.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Clear Brown”
Release Date: September 18, 2019

Somewhere between gray and brown, these put the Yeezy color theme on full display in this incredibly subtle but beautiful hue.

adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Quiet Gray”
Release Date: September 18, 2019

An off-white suede upper made these just as wearable as any of the Powerphase sneakers before it, with a slight twist in hue from the OGs to make them stand out from other pairs.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Powerphase “Core White”)


adidas Yeezy 500 (2018-2019)

adidas Yeezy 500 (2018-2019)Combining elements of the adidas “Feet You Wear” outsole from the 1990s with a military boot inspired upper, the Yeezy 500 signaled that Kanye West still has the ability to shock and awe with new sneaker designs. Colloquially dubbed the “Desert Rat” after rumored colorways and early teasers, these shoes definitely look like something you’d rock in the Sahara…but you know, just to get a fit off before returning to some central A/C.

adidas Yeey 500 “Blush”
Release Date: February 16,2018

Originally dropping during NBA All Star Weekend 2018, this light-colored Yeezy 500 was ultimately restocked and given a wider release later that year in April 2018.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow”
Release Date: June 9, 2018

Originally released in 2017 as part of a bundle pack alongside Yeezy Season 6 pieces, the “Super Moon Yellow” 500s featured a soft, almost banana-inspired yellow hue to complement the adiPrene sole unit that was lifted from adidas’s “Feet You Wear” ’90s basketball kicks.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Salt”
Release Date: November 30, 2018

This take on the 500 featured the brand’s signature near-blue gray, salt.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Utility Black”
Release Date: July 7, 2018

The suede upper and mesh paneling on the 500 gave the utility black version an almost Batman vibe.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision”
Release Date: November 2, 2019

One slight tweak shook up the 500 formula in the form of a gum sole. The pink upper was also a little more daring than previous 500s, but still retained the warm tonal spirit.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Stone”
Release Date: November 23, 2019

Every 500 to date has had a simple formula that’s worked—a solid hue that doesn’t overpower the bulky, insanely unique silhouette of the shoe.

adidas Yeezy 500 High “Slate”
Release Date: December 16, 2019

Late in 2019, a single high top version of the 500 emerged, making for a shoe that is basically a hybrid between the 500 and the Yeezy Desert Boot (see below). Unlike 500s before it, this version featured two colors, with a slate upper and off-white sole.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy 500 “Stone”)


adidas Yeezy Boost 700 (2018-2019)

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 (2018-2019)Just as the “dad sneaker” trend was building momentum, the Yeezy Boost 700—which first debuted at the Yeezy Season 5 Show in early 2017—turned it into a tidal wave. The shoe was a departure from the more futuristic-looking styles Yeezy was known for, instead combining modern elements with classic ’90s running kicks. The colorway made a splash as well, combining teal, orange and lime green elements into one can’t miss sneaker that has since gone on to be incredibly popular.

didas Yeezy Boost 700 “Wave Runner”
Release Date: April 1, 2018

The original Wave Runner was a massive shock to the system, incorporating a range of colors including teal, green, black, gray, orange, and lime green into one show-stopping silhouette. 3M details graced the three stripes underneath the panel on the side of the shoe as well as the lace loop near the toe box. Overall, the sneakers are an incredibly dense mix of shapes—the teardrops on the midsole, the angular cuts around the toe box, and the mix of materials like leather and suede—creating for an unmistakable design by the legendary Steven Smith alongside West. These sneakers gave new life to the Yeezy brand. In 2019, these kicks were also released in kids and infant sizes.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Mauve”
Release Date: October 27, 2018

A more subdued colorway for the 700 was accented with green touches as well as the 700s signature mix of patterns and textures, including brown-ish purple leather panels, mesh, suede and laces.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Salt”
Release Date: February 23, 2019

The “Salt” colorway saw the 700 go monochromatic in this light gray iteration. A slightly tonal suede was also used to elevate the style to an overall more luxurious appearance.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Inertia”
Release Date: March 19, 2019

Another modest colorway of the 700, the Inertia combined light gray elements and panels with a dusty pink accent color.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Analog”
Release Date: April 27, 2019

This style took the “Salt” inspiration to the extreme, with the “Analog” being an even more pure white version of the dad sneaker style.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Utility Black”
Release Date: June 29, 2019

These Yeezy 700s are entirely blacked out, save for their gum sole, which inspires the “utility” name. The gum sole gives the sneakers a more militant vibe and saves them from venturing too far into true dad-sneaker territory.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Magnet”
Release Date: June 19, 2010

With a midsole that is almost identical to the OG Wave Runners, the Magnets go heavy on gray around the toe box and boast a gum sole for added cool factor.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Teal Blue”
Release Date: October 26, 2019

This mix of gray, tan and light blue makes for a sneaker that can stand in more than stand out, which occasionally is a good thing even when you’re rocking Yeezys.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Carbon Blue”
Release Date: December 18, 2019

The most similar to the original Wave Runner style, the Carbon Blue returned to its multi-color roots, replacing the lime green and off-white elements with shades of blue to give them a cool tone.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Wave Runner”)


adidas Yeezy 700 v2 (2018-2019)

adidas Yeezy 700 v2 (2018-2019) Featuring the same overall design language of the OG 700, but updates with a more angular shape and redesigned reflective stripes on the upper, the 700 v2 debuted in 2018 in a non-Boost form. Since then, Boost has been added to the sneaker, as have many colorways that mirror the ones offered in the 700 v1.

adidas Yeezy 700 v2 “Static”
Release Date: December 29, 2018

Though the originals didn’t feature adidas’ massively popular Boost technology, the “Static” 700 v2s—a mix of silver, white, gray, and black—turned out to be a massive hit anyway. The shoe doubled down on the reflective detailing, featuring it on stripes alongside major portions of the upper.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Geode”
Release Date: March 23, 2019

The Geodes are a return to the earth-toned hues that Yeezy is known for, combining the futuristic elements of the 700 v2 with the classic tones of the natural world.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Vanta”
Release Date: June 6, 2019

The first completely blacked out Yeezy 700, the Vantas show off the styling and panels of the shoes without any other nonsense. No wonder they remain one of the most difficult 700s to come by.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Tephra”
Release Date: June 15, 2019

Another Earthy Yeezy, this time with a tan upper accented with gray details, a dark gray sole and gum outsole.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Inertia”
Release Date: September 17, 2019

Replicating the same color scheme from the v1 “Inertia,” the v2 version features a gray upper and tan outsole with pink detailing on the midsole.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Hospital Blue”
Release Date: September 29, 2019

Essentially as if the “Static” got the “vivid cool” filter on your iPhone, this beautiful dusty blue hue ain’t exactly scrubs color despite its name.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy 700 v2 “Static”)


adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 (2019-Present)

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 (2019-Present)The latest iteration of the 700 style is a more low-cut model that brings the style all the way into the present. Almost completely gone is the dad sneaker inspiration, as the shoe is now complete with a neoprene liner, a rubberized upper, and an exaggerated sole design. This, alongside the new basketball style from Yeezy and adidas, signal a return to the forward-looking design ethos for Yeezy that the brand was founded on.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 “Azael”
Release Date: December 23, 2019

Featuring a rubberized, off-white upper panel with white and gray knit underneath, the Azael’s thick heel is intended to give these a comfortable ride. The icy blue sole gives the shoe a little more style, while their cushy neoprene liner makes these the coziest 700s yet.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 “Alvah”
Release Date: February 15, 2020

Bringing murdered-out vibes to the 700 v3 is the “Alvah,” which brings a new intensity to the 700 v3 silhouette.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 700 v3 “Azael”)


adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN (2020 – Present)

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN (2020 - Present)Retaining the overall shape of the 700 v1, the MNVN version of the sneaker replaces the upper materials with neoprene and 3M reflective detailing that spell out “700” when light hits them.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Triple Black”
Release Date: February 0, 2020

One of the most badass Yeezys to date, the mix of color and materials make these look like something worn by a particularly cool member of special forces. Or, just someone who is concerned about safety given their 3M reflective “700” on the side.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Orange”
Release Date: February 28, 2020

If you’re particularly…cautious (get it?), the orange version of the 700 is sure to get you spotted. Released exclusively in Los Angeles and Paris in February, with a wider release expected later in March.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Orange”)


adidas Yeezy 380 (2019-Present)

adidas Yeezy 380 (2019-Present)The 380 dropped in 2019 as a cousin of the 350 v2. In fact, the Aliens were originally called the Yeezy Boost 350 v3 according to reports before ultimately donning the 380. They do feature a lot of the same design language as the v2, including a knit upper, transparent stripe, and overall look, but feature a new Rorschach-ian print and translucent sole that drops the ridged look of the v2. These shoes really are other worldly, even if the Kanye West song they’re named after (Alien) will never hit (official) airwaves here on Earth.

adidas Yeezy 380 “Alien”
Release Date: December 2, 2019

Named after extraterrestrial beings, these kicks don a glow-like (but not glow in the dark) green hue and an oblong shape that one could say resembles a spaceship.

adidas Yeezy 380 “Mist Reflective”
Release Date: February 29, 2020

The 380 gets in one the reflective fun, replacing the green from the Aliens for a bronze and a gum outsole, and adding reflective fibers to the upper to make these truly fit pic worthy.

adidas Yeezy 380 “Mist”
Release Date: March 25, 2020

Following on the heels of a reflective iteration (as opposed to releasing at roughly the same time) the Yeezy 380 “Mist” still maintains that gray and creamsicle orange color palette, providing more contrast between light and dark sections on the upper (in lieu of the reflective treatment).

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy 380 “Alien”)


adidas Yeezy Boost Quantum & Quantum Basketball (2020-Present)

adidas Yeezy Boost Quantum & Quantum Basketball (2020-Present) Release Date: February 16, 2020

Kanye West’s first inspiration in sneakers was Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan brand. West had discussed time and time again how he would draw Air Jordans in school, and his first Nike Air Yeezy even used a Jordan sole unit as an homage to his sneaker hero. West’s desire to receive royalties on sneaker sales is an idea he got from Jordan, too. West, however, has never before made a shoe that could be used the way Air Jordans were originally intended—on the hardwood… that is, until now. With the release of the adidas Yeezy Boost Quantum Basketball. Brandon Ingram of the Pelicans was the first NBA athlete to wear the shoes during a game, albeit the All-Star Game in Chicago, in the same Arena where Jordan became the GOAT. There’s also a lifestyle version of the Quantum that features a slightly less aggressive cut, showing that Yeezy will always be dedicated to looking fresh in the streets. Both sneakers were released exclusively at All Star Weekend in Chicago and caused borderline street mobs as they were dropped via SHERP ATVs on the streets.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Boost Quantum Basketball)


adidas Yeezy Desert Boot (2019)

adidas Yeezy Desert Boot (2019)adidas Yeezy Desert Boot “Rock”
Release Date: April 13, 2019A desert boot in a desert-inspired colorway, this “Rock” boot mirrors multiple concepts for Yeezy brand boots, incorporating the hiking-meets-military boot inspiration that West often incorporated into his non-sneaker Yeezy footwear.


adidas Yeezy Desert Boot “Oil”
Release Date: April 20, 2019*

Akin to the “Rock” boot, this “Oil” boot follows the same hiking boot inspirations, this time covered in an inky, all-black colorway.

adidas Yeezy Desert Boot “Salt”
Release Date: September 14, 2019

A hiking boot inspiration style was made by Yeezy for Season 6, but adidas took over the project in late 2019 to drop a more affordable version of its own. This “Salt” iteration gives the boot in a mineral gray-white colorway.

(Pictured Above: adidas Yeezy Desert Boot “Rock”)*


Other Yeezy Season Footwear Styles

Other Yeezy Season Footwear StylesOutside of the adidas arena, Yeezy itself has dabbled in the footwear space on heels, boots, and the occasional offshoot sneaker, too.

Yeezy Season 2 Military Crepe Boots
Release Date: June 6, 2016

Part desert boot, part army boot, part gladiator footwear, these ultra-high suede boots feature a thick crepe sole making for a squishy, comfortable ride. They came in two colors—taupe and oil—and retailed for over $600.

Yeezy Crepe Sole Sneakers
Release Date: January 1, 2018

A low top version of the crepe sole boots, these remain the only sneakers made by Yeezy not in collaboration with adidas. Like the boots they boast a thick rubbery sole meant to be worn in and worn on any occasion.

Yeezy Nylon Slipper
Release Date: March 30, 2018

A cushy-ride slide with an oversized tongue strap. Giant pairs were made for comedic purposes and used in the video for Kanye West’s song, “I Love It.”

Yeezy Military Boots (Season 3)
Release Date: November 4, 2016

A sleek take on classic standard-issue boots from the Army, these boots featured a curvy sole unit that made them look more luxurious and modern. They came in tan, brown, and even a bold orange for the more flex-prone among us.

Yeezy Military Boots (Season 4)
Release Date: April 24, 2017

These boots closely resembled the boots actually worn by the Army, with their leather and mesh upper and thick sole, and came in two colorways—tan and oil (dark brown). Even in 2020, these are a favorite of Kanye West, as he’s often spotted wearing them with Kapital cords or Levi’s jeans.

Yeezy Military Boots (Season 5)
Release Date: August 1, 2017

Featuring a more streamlined appearance and lower ankle height than previous seasons, the Season 5 military boots also came in a range of interesting patterns and colors, including camo, a tan/brown colorblocked combo, alongside staples like tan.

Yeezy Nubuck Boots (Season 5)
Release Date: August 1, 2017

A pared down version of the brand’s military boots, these were absent of any paneling on the upper and done up in one solid nubuck fabric and one color as well.

Yeezy Slide
Release Date: December 6, 2019

The Yeezy slide got an even more everyman design overhaul with a rubberized version of the style. No straps, no stress, all swag.


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11. The Complete Guide to Nike Sneakers

100. Air Fly By U Uptempo

Year Introduced:

If you strip the shroud from the all-new Air Jordan XX8, you’d find something quite similar to the Air Fly By U Uptempo. Despite the unfortunate name, the Fly By U was an ahead-of-its time basketball shoe that probably would have been a much bigger deal if it was someone’s signature shoe. As it is, this might be the only place anyone sees it now.

99. Zoom Haven

Year Introduced: 1999

An under-appreciated gem from the Alpha Project. (Are all Alpha Project shoes under-appreciated?) The Zoom Haven was conceptualized by Richard Clarke, who believed in the potential of a cocoon like shoe for cross training. In some ways, the shoe draws inspiration from the Air Trainer 1. In other ways, it gave a glimpse into a future of lighter weight, composite uppers (think Hyperfuse). The low profile looked fast, the colors crazy, and to this day will inspire envy in those who understand the Zoom Haven’s clout.

98. Air Force III

Year Introduced: 1988

The Nike Air Force III was the quintessential bulky ’80s basketball shoe. Worn by most of Nike’s big-man pros as well as several elite college programs, the Air Force III was rough and tough and well-deserving of the Force name. That plastic heeltab with the NIKE AIR on the back was significant on more than just Air Jordans.


97. Zoom JST

Year Introduced: 1996

Michael Johnson’s off-track answer to his famous gold spikes, the Zoom JST has been all but forgotten – it’s hard to find OG pairs these days, and forget about a retro. The minimalist mesh runner came in any color you wanted as long as it was black, and featured gold accents including Johnson’s embroidered signature. Had these been released in 2012 instead of 1996, they would have blown out of the stores and been on many year-end best-of lists. Worth remembering.

96. Air Force STS

Year Introduced: 1989

Cement print showed up randomly on some special edition shoes in the late ’80s, but the only Nike basketball shoe outside of the Air Jordan III that featured it as a regular design element was the Air Force STS. And seeing that the hightops were worn by the likes of Derrick Coleman and David Robinson, they got their share of shine.

95. Zoom Hyperfuse

Year Introduced: 2010

One of Nike’s most important recent basketball designs, the Zoom Hyperfuse draws inspiration not from the NBA hardwood but the streets of China. Shane Kohatsu, an Innovation Kitchen designer, noticed players there were partial to mesh running shoes, and immediately understood the ramifications for breathability. Back in Beaverton, Kohatsu developed a shoe employing a composite material that blended breathability, durability, and stability. Hyperfuse was born. Lightweight hoops shoes changed forever.


94. Air Challenge LWP

Year Introduced: 1995

The tennis variation of the LWP series, the Air Challenge LWP, was one of the sneakers made popular by Andre Agassi. Like others in the Light Weight Performance series, these were leaps and bounds ahead of their time. Heel and forefoot Air cushioning and a Phylon midsole, made them beasts on the court. We wouldn’t be hurt if these got some retro love from Nike Sportswear.

93. Air Jordan VIII

Year Introduced: 1993

If a good Air Jordan is meant to be polarizing, the Air Jordan VIII must have been one of the best. Tinker Hatfield followed up his minimalist Air Jordan VII with a plush monstrosity (to some, anyway) that featured cross-straps borrowed from the Air Raid and a carpeted patch on the tongue. Mike won his third title in these – then abruptly retired. Was it the shoes?

92. Zoom Talaria

Year Introduced: 2004

A classic from the early days of Zoom Air, the Talaria was a pure performance runner that found its true calling on the streets. The tennis ball yellow upper was genius, as was the flame fade on the outsole. For some reason the Talaria has only been reincarnated as a boot, which does a disservice to all involved.

91. Air Max Plus

Year Introduced: 1998

The Air Max Plus TN, that’s Tuned Air for those interpreting at home, was so popular during its initial release year of 1998, it pretty much out-shined the signature Air Max runner that year. Dedicated Air Max ‘heads may disagree, but the Tuned Air technology found its way into other sneakers of the time, word to the KG III, and it all traced back to the Air Max Plus.

90. Air Max 2009

Year Introduced: 2009

Sneakers were certainly mainstream by the time Nike rolled out the Air Max 2009 but even if you were into sneakers all your life, you’d been waiting to see the Air Max 2009. The Air Max 2009 was the first Nike to feature a full-length visible Max Air cushioning system without any supportive bracing. The technology made its way into all sorts of Nike subsidiaries and is still a major part of the signature Air Max line today, which says a lot for how significant this sneaker is. Oh, and something called Flywire showed up on the Air Max 2009. You might have heard of it before.

89. Epic

Year Introduced: 1985

The Air Epic would have been just another high-tech runner in Nike’s seemingly endless parade of them if it wasn’t for one small detail. The suede heel counter was perforated, revealing a galaxy of reflective 3M dots. Useful for runners who put in their miles at night, the reflectivity also added a bit – but not too much – of casual flash.


88. Terra Sertig

Year Introduced: 1998

Forget Timberlands and Vasques, the bright yellow Zoom Air-equipped Terra Sertig was the ultimate in outdoor-based urban footwear. The Humara’s big brother wore yellow before Lance Armstrong, and was just as ruthless in dispatching its competition. There’s since been a 360 Air retro version, but the OGs were perfection.

87. Air Max BW

Year Introduced: 1991

The Big Window Air Max came out in 1991, right on the heels of the Air Max 90 but the Air Classic BW features a bigger Air cushioning unit, it’s design also accentuates the visible Air bubble. The Persian Violet colorway may be the most memorable but when 3M gets placed around the “racing stripe” the Air Max BW really shines.

86. Air Tech Challenge III

Year Introduced: 1990

More neon! The Air Tech Challenge III picked up where its predecessor left off, only more so. Rock and roll tennis was here to stay, and if competitors wanted to keep up with Andre Agassi, they were going to have to wear shades. Unlike predecessors like Stan Smith (or contemporaries like Pete Sampras) who were content to spend their entire career in the same sneaker, Agassi played in a new model each year – good for us.


85. Air Flight One

Year Introduced: 1994

The Nike Air Flight One is one of the only non-Air Jordan sneakers MJ ever wore on the court. One of Penny Hardaways early sneakers, the Air Flight One remained on the “when is Nike going to bring that back?” list until earlier this year. Needless to say, this 1994 model’s comeback made more than a few ‘heads happy.


84. Air Solo Flight

Year Introduced: 1989

While technically a takedown of the flagship Air Flight, the Solo Flight was a basketball shoe that more than stood on its own merits. It didn’t have the coveted Visible Air bag, and it replaced some of the leather with mesh, but it still featured the iconic “Flight” script on the tongue and the same high cut. And it was worn by college and NBA stars alike, which meant the status was still intact.

83. Terra Humara

Year Introduced: 1998

Design for the trail and anointed a classic on the streets, the Terra Humara features distinctive eyelets and a big, bold air bubble. Few models are as adaptable to color-thanks to awesome material blocking-and original makeups were must-haves without any undue Internet hype.


82. Eric Koston 1

Year Introduced: 2011

Eric Koston’s move to Nike excited sneakerheads and a certain fervor built up as anticipation of the first true signature shoe developed. Design Shawn Carboy hit the nail on the head. Skipping out and out flash, he created a timeless, sleek silhouette based loosely on the Bruin, and embedded Lunarlon foam into the sockliner. Just like that, classic skate and contemporary running technology merged.


81. Air Carnivore

Year Introduced: 1993

The Air Carnivore doesn’t have the continued lineage of technology that some of the other Nike sneakers on this list do, but it’s laceless strap system is nothing to be taken lightly. If you grabbed a pair of these back in 1993, or even when they returned in 2010, big ups. This is the type of sneaker that will have non-sneakerheads taking notice on the street.

80. Rift

Year Introduced: 1995

The split-toe Rift evoked many things, from ninja assassins to goats. It wasn’t every man who could comfortably slip on a pair of Rifts and face his friends. But what with the rise of the minimalist running movement and the Vibram Five Fingers (and its many imitators), the Rift looks more and more intelligent with every passing day.


79. Court Force

Year Introduced: 1987

The Nike Court Force was historical jetsam, just another takedown (admittedly, one that Michael Jordan wore in a famous photo shoot) until noted streetwear godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara rescued it from obscurity. The “H” in HTM recognized the Court Force not as a sneaker you got when your mom wouldn’t spring for Air Forces, but as an elegant design in its own right. Removing the price tag bias helped the Court Force find new life in several collabs, including several from Stüssy alone.


78. Air Footscape

Year Introduced: 1995

With the Air Rift and the Footscape, 1995 was a crazy year for Nike running. The Footscape utilized an asymmetrical lacing system that worked more fluidly with the shape of the foot, and made for a seriously distinct silhouette. Brought back in chukka (and woven) form, the original has a purity that the updates lack.

77. Air Flow

Year Introduced: 1989

The Air Flow nearly out-Huarached the Huarache. The primarily neoprene upper featured a smooth toebox placed on a somewhat traditional wedge running sole, and no doubt inspired much of Nike running to come. But more importantly, it was a shoe that stood out on its own.


76. Air Jordan IX

Year Introduced: 1994

Michael Jordan played in the Air Jordan IX – the problem is he played baseball in them. The design foreshadowed the Air Jordan XI, and the details celebrated Mike’s worldwide appeal, with messages in different language on the outsole. One of them should have said “GO BACK TO THE BULLS, PLEASE.”


75. Waffle Racer

Year Introduced: 1973

Bill Bowerman famously destroyed his wife’s waffle maker (and eventually his health) experimenting with different traction patterns, and the Nike Waffle Racer – a track spike without the spikes – was one of his greatest achievements. Before the advent of the Cortez and the extra-cushioned heel (which paved the way for Air Max and Shox), Bowerman crafted sleek runners that are perfectly suited to today’s minimalist trends. The coach was always ahead of his time.


74. Zoom KD2

Year Introduced: 2009

Kevin Durant is the future of Nike Basketball. LeBron and Kobe will hang it up before he gets done fighting for rings and Nike Basketball took a significant jump in the right direction with the Nike Zoom KD2. The lightweight design was drastically different from its predecessor and if you ask most who’ve hooped in the KD2, it rivals the best. It was also only $85, much less than other signature models.


73. Air Structure Triax

Year Introduced: 1991

The Air Structure Triax from 1991 had a few elements that make it stand out from the plethora of high performance runners in Nike’s past. The overlay paneling made for great contrasting options when it came to colorways. Nike flipped the script by removing the Swoosh on the medial side, which back then was something you didn’t see coming. Then they took it a step further with the original colorway by putting Teal on the outer and Infrared on the inner. In 1991, this was mind blowing for a kid rummaging the sporting goods store for something unique.


72. Alpha Force

Year Introduced: 1989

Designing a shoe for a professional athlete is one thing – designing a shoe for a human earthquake like Charles Barkley is another thing entirely. The Alpha Force remixed some of the familiar elements of the Air Revolution, lowering the cut, moving the Velcro strap to the forefoot, and leaving the Air unexposed. No one wanted to risk a blowout.

71. LunarGlide+

Year Introduced: 2009

Not only did the LunarGlide+ bring Lunar cushioning to the mainstream, it was also one of the first modular designs. The Lego-like design elements have become a standard for other sports like basketball but the design of the LunarGlide+ and that Nike Plus system thing is kinda cool, too.


70. Command Force

Year Introduced: 1990

The Nike Command Force. We can probably stop writing after that sentence. Neon, speckles, crazy height and a f**king pump system. Welcome to Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood. If you still don’t know, ask Billy Hoyle.


69. Air Revolution

Year Introduced: 1988

The most aptly named sneaker in Nike history? Perhaps. The Air Revolution brought Visible Air to basketball in a monstrous high-top package that also featured speedlacing, a Velcro strap, and a heavily padded (and cleverly articulated) ankle collar. Big guys wore it, guards wore it (what’s up, Mark Jackson?) and kids who had a hundred bucks and wanted to floss wore it, laces cinched and strap undone. We’re still waiting for a proper retro, Nike.


68. Huarache Light

Year Introduced: 1993

Most famously remixed by Stüssy as a retro, 1993’s Huarache Light runner was a gem even in its OG form. The proportions were right, the colorways were right, and the idea of an even lighter Huarache runner was spot-on. Many, many, many Lunar runners can be traced back to this shoe.


67. Mac Attack

Year Introduced: 1984

John McEnroe’s only signature shoe in name, the Mac Attack would eventually be all kinds of eclipsed by the Air Trainer 1 – which wasn’t even expressly made for tennis. The Mac Attack was a 3/4 height shoe of mesh and leather in a decidedly non-tennis silver and black (and you thought Agassi had the first non-traditional Nike tennis shoes) that featured Mac’s signature checkerboard pattern on the tongue tag and the outsole. Recently revived by Nike Sportswear in Swoosh-less form as the Manor, the update would have Mac screaming “ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?”

66. Air Max 93

Year Introduced: 1993

Not as beloved as the 1990 and 1995 iterations that bracketed it, the 1993 Air Max remains an underappreciated classic. The fit was superb thanks to a neoprene liner, and the Max was more than the 90’s and less than the ’95’s, AKA just right. These might never truly get their just due, but hopefully this is a start.


65. Air Ship

Year Introduced: 1984

Back in the early ’80s, the Nike Air Force 1 was just another basketball shoe. Well, OK, it was more than that, but by 1984 it was a two-year-old design in need of replacement. So designer Bruce Kilgore developed the Air Ship, which did away with the strap, added a cantilevered heel, and worked some new articulation at the forefoot. The Air Ship has never received the acclaim of its big brother – it pays to be first – but it was worn by a tongue-wagging rookie by the name of Michael Jordan. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.


64. Air Diamond Turf

Year Introduced: 1993

Multi-sport stars were all the rage in the early ’90s. Well, at least Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Prime Time spent half of his time on the football field and half of his time on the baseball diamond and Nike set him up with the Air Diamond Turf. Aside from fresh styling, the tongue logo featuring goal posts set a top of home plate, is one of the best things to come from Deion’s career. Then again, maybe we’re just salty that the coolest guy on the field grew up to be a fairy throwing pixie dust. Regardless of his post-athletic career, Deion’s sneakers were one of the best.


63. LeBron 8

Year Introduced: 2010

The LeBron line changed dramatically with the introduction of the LeBron 7, designed by Jason Petrie. It was the first LeBron shoe to feature a full-length Max Air bag, and the Flywire-reinforced upper was lighter and sleeker than any LeBron shoe that had come before. But Petrie (and the LeBron line) really found its groove with the next shoe, the LeBron 8. Delivered in three increasingly lighter versions, the LeBron 8 still works best in its heavier, more elegant V1 form. You may have heard of the South Beach variety.


62. Air Raid

Year Introduced: 1992

A basketball shoe made strictly for the streets? The Air Raid (and the Air Raid II) were the basketball shoe equivalent of a SWAT team, armored to the max and aggressive as hell. The cross-straps would eventually find their way onto the Air Jordan VIII, but they never looked better than they did on the Raid. Every streetball sneaker since is trying to live up to these.


61. Air Griffey Max

Year Introduced: 1996

Baseball sneakers were pretty much strictly for the diamond until The Kid flipped his hat backwards in Seattle. Ken Griffey Jr. brought a level of cool to baseball that “America’s pastime” had never seen before and the turf-ready version of his signature footwear quickly became as legendary as he was.


60. Wildwood

Year Introduced: 1990

While some ACG shoes were made for full-on adventuring, the Wildwood was essentially a traditional Nike runner with a lumberjack streak. The upper was classic, the midsole slightly thicker than most, and the “acg” lettering let everyone know what they were really about.


59. Air Flight “The Glove”

Year Introduced: 1998

Many shoes have been inspired by cars, not many as literally as the Air Flight 98 AKA “The Glove.” Taking Gary Payton’s nickname as a starting point, designer Eric Avar created a high-tech chassis that was concealed beneath a sleek skin. GP received several more signature shoes over the years, but when he made his last stop with the Heat, he did it in the Gloves.


58. Air Trainer Huarache

Year Introduced: 1992

Can you design a minimalist trainer with a Velcro midfoot strap? Guess so. The Huarache Trainer worked from the same neoprene base as the Air Huarache and the Air Flight Huarache, only adding that midfoot strap for stability. The black and grey “Raiders” version is the standard – even the later Zoom update was a hit, as Amar’e Stoudemire wore them for an entire season.


57. Air Woven

Year Introduced: 2000

For obvious reasons-least of all being shape and function-the Nike Air Woven is a cult classic. More aptly, it’s a niche shoe. Introduced in 2000, the design quickly caught attention in fashion circles. While the shoe may now stand as Nike’s greatest slip-on, the most popular application of the Woven technology is certainly in the distinct Footscape models. Honoring pioneers, as we do, the Woven lands on this list for breaking new ground.

56. Air Penny

Year Introduced: 1995

Penny Hardaway has become a legend amongst sneakerheads. His first true signature, the Air Max Penny was awe-inspiring at first sight. The Huarache-style tongue and Foamposite like side were just the beginning, picking up the Air Max Penny and seeing the 1-Cent logo, then seeing the clear Air Max unit in the outsole, these were bananas. These are bananas, still.


55. Air MAG

Year Introduced: 2015

When news first leaked about the Air MAG release, sneakerheads literally lost their minds. There are probably some poor souls still locked up, screaming that their Plan Bs will float if given the chance. Marty McFly’s kicks didn’t feature the coveted self-lacing system, but they did support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. An amazing pair of shoes for a very worthy cause.


54. All England

Year Introduced: 1986

Even Nike’s more traditional tennis sneakers were awesome. The Italian-made All England was as basic as you could get, an all-white shoe with Wimbledon-appropriate purple and green accents, perfect for center court or tea with the Queen. At the same time, they had enough edge to hold their own on the streets or the terrace. Cheers.

53. Bruin

Year Introduced:

Named for UCLA’s John Wooden-coached basketball dynasty, the Nike Bruin was a low-cut leather (or suede) basketball shoe that was Nike’s answer to adidas’s Green Star and Superstar. As basic as basic gets, the leather oxford was what passed for high tech back in 1974.


52. Air Force 180 Low

Year Introduced: 1991

Long before LeBron James ever laced up a pair of basketball sneakers, Charles Barkley was putting extreme wear and tear on Nikes of his own. The Air Force 180 Low was Barkley’s weapon of choice during his last days in Philadelphia and his first in Phoenix – as well as on his little summer trip to Barcelona. Where the 180 runner was sleek, the Air Force 180 was bruising, more like a boot than a sneaker. Which was perfect for Sir Charles.


51. Air Go LWP

Year Introduced: 1995

In 1995, Nike dropped the Air Go LWP. The Light Weight Performance acronym was no joke (the Air bag was actually exposed at the bottom, making it a poor choice for an outdoor shoe) and despite being some 17 years old, the performance of the Air Go LWP rivals current technologies. If you hooped in the late ’90s, you had these – especially if you were named Hardaway.

50. Air Yeezy

Year Introduced: 2009

When Nike deigned to make a signature shoe for Kanye West, they seemingly were going against all of their founding principles – of making athletic equipment for athletes. But given Kanye’s touring schedule, is it so out of bounds to consider him an athlete? The world has changed considerably since Bill Bowerman was tinkering in his wife’s kitchen, and the Air Yeezy represented that change exceedingly well. The bottom line is that if the shoe wasn’t good, it would have just been a one-time deal, quickly forgotten. It wasn’t.


49. Air Ace

Year Introduced: 1988

The Air Revolution for the other courts, 1988’s Air Ace was the best iteration to hold that moniker. Utilizing the same basic structure as the Revolution, only in a non-strapped lowcut, the Air Ace swapped on a tennis-specific outsole and came in a white and aqua with yellow hits that wouldn’t be out of place today.When Nike eventually retroed a Revolution Low, they blew it by not coming back with the Ace.

48. Air Flight Huarache

Year Introduced: 1992

Few sneakers have been as ahead of their time as the Air Flight Huarache. A minimalist basketball shoe? This was 1991, when hightops were high and soles were thick. The Huarache stripped away all that was unnecessary – including the ankle padding – and left what amounted to a nubuck exoskeleton over a neoprene bootie. The Fab Five liked it, so did everyone else.


47. Shox R4

Year Introduced: 2000

Nike Shox was in development even before Air debuted, so by the time it launched in 2000 it was one of the most heavily-researched cushioning systems in sneaker history. Smartly, Nike chose to let the technology serve as its own design language with the initial launch, and the R4 runner (R for running, 4 for the number of Shox pillars) looked more like a NASA product than a Nike one. And even though heelstrike, which the Shox pillars were built to handle, is considered just about the worst thing a runner can do, the R4 still stands as a design triumph.


46. HTM2 Run Boot

Year Introduced: 2011

Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. The streetwear godfather, the designer of all designers, and the Nike President. Pretty impressive threesome. Normally content to tinker (no pun intended) with existing designs, the trio worked up a whole new silhouette with the HTM2 Run Boot. Not really a boot, not really a sneaker, it was just something to wear every day. Someone should hire these guys.

45. Zoom Spiridon

Year Introduced: 1997

Some will remember this shoe because of the great Michael Johnson. Others will recall that it was one of first runners to employ Zoom Air. With shiny swoosh-only in OG form-and mesh, the lightweight upper translated into the perfect summer sneaker. The color schemes were mean, and the even as the shoe took on its unique patina the beauty of the silhouette remained intact. Who remembers busting a hole at the big toe?


44. Vapor 9 Tour

Year Introduced: 2012

The first shoe Tinker Hatfield designed wholly on his iPad, the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour was Roger Federer’s weapon of choice in 2012. The basic in-line colorways were great, then they did up an NYC version, a proper Wimbledon version (with purple and green accents) and an “RF287” premium hyperstrike that came with all sorts of goodies and sold out in 12 seconds. The mesh toe is preferable to the leather toe (isn’t it always?), but both versions smoke.


43. Air Trainer SC

Year Introduced: 1990

Bo knows sneakers. The “Bo Jacksons” came in the colors of Auburn and the Oakland Raiders, and featured unique, industrial-looking support straps that helped keep Bo’s foot in place. The 3/4 cut Trainer SC was prepared for anything – just like Bo.


42. Zoom LeBron II

Year Introduced: 2004

LeBron James played football as well as basketball in high school, and the Zoom LeBron II would have worked equally well for both. With it’s double-stacked Zoom Air, ballistic mesh construction and removable straps, the Zoom LeBron II was tough enough for anyone and anything. Even LeBron.

41. Air Jordan II

Year Introduced: 1987

Nike must have been feeling particularly adventurous following the success of the original Air Jordan. Why else would the second model have been such a radical departure? The first Air Jordan was manufactured in a dizzying array of colorways, the second in just two. The first was $65, the second a stratospheric $100. The first featured a more or less standard Nike design, the second added iguana print leather and did away with the Swoosh – this a full decade before the creation of Jordan Brand.


40. Air Stab

Year Introduced: 1988

The Stab stood for “Stability,” but that didn’t stop some stores from seeing more perilous connotations – following a series of actual stabbings, the Air Stab was actually removed from shelves in the UK. Easily the most attractive stability shoe ever made, the Stab featured a unique Airbag treatment with additional foam pillars on the outside, as well as some super-aggressive lettering.

39. Huarache 2K4

Year Introduced: 2004

Kobe Bryant’s first Nike signature shoe in everything but name, the Huarache 2K4 was a huge advancement over its 13-year-old predecessor, the Air Flight Huarache. There was the Zoom Air cushioning for one, and the fact that the upper eyelets were replaced by a simple Velcro strap. Kobe’s ensuing signature line would go much lower and lighter, but he still cites the Huarache 2K4 as an all-time favorite.


38. Air Penny II

Year Introduced: 1996

The foam “wing” that extended up the forefoot of the Air Penny II, forcing the lacing to curve inward, was a love-it-or-hate-it detail that made the sneaker what it was. Equipped with the now-classic combo of Zoom Air up front and Max Air in the heel, Penny’s second signature shoe stands as his best.


37. Zoom Flight 95

Year Introduced: 1995

Futuristic isn’t always the way to go with shoe design – usually what’s futuristic today is horribly dated tomorrow – but the first Nike Zoom Flight defied this wonderfully. The “bug-eyed” kicks with their carbon fiber-esque accents looked fast standing still, evoked some of the best aspects of exotic car design, and were instantly recognizable from a mile away.


36. Air Jordan VI

Year Introduced: 1991

The Air Jordan VI is what would have happened if Pablo Picasso were asked to re-interpret the Air Jordan V. The same basic shape, only with more sharp angles, different colorblocking, and a rear “wing” inspired by the one on the rear of Michael’s Porsche.


35. Air 180

Year Introduced: 1991

The Air 180 was a mind-boggling feat to youngsters that saw it on the shelves of the local sporting goods store. How in the world did they get the Air bubble to hold on the bottom of the shoe? Not to mention the 180 was very well-respected in the running community. It also was a huge step in the direction of Max Air cushioning technology that would come in other Nike models.


34. Air Force Max

Year Introduced: 1993

Along with the Air Flight Huarache, the Air Force Max was famously worn by the University of Michigan Fab Five. And, as a successor to the Air Force 180, it was also worn by Charles Barkley. In the ’90s, that represented a lot of influence. But the Air Force Max was going to be a big shoe regardless. The mid cut, the full-on Air Max unit, the Velcro strap – the shoe was as much of a ’90s icon as the Fab Five themselves.


33. Free Run 2

Year Introduced: 2011

A case could be made for nearly every Free Run shoe to appear on this list, but it’s the Free Run 2, with its tendon-mimicking overlays, that really made the technology shine. The same overlays were utilized on the Air Max 2012, but it was 2011’s Free Run 2 that made the best (and, at $90, most wallet-friendly) use of the design. The all-black makeup made inroads amongst even the most fashion-conscious menswear illuminati, while the NIKEiD program allowed for all sorts of wild designs.

32. Air Flight 89

Year Introduced: 1989

The Flight 89 was one of those shoes that nearly every All Star in the NBA wore at one point or another. It used classic styling and a visible Air unit to basically make the kids that had a sneaker budget sick to their stomach. There was no way you were getting them but that’s what makes it such a successful model as a retro as well, the reliving of youth. The Flight 89 is a classic in all ways possible.


31. LunaRacer

Year Introduced: 2008

The runners answer to the Hyperdunk, the featherlight LunaRacer introduced Nike’s two most innovative technologies – Lunar Foam and Flywire – in one handy package. And while both technologies have found their way into countless silhouettes since, none have been quite as elegant in their simplicity as the LunaRacer. It was so light and streamlined that they even had to lose an “R.”

30. Air Max Uptempo

Year Introduced: 1995

Until Lunar came along, there was simply not a cushier, more comfortable sneaker than the Nike Air Max Uptempo. With its flat sole and full-length Visible Air unit it was equally prepared for on- or off-court use, and with just four “eyelets” it would go from saggy to cinched tight at a moment’s notice. The original “Spurs” colorway with Mystic Teal is still a banger.


29. Mowabb

Year Introduced: 1991

The idea of “Just Do It” got new legs in 1991 with the release of the Mowabb. The ACG model, designed by Tinker himself, utilized Huarache technology and held that odd earthy mixed with purple color scheme so damn well. Added bonus: F’ing awesome advertisements urging consumers to head to the hills and toss two fingers to the horrors of the urban environment.


28. Zoom Kobe V

Year Introduced: 2009

The Zoom Kobe IV took a tentative step towards a high-tech, lightweight basketball lowtop, the Kobe V took the full-on leap. Made up of overlaid synthetics and sitting on a Zoom Air equipped sole with aggressive outriggers, the Eric Avar designed Kobe V proved that ankle support didn’t just come from collar height. Also, what Kobe Bryant wanted, Kobe eventually got.


27. Challenge Court

Year Introduced: 1983

Ostensibly a tennis sneaker, the 3/4 cut Nike Challenge Court saw some action on the hardwood as well. The leather and mesh 3/4 cut was a staple for many brands in the ’80s, but only the Challenge Court got the John McEnroe seal of approval, which, in the ’80s, was no small thing.

26. Blazer

Year Introduced: 1973

Before Nike could think globally, they had to act locally. The Blazer, their first basketball shoe, was named for the basketball team in their back yard – the Portland Trail Blazers – and worn by several of their big names including Geoff Petrie. While not exactly a groundbreaking design, even for the early ’70s, the Blazer brought the Swoosh onto the hardwood – and continues to shine as part of Nike’s SB line. A true classic never dies.


25. Pegasus

Year Introduced: 1983

With streamlined shape, staggered lacing, and modified waffle sole, the Pegasus took what the Tailwind started and, basically, perfected it. Now twenty-nine versions deep, the model has been a standard bearer for Nike’s running silo since 1983. High praise is due for continually setting standards.

24. LeBron X

Year Introduced: 2012

As befitting the Sportsman of the Year, defending MVP and NBA champion, the LeBron X is on some other-other sh*t. Fitted (in its ultimate form) with Nike’s basketball-specific Nike+ system, the LeBron X is not only the most high-tech hoop shoe, it’s the most well-informed. Fitted with a Hyperfuse upper and the first-ever 360 Max Zoom Air setup, the LeBron X is built for the best basketball player in the world right now. Sorry, Kobe.


23. Air Max 97

Year Introduced: 1997

The Air Max 97 seemingly skipped over the Air Max 96 and looked back to the Air Max 95 for design inspiration. It had the same sleek, front-to-back orientation, made even more streamlined by the all-new Airbag design. Done up in all silver with tons of reflective 3M, the Air Max 97 looked like it was back from the future.


22. Terminator

Year Introduced: 1986

What Georgetown wanted, Georgetown got. Not content to properly join the “Be True To Your School” Dunk program, the Hoyas received a shoe to call their very own. The Terminator was essentially just a grey and blue mashup of the Big Nike and the Legend, but as worn by the Hoyas it became infinitely more than that. The versions that read “HOYAS” across the back were the most sought-after, and center Ralph Dalton’s one-off knee-high pair were the most outrageous.

21. Air Max2 CB

Year Introduced: 1994

Of course a Charles Barkley signature shoe would be designed based on a straitjacket. The Round Mound of Rebound was blessed with Air Max 2 in 1994, and he made the most of it, making another All-NBA team and another All-Star Game as a member of the Phoenix Suns. The CB utilized the same speedlacing system as Chris Webber’s Air Max CB in a more aggressive package, and remains one of Sir Charles’s best-ever shoes.


20. Foamposite One

Year Introduced: 1997

A molded foam shoe? The Nike Air Foamposite One remained a mystery until it hit shelves (or, for the observant, Mike Bibby’s feet), at which point its $180 price point and space-age appearance created more questions than it did answers. What WAS that thing? Nike has never been afraid of new technology – or the cost it incurred – and the Foamposite One has since more than proved its worth through various descendants (the Foamposite Pro, Flightposite, etc.) and a whole rainbow’s worth of colorways. And a full 15 years after its initial launch, it still looks like the future.


19. Air Jordan VII

Year Introduced: 1992

With the Huarache concept fresh in his mind, Tinker Hatfield went minimalist on the Air Jordan VII. Gone was the Visible Air (for the first time since the II) and the clear rubber outsole sections – and any mention of “Nike Air” on the outside of the shoe. African-inspired patterns covered the tongues, and a full neoprene bootie hugged the foot tight.


18. Air Tech Challenge II

Year Introduced: 1989

Andre Agassi exploded onto the tennis scene in the late ’80s like an LSD-filled piñata. He brought neon colors, acid-wash denim and an epic heavy-metal mullet to a sport normally dominated by various shades of white (and John McEnroe). The Air Tech Challenge II, designed by (who else) Tinker Hatfield, splashed those colors proudly on the heel and toe, and – ironically enough – put tennis shoes on the level of basketball shoes.


17. Flyknit Trainer

Year Introduced: 2012

A sleek racing flat designed for the 2012 Olympics, the Nike Flyknit racer represented an entirely new method of manufacture. By knitting the upper (no, Nike won’t hire your grandmother) Nike eliminated both waste and weight, finding a new way to put material only where necessary, and doing away with both stitching and pattern-cutting. The neon green uppers were all over the Olympics, both on tracks and on the medal stands. Next stop, the streets.


16. Hyperdunk

Year Introduced: 2008

The biggest Nike Basketball innovation since the Air Force 1? That might be a stretch – especially to fans of the Air Jordan line – but the Hyperdunk, which introduced the basketball world to both Lunar Foam and Flywire, was a momentous product either way. The super-high cut was offset by its feathery weight (and made less restrictive by a huge drop down the Achilles), and the fact that it was worn by players at every position even at the highest level of basketball (i.e. the Beijing Games) displayed its amazing versatility.


15. Air Jordan

Year Introduced: 1985

The Nike Air Jordan was only revolutionary in its use of color. The Airbag was tiny, the design somewhat pedestrian. But Peter Moore’s ball and wings logo and the decidedly non-basketball black and red colorway made all the difference. Super agent David Falk wanted Michael Jordan to receive the same signature treatment as tennis players – and he got what he wanted. But it’s hard to imagine even Falk predicted the overwhelming success that would soon follow.


14. Air Safari

Year Introduced: 1987

Nike was founded on the basis of athletic excellence – that its shoes were made to help athletes excel – but 1987’s Air Safari seemed to represent a step away from that. In reality it was a Nike running answer to the Air Jordan, with soft deer leather complemented by a new print inspired by an exotic ostrich-leather couch. The Safari was designed by a young architect named Tinker Hatfield, who would soon bring a similar aesthetic to the Air Jordan line. Convergence.


13. Air Max 90

Year Introduced: 1990

Former architect, now sneaker design legend Tinker Hatfield rarely misses the mark. The Air Max 90 isn’t his best. Nor is it the pinnacle of Air Max design. However, the color-that brilliant Infared-continues to capture the imagination of every sneakerhead and the mudguard wrapping the toe proposed a new dawn of running durability. Fun additional fact: Before designing the Air Max 90, Hatfield took a sabbatical and traveled around the world. Needless to say, he returned home rejuvenated and inspired.


12. Air Presto

Year Introduced: 2000

Why can’t sneakers be more like t-shirts? This was the question the Air Presto attempted to answer. Offered in sizes from S to XXL as opposed to the normal numeric designations, the Presto line immediately became a lounging (and airline travel) staple. The most x-rayed shoe in history? Probably/


11. Cortez

Year Introduced: 1972

Without the Cortez, none of the rest of this even happens. A Bill Bowerman reworking of the Onitsuka Tiger Corsair, the heel-wedge equipped Cortez became the first Nike-branded running shoe. Nike was awarded the rights to the shoe in an early lawsuit, and the rest is history.


10. Air Jordan IV

Year Introduced: 1989

How do you follow up an all-time classic? Tinker Hatfield’s second Air Jordan picked up where the first left off, with a similar silhouette and lacing pattern. With nubuck and mesh in place of the IIIs leather it was lighter and more ventilated, and the plastic “wings” on the sides alluded to flight – which was embroidered right on the tongue.


9. Dunk

Year Introduced: 1986

Be True To Your School. Nike had been lacing elite college programs for years before 1986 (thank you, Sonny Vaccaro), but the Dunk program represented an attempt to institute some team individuality. Schools like St. Johns, Iowa, Kentucky, Syracuse and Villanova got their very own team colorways of the same shoe – the Nike Dunk, which played off the extraordinarily popular Air Jordan. Decades later, the Dunk was revived as a skate shoe, becoming one of the first sneakers to achieve iconic status in two completely disparate disciplines.


8. Air Jordan V

Year Introduced: 1990

The Air Jordan V not only embraced flash, it embodied it, what with its 3M reflective tongue and clear rubber outsoles. Inspired by the P-51 Mustang fighter plane, the Air Jordan V was built to attack. And its asymmetrical ankle collar – higher inside than out – found its way onto sneakers in mutiple disciplines.


7. Air Huarache

Year Introduced: 1992

Inspired by Mexican sandals – and Nike predecessors such as the Bermuda and the Air Flow – Tinker Hatfield turned to neoprene to create a lightweight, foot-hugging runner that offered plenty of lacing options and a highly distinctive look. Trainers and basketball shoes would follow, but it was the runner that led the way.


6. Air Jordan XI

Year Introduced: 1995

When Michael Jordan retired, no one wanted to believe it was final – least of all Tinker Hatfield, who dutifully continued designing the Air Jordan line despite the directives of Nike higher-ups. And it’s a good thing that he did, or else the Air Jordan XI may have never happened. Hatfield took inspiration from a lawnmower and added a patent leather rand for both protection and flash. A clear outsole revealed a full-length carbon springplate – a Nike first – and ballistic mesh complemented the patent leather perfectly.


5. Air Trainer 1

Year Introduced: 1987

The Nike Air Trainer 1 wasn’t the exactly the first multi-sport sneaker – pretty much any sneaker designed before 1970 filled that role – but it was one of the first designed expressly to be a multi-sport sneaker. Tinker Hatfield developed a shoe that would be equally at home on the courts or in the gym, and John McEnroe proved its worth by essentially adopting it as his signature shoe. The “chlorophyll” colorway remains a grail to many despite several re-releases.


4. Air Max 95

Year Introduced: 1995

Sergio Lozano turned to the human body for inspiration when it came to designing the Air Max 95, and his creation has since taken its rightful place in the pantheon of human creations, period. The organic-looking design is of course best represented in the initial grey/neon gradient colorway, but with literally hundreds (if not thousands) to choose from, it’s tough to find one that doesn’t look amazing.


3. Air Jordan III

Year Introduced: 1988

Tinker Hatfield’s first Air Jordan may well stand as his best. The III introduced Visible Air, elephant print and the Jumpman to the Air Jordan line, all of which are still signifiers to this day. As the story goes, Jordan was somewhat dissatisfied with Nike at the time in part due to the departure of some of his most-trusted execs, and it was Hatfield and the III that kept him in the fold. If that is indeed the case, no single sneaker has ever had as large an impact on the sporting landscape.


2. Air Force 1

Year Introduced: 1982

The first Nike basketball sneaker to feature the then new Air cushioning system, 1982’s Bruce Kilgore designed Air Force 1 was a shining beacon of functionality. During the design process, Nike designers played a game of basketball with scissors on the sideline, and every few minutes they had to cut a piece off of the shoe to see what was essential and what wasn’t. If the shoe became unplayable, the player dropped out. Practical experiments like this helped in the development of one of the most beloved sneakers of all time, often imitated but never duplicated.


1. Air Max 1

Year Introduced: 1987

The Nike Air Max stands as Nike’s ultimate achievement, one of the most successful cases of form dictating function in sneaker history. As the Air bag grew bigger, designer Tinker Hatfield was faced with a problem – how to fit the larger Air into the traditional foam midsole? A trip to Paris, and a look at the Centre Georges Pompidou, gave him an idea. Why not cut the foam away to expose the Air? The Centre Pompidou exposed all of what was normally hidden, so would the Air Max runner. Nike’s signature technology became visible, and nothing in the sneaker world would ever be the same again.

12. How to buy from TaoBao & Weidian Agents

Hi all, after many requests by my friends and fellow Redditors, I will be releasing an in-depth guide on a replica newbie’s worst nightmare: ordering through an agent. Though it seems daunting at first, using an agent to buy your reps and save money is easier than it seems.

We will go step by step from signing up with an agent to placing our first order, as well as my own tips and tricks for making sure our purchases are worth our money and that we know what the total cost will be (don’t forget to account for shipping costs!).

Sign up for WeGoBuy through this link and you’ll get a $40 discount towards your first purchases

So before we get started, a few terms we need to understand…

What is an Agent?

Put simply, an agent is your connection to China where you will be purchasing most of your rep items. Popular websites that people use to buy reps include TaoBao and Weidian. However, for most countries, you are unable to purchase off of these websites directly. This is where the agent of your choice comes in, which for me, is WeGoBuy and is the agent we’ll be using throughout my guide.

Once you find the items you want on TaoBao or Weidian, have signed up for WeGoBuy, and have added money into your WeGoBuy account, you will be able to copy+paste the TaoBao/Weidian link into WeGoBuy, where they will complete the purchase for you. The item will then be delivered by the seller to WeGoBuy’s warehouse in China. WeGoBuy will send you pictures of the item once it arrives, and can provide you detailed pictures for an additional fee that show exact measurements, close up high definition pictures of certain aspects of the item (swooshes, size tags, wings logos, etc). You will also have the option to exchange or return the item, contingent on the TaoBao/Weidian’s store policies.

Your items can be stored in the WeGoBuy warehouse for free for up to 6 months. During this time, you are free to buy from multiple TaoBao/Weidian stores, accumulating the rep items of your dreams. Once you feel your haul is complete, WeGoBuy will package all of your items together, and ship your haul out to you through the delivery method of your choice. We will go over delivery options, speeds, and costs below. Please do not forget to account for shipping when you are making your purchases, as the TaoBao/Weidian price does not include shipping from China to you.

How to Order Step-By-Step (with Imgur Album Guide to supplement)

Imgur album is labeled by step number according to the list numbers below. Open it in a new tab and follow along so that you don’t get lost!

  1. Sign up for WeGoBuy through this link and you’ll get a $40 discount towards your first purchases. Once you click on the link, you’ll be taken to the sign up page, where you can enter your email and a password, both of which will become your log-in information for WeGoBuy. Punch in the verification code to prove to everyone that you’re not a robot, agree to the Terms and Agreements, hit sign up, and you’re ready to go. I recommend using Google Chrome to order reps due to its Translate feature, which will help you navigate TaoBao and Weidian. This is a frequently asked question: no, you do not need to learn how to read Chinese in order to order through an agent.

  2. Exploring your Account Page: Once you’re signed up and logged in, you’ll see your Account Page. Let’s break this page down a bit, as it’s pretty useful with how much information is jam packed into it. Something to note is that WeGoBuy can be a bit redundant, with multiple ways to reach the same pages.

    1. Let’s take a look at the center of the page – here you’ll see the more urgent messages. Under “Action Needed,” you’ll see messages telling you if a payment is necessary, if an order needs to be confirmed by you to make sure the correct item is ordered or that the item that arrived to your warehouse after ordering is the correct one, or if shipping from one of the sellers is delated. The “My Enquiry” tab will show you any responses to any chats you may have opened yourself with your agent. You can also access these things by hovering over the Envelope Icon in the upper right corner.

    2. Above the central Messages area, you’ll see your Account Information. Displayed for you is how much Yuan is in your account (as well as the option to “Top Up Now” which means reloading money into your account for purchases) and if any coupons are available to you. WeGoBuy periodically adds new coupons to your account whenever they do any promotions. For now, you’ll be able to see your $40 worth of coupons that you get by signing up for WeGoBuy through this link.

    3. At the upper left corner, you can hover your pointer over “Shopping Agent” to pull up the WeGoBuy Search Bar. Here is where you’ll be able to copy+paste TaoBao or Weidian links in order to make your purchases through WeGoBuy. Remember, in order to buy off of these websites, this is how you need to do so. We’ll go over completing your purchase in detail below, once we go over the other important aspects of this home page.

    4. At the upper right corner, you can hover over your WeGoBuy username to access your Shopping Order (list of all of your WeGoBuy orders, pending or completed), your Warehouse (everything in your WeGoBuy warehouse currently), and your Parcels (any hauls that you have submitted for shipping or that have already been completed).

    5. The above areas are the areas I use most often when navigating WeGoBuy. I won’t go into detail about the others to not bog down this guide. Feel free to play around on the site and explore if you’d like, but I believe the above information should be enough to get you through your time as RepFam.

  3. Now let’s get to what everyone is here for – Let’s Make Our First Purchase! We’ll do a purchase through TaoBao and a purchase through Weidian to cover our bases. We can start with a Supreme BOGO from seller Teenage Club since that’s a staple for new RepFam.

    1. Let’s head over to r/FashionReps to search through some QCs. Once we’re at the subreddit, let’s type into the search bar “Supreme Teenage Club.”

    2. After hitting enter, we’ll see some results. You can sort by Top posts, currently Hot posts (posts that are getting lots of attention recently), or New posts. I recommend sorting by New posts so we can make sure we’re finding Where-To-Cop (W2C) links that are still active.

    3. Lucky for us, one of the first few results is a Wine BOGO from Teenage Club where the original poster linked the W2C link. Let’s “copy” that TaoBao W2C link and head back over to WeGoBuy.

    4. On the WeGoBuy site, let’s hover over the “Shopping Agent” in the top left corner, and once the area to paste our link into appears, let’s paste that TaoBao link into there and hit “enter.”

    5. We’ll see that WeGoBuy now opens up the listing for the Supreme Box Logo from Teenage Club. We’ll also see a pop up, which sometimes happens with certain listings. For this particular listing, the popup is a reminder that Teenage Club doesn’t take returns. For other listings, you may get a reminder that the item you’re purchasing may be counterfeit. Hit “risk accepted” or “okay” to get rid of the popup and we can continue with our purchase.

    6. What you should now see is the TaoBao Item Listing page – let’s break it down a bit.

      1. On the left, we’ll see an image of the product we’re buying. Some parts of the brand name or brand logo may be blurred out or removed. No need to worry, this is due to copyright issues. The item you purchase should not have the logo blurred out once it arrives.

      2. On the right, we’ll see the name of the TaoBao store. In this case, we see Teenage Club. We also see their store scores out of 5. Teenage Club is a great store as reflected by its ratings.

      3. In the middle is where most of the relevant information on this page is. At the top, we’ll see the item nameBelow that is the price of the item in Yuan. If there is a delivery fee, that will be right below the price of the item. Again, please remember that you will still need to pay for shipping out your haul from the WeGoBuy warehouse to you. This cost is not shown to you on this page and won’t be calculated until you complete your haul and are ready to ship. Below the cost, you’ll see the sizing options, color options, and quantity options. I wear Medium in Supreme BOGOs, want the wine red wine colorway, and only want one hoodie.

      4. After clicking each of my selections, we can hit “Buy Now.”

    7. Clicking “Buy Now” should take us to the “Order Confirmation” page. Here, from top to bottom, we’ll input our “destination country,” which in my case is the USA. Below the destination country, we’ll see our item name, size, and color selection on the left of the page. I’ll read it over and make sure everything is accurate.

      1. Working our way to the right, we’ll see a “Detailed Photo” button. WeGoBuy provides a few free, low-quality pictures of the item once it arrives to the warehouse. If you need any high-definition pictures of any aspects of the item you’re buying, you’ll want to pay for Detailed Photos. We’re ordering a BOGO, and if I want it QC’d, it is imperative to get an HD picture of the BOGO so we can see the letter embroidery, grain of the BOGO, edges quality, and placement. I’ll click on Detailed Phototype in my request, and hit “okay.” You can request more detailed photos by toggling the amount in the upper right corner of the Detailed Photo popup.

      2. Once we finish our Detailed Photo request, we’ll see our final cost for purchasing the item, getting our detailed photo, and shipping to our WeGoBuy warehouse. Check the box saying you agree to the service agreement, hit submit, and now all that is left is payment before your item can ship to your WeGoBuy warehouse!

    8. I will add more details here once I make a purchase myself so that I can guide you all through step-by-step. For now, I’ll say that the next page should ask you how you’d like to “Top Up” or reload your WeGoBuy account balance so that WeGoBuy can complete your purchase for you and have the item shipped to your warehouse. Click the amount of Yuan you’d like to add to your account to pay for your item. I recommend using PayPalClicking the PayPal option will bring up the PayPal website so that you can securely log into your PayPal account through the PayPal website to complete your payment. Once your PayPal transaction goes through, go back to your Account Page where your “Action Needed” tab in the center of the page should ask you to “pay for your purchase.” Click there, follow the steps, and you should see “payment completed!” Congratulations, you have made your first rep purchase!

    9. Now, you patiently wait for the seller to ship your item to the WeGoBuy Warehouse and your agents to take your QC pictures (standard low-quality ones + any Detailed Photos you may have purchased).

  4. Let’s now go through the same process as above, but for Placing a Weidian Order.

    1. Same as above, let’s find the item we want to purchase. For this example, let’s buy some CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Obsidians. Let’s head over to a subreddit to find some QCs to look at – we can try my subreddit r/RepWeidianSneakers, or other subs like r/repbudgetsneakersr/repsneakers, or r/sneakerreps. We’ll search for “CZ Obsidian” or “CZ Obsidians” to find a QC that hopefully has a W2C Link. Seaching this on r/RepWeidianSneakers should bring up my CZ Batch Obsidians QC post with a W2C linked. Let’s copy that Weidian link like we did for the TaoBao process above, and head over to WeGoBuy. We can paste that link into WeGoBuy’s search bar, and pull up the item listing. Up to this point, everything should be essentially the same as the process I outline above for ordering through TaoBao. If you get lost in this paragraph, just see steps 3.1-3.6 above outlining the TaoBao ordering process.

    2. If you followed all of the steps above, you should now see this WeGoBuy page displaying the CZ Batch listing on Weidian. For the most part, this listing should look the same as the TaoBao example above. However, Weidian listings do not always have specific size options. To navigate around this, we’ll have to type our size into the “Order Remarks” are on the next page after we make whatever selections we can on this page.

      1. Here is where using Google Chrome pays off – we can read the colorway options thanks to the automatic Google Translate when opening the page. Looking through the options, we find “Obsidian 40.5 42 44.5” at the bottom, indicating that the Obsidian colorway is available for sizes EU 40.5, 42, 44.5. Note that other Weidian listings might just list the colorways and no sizes displayed. For those, just click the colorway you want and input your size on the next page as we’ll do for this listing. Let’s click the Obsidian option, and hit “Buy Now.”

      2. Again, just like for the TaoBao ordering process above, we should now be on the Order Confirmation page. We can input our size here – I’ll type “1 pair, size EU 42. I accept the risks of purchasing from this Weidian store.” Substitute in your European size for your order.

      3. Next, we can ask for detailed pictures. For retro Jordan 1s, I usually ask for 3 Detailed Pictures minimum: 1) Picture of both outer swooshes 2) Picture of both heels of the shoes 3) Complete picture of white inner size tag. This should show you the swoosh quality, hourglass shape, and size tag, which can help with batch identification if you are unsure of batch flaws. You can also ask for close ups of both wings logos, both NIKE AIR Tags, both inner swooshes, both toe boxes, whatever you deem necessary.

      4. Again, as above, we can see our order total below, click that we agree to the terms of service, and submit our order. If we have enough money in our WeGoBuy balance, we can hit “Use WeGoBuy Balance,” hit “pay,” and be done. If we need to “Top Up” again, follow step 3.8 above to complete your WeGoBuy Top Up through PayPal. Then, complete your purchase on WeGoBuy by using your new balance to pay for the item.

    3. Congratulations! You’ve just made your first purchase through Weidian. Now we wait for the product to ship from the seller to your WeGoBuy warehouse.

  5. Take a deep breath: hopefully, the ordering process is not as intimidating as it may initially seem. All we can do now is wait for our purchases to arrive! Or, in the meantime, you can place more orders. Just again, as above, be mindful of how much you’re ordering, as we still haven’t seen the shipping cost, which will be dependent on shipping method and weight of our total haul.

  6. A few days have gone by since we placed our order, and our order has now arrived at our warehouse! Let’s click on “My Warehouse” to see what items arrived. We can take a look at my FK Batch Jordan 1 Mochas for this example

    1. We can see our overall order details (product name, colorway, size, price), as well as a hyperlink back to the product listing, in case we ever want to reorder in the future, or share the link.

    2. We see a red button for “Return/Exchange.” This button is typically available to you for 5 days, after which, it may become more difficult to Return or Exchange.

    3. “View the Inspection” shows you your QC photos.

    4. “Detailed Photo” is how you can request additional QC photos, in higher resolution, of certain angles of your item.

  7. We are ready to ship, assuming all of your items look as you’d like them to. Let’s click on “Warehouse” on the left side bar, or hover over our username to reveal the drop menu to then click “My Warehouse.” Either take you to the same page.

    1. Now, you should be able to see all of your items currently in your warehouse.

    2. Click the box next to each item that you would like to ship. This adds the item to the haul that will be shipped out. As you add each item the bottom of the page will update with the estimated weight.

    3. Once we’ve added all of the items we want to ship out, let’s hit submit in the bottom right-hand corner.

    4. This will take us to the busiest page so far – we can take this slowly, as there is quite a bit of info on this page. Our shipping address will be shown at the top of the page. Below it, we will see all of our shipping options. These vary in terms of speed and price. Depending on your priorities, one may suit your needs better than another. I typically prefer GD-EMS as a good middleground between price and speed of delivery (average 14 days, range 10-30 days at worst) .

    5. Once you select your delivery option, scroll down, and we’ll see a customs clearance declaration question. This varies by country. For the US, the general consensus is declaring $12/kg. Therefore, for an 8kg haul, that would be $12/kg * 8kg (don’t forget dimensional analysis from science and math class), which comes out to $96. The most I’ve shipped at once is 11kg, so max I’d ever declare is $132, which is under the $135 limit where I believe you have to pay some fee if you go over.

    6. Once you’ve declared the clearance amount, scroll down, and we’ll find an option for insurance – use it. Purchase insurance. While seizures in places like the US are rare if you don’t do anything atrocious, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. I typically try to get insurance for 3000¥ which comes at a cost of around 60¥. Well worth the price in my opinion.

    7. Next up, let’s go through the Additional Services available for your package. I’ll go over the ones I use personally. Brand Tag Removal, Package Removal, Simple Packaging are all free add-ons. I recommend these. This gets rid of tags (not size tags, the ones that show price and what not), things like shoe boxes (but not the packaging paper or additional accessories in the shoe box), and helps to minimize weight as much as possible. For the Value-Added Services, I 100% recommend Stretch Film, Moisture Barrier bag, and Vacuum Packaging. Don’t be the guy receiving a package full of mold because you didn’t protect it. It has a long journey ahead, make sure it’s protected.

    8. We’re approaching the final steps before our package embarks on its adventure. Scroll all the way down, and you’ll see a text box asking for any additional comments. Here, I copy and paste the following: “Wrap package in a lot of tape, remove tags, simple packaging, throw away shoe boxes, turn all branded/logo clothing inside out. Vacuum seal clothes in package. Put commercial invoice on the outside of package. Commercial invoice has to be readable and have sender address as well as telephone number. If it has printing errors, it has to be printed again.” This ensures your package has everything customs needs. I’ve been using it since I first joined rep fam 3 years ago, not sure if it does anything at all, but I figure it doesn’t hurt.

    9. Scroll back up, and see if you can use any coupons to lower the price of your haul. If you used the signup link at the top of the guide, you will have coupons to use!

    10. Hit Submit Delivery Order – a popup will appear asking you to confirm your delivery address. Make sure it is correct, and matches your PayPal shipping address. If it does, hit Confirm and Submit, and you’re all set! Your package is en route.

  8. All that is left now is to be patient. If your tracking doesn’t say your package has been seized, don’t think that it’s seized. Please do not spam the groups – just be patient. I typically use 17Track to track my packages. Happy waiting!

Is Using an Agent the Best Move for Me?

You’ll often hear people brag about using agents and saving tons of money, but is this actually true? As with anything, there are tradeoffs to every choice. Using a middleman won’t always be the best move, nor will using an agent. Let’s go through some bullet points below.

– In order to make paying for your agent shipping worth it, you’ll have to put together a “haul,” or a collection of items you’re aiming to ship out. Sometimes, this suits your situation – you’re already planning on buying 3 shoes, 2 shirts, and a crewneck. Perfect, using an agent sounds like a solid play. Other times though, you’re only planning on buying one pair of shoes. For instances like this, I’d recommend using a middleman, as it’s the most streamlined process, and you likely won’t end up saving much money compared to middlemen, or at least not enough to make it worth using an agent, waiting for local shipping, getting QC, shipping out, and waiting. It’s ultimately up to you, and it helps to plan out your costs before ordering anything so you know how much you’ll be spending before the total hits you in the face.

– As a baseline, batches that middlemen carry like LJR Jordan 1s or M Batch Dunks go for 470¥ ($66) and 310¥ ($43), respectively. Account for international shipping, and you typically add $25-$55 depending on the shipping speed you select and the overall size of your haul.

– Common Misconceptions:

– If I ship without shoeboxes, will my shoes arrive damaged? I’ve shipped all of my pairs without boxes through WeGoBuy and have never had an issue.

– Can I get QC with an Agent? Yes

– Can I order a specific batch with an Agent? Yes

– Can I RL with an Agent? Depends on the seller’s listing. An agent will not stop you from RL’ing, just pay attention to the seller listing, which is what matters.

– But middlemen handpick pairs and Weidian is just a bunch of budget batches? Lol, please don’t believe this. All pairs carried by middlemen are available on Weidian, and nobody is out here handpicking pairs at the factory. If you do believe this is happening, message me, and I’ll send you a picture of 10 different pairs of various sources – if you can correctly guess where each pair came from, middleman or Weidian, then we can talk. If you can’t tell, that should tell you everything you need to know.

Note Saturday, October 1st, 2022: Hi all, hope this guide helps. This is a work-in-progress – I’ll be adding to it with the steps that follow placing your orders such as checking QC pictures, uploading an Imgur to post a QC request on the subs, and shipping out your hauls once I place my next orders and ship out my next haul.

As always, I am open to feedback, so if you have any suggestions, let me know below! Hope you find this helpful.

Check Out My Other Popular Posts:

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13. Beginner's Guide to the Best Rep Sneaker Batches to Buy
Key Tips/Avoid Misconceptions:

– What matters is batch, NOT sellerunless the seller is truly making their own batch or has exclusive rights to a factory’s production. The only time I’ve encountered this is with UABat’s Exclusive pairs (about ~8-9 shoes)

– A batch is the same exact shoe, regardless of which middleman you purchase it from. Some sellers sell LJR as LJR, others like Muks try to say they have “Tier 1” Batch which is just LJR relabeled (original post discovering this now over 2 years ago) in order to seem like they have an exclusive product. You can see another well-respected QCer’s thoughts on this hereWhether you buy LJR from X seller, Y seller, or on Weidian using an agent, it is the same product.

– Therefore, taking the information above, no one seller is the “best seller for X shoe” if they carry the same exact batch as everyone else. No, Muks isn’t the best for Jordan 1s, nor is Yang the best for 4s, or Mango the best for Jordan 11s. They carry the same batches as everyone else.

Our main goal is always to figure out what batch we are looking at, so that we can then find it for the best price, whether that be from a middleman, or using an agent like WeGoBuy.

Table of Contents
  1. Basic, Commonly Used Rep Terms

  2. “How do I get started?” ft links to definitions of common repfam terms (GL, RL, QC, etc)

  3. “In your opinion, what’s the best batch?”

  4. Links to Existing Guides (TS1s, Union 1s)

  5. Jordans

  • Retro Jordan 1 Highs

  • Fragment Jordan 1 Highs

  • Off-White Jordan 1 Highs

  • Travis Scott 1 Highs

  • Travis Scott 1 Lows

  • Fragment Travis Scott Lows

  • Union Jordan 1 Highs

  • Jordan 4 Travis Scotts

  • Union Jordan 4s

  • Nike Dunks

  • Non-collab Dunks

  • Chunky Dunkys

  • Travis Scott Dunks

  • Sean Weatherspoon Air Max 1/97

  • Nike Off-White Blazers

Basic, Commonly Used Rep Terms

QC: Quality Control/Quality Check. Buyers post their QC pictures from the sellers and ask others to check the pictures for errors that would justify asking the seller to send for a different pair.

LC: Legit Check.

GL: Green Light. Pair does not have any glaring flaws and is good to go.

RL: Red Light. Pair does have a flaw and should be exchanged for a replacement pair.

W2C/WTC: Where to Cop. This is what someone comments when they are asking for the link to buy a certain product. I often use W2C when linking products that I review so that readers can easily find the products.

GP: Guinea Pig. People use the term GP when they are the first person trying out a new product that has not yet been QC’d or reviewed on any of the replica groups.

Batch: Different factories each make a shoe a certain way – certain materials, certain details (swooshes, wings logos, toe boxes, overall shoe shape, etc). Certain batches are higher quality or more accurate to retail than others. By looking at rep vs retail posts with the batch you’re looking to buy, you can see how your pair will compare.

Batch Flaw: A flaw that is present on every shoe of a certain batch. For example, LJR batch TS1 highs all have a discolored midsole compared to retail. This flaw is present on every pair of LJR TS1’s, and will be until the factory updates their batch materials to correct the midsole color. It is important to know batch flaws to know what flaws are worth RL’ing over to get a better pair, and what flaws won’t ever improve by RL’ing.

AgentCovered in my Agents, TaoBao, and Weidian Guide Here

Middleman: Person/Company that will source pairs and ship to you directly without the hassle of using an agent. Make sure to note, middlemen don’t make their own pairs. Different middlemen usually source from the same factories, so they typically carry the same batches ie same products.

“How do I get started?”

Your buying process should go as follows:

Step 1: Decide what shoe you’d like to buy

Step 2: Search for QCs for the shoe you want on r/repsneakersr/repweidiansneakersr/weidianwarriorsr/repbudgetsneakersr/fashionrepsr/sneakerreps, look the QC pics over, and read QCs. Prioritize QCs from people commenting that seem to know what they’re talking about. These are typically in-depth QCs and not “fire emoji” or “GL” without an explanation – those are not at all helpful.

Be aware of biases each sub may have. Some subs prioritize low price over better quality, while some think any expensive rep is a good rep. Just be aware of the comments you’re reading on the respective subs, how much knowledge the commenter has, whether or not the account has -100 karma, etc.

Step 3: Pick a batch! Decide what batch you think is best or best fits your needs.

Step 4: See who provides said batch for the best price. This can vary by pair. For some shoes, that may be Monica. Other pairs it may be UABat. Others might be PK, and some may be Coco. Other shoes, you might say hey, these are beaters, I can get them from Taobao or Weidian (after doing research for good pairs of course). It all depends. Please don’t ask me which middleman I’d buy X shoe from. I follow the same steps I’m typing out here. If you go through the steps, you’ll answer your own question instead of having your message lost in my 700+ chat requests.

Step 5: Place your order from wherever you choose, and wait for your shoes to come in.

This buying process prioritizes learning about batches in order to make informed decisions about what product you’re purchasing rather than blindly telling you to purchase from x person or y person. My goal is not to shill any single seller. Follow the best batches, not a singular source. This methodology has helped me acquire this collection of 90% top batches, 10% beaters.

“In your opinion, what’s the best batch?”

This is the most frequently asked question I receive. Below is my batch guide divided by shoe model. These are my opinions. I support them as best as I can with evidence and details. Ideally this can help new buyers learn how to research and purchase reps on their own. The batches and shoes included below are all shoes I personally have researched prior to purchasing to ensure I make wise decisions with my money and get the best product available. Therefore, shoes that do not interest me such as Dior 1s, TS1 Low Phantoms, Black Cat 4s, or most designer shoes, will not be listed below. I’m sure someone else has covered them on the replica subreddits. If not, be the change you’d like to see in the world and compile the knowledge for others.

If you think another batch should be ranked higher, just be sure to bring evidence to back up your opinion. I always welcome informed discourse.

My Existing Guides:

“Let’s Talk About What Batch Muks’ Dunks Are” In-Depth Post on M Batch Dunks

My Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High Batch Guide

My Union Los Angeles Jordan 1 Batch Guide

Jordans Section:
Retro Air Jordan 1 Highs:

Here, I will outline the best of the readily available batches from middlemen for Jordan 1s. Then, if you’d like a higher-quality rep for select colorways, and are willing to learn how to use an agent, read the section underneath.

– Best Batches Overall (AGENT REQUIRED) For Certain Colorways:

Okay, so there’s a certain colorway that you want the absolute best rep of, and you don’t mind going through some additional steps to get it. Keep reading: if it’s listed below, I recommend the listed batch over LJR. If it’s not listed, LJR is likely your best option by default. Some of the batches listed above used to be pairs rebranded as SK Exclusive Batch, which are highly regarded on the sub for being extremely high-quality and the closest reps to retail. Swoosh shapes are more accurate on certain models as well, matching the Jordan 1 mold used for the shoe the year of release. Overall shoe shape is also improved. If you are willing to invest time into learning to use an agent to order, these are well worth it.

I outline the ordering process for CZ Batch Obsidians specifically in my Agent Guide. Don’t worry, I am working on deciphering the true batch identities for other colorways, but in the meantime, this is what I have:

– 2015 Chicago Highs: FK Batch

– Mocha Highs: FK Batch or CZ Batch (questionable stock as of 9/18/22)

– Obsidians Highs: CZ Batch (old no-box SK Exclusive batch), colors more accurate than LJR, more premium materials than LJR. FK Batch just released these as well, and I’d expect them to be no different than other colorways from this batch.

– Trophy Room Highs: Y3 Batch (SK Exclusive, not sure if currently, not many recent QCs)

The biggest tradeoffs to batches listed in this section are: 1) you essentially have to make a haul with other items to spread out the shipping cost 2) getting the shoe in hand will take a bit longer than if you went through a middleman.

All W2Cs for batches listed in this above section are in my Select Weidian Finds post here

– Top Batch (MIDDLEMEN or AGENT): LJR Batch: Regarded as the best option for AJ1s available from middlemen due to nice swoosh shape and placement, wings logo size and placement, hourglass shape, slim toe box, and quality of materials that pull it ahead of other batches like GET Batch, OG Batch, H12 Batch, etc. If you are asking what the best batch from a middleman is for a retro, non-collab Air Jordan 1, LJR is likely the answer, as it is one of the most consistent and reliable batches. This includes Chicagos, Shadows, Royals, Royal Toes, Smoke Greys, etc. The list goes on and on. Here are links to QC pictures for my own ObsidiansBred ToesSmoke GreysChicagos, and GS Hyper Royals.

– Recommended Mid-Tier Batch: QY Batch

Of the less expensive batches I’ve seen (QY, DT Batch, ST Batch, DG Batch, GET Batch), I would recommend QY Batch if you are tight for money. Okay quality and surprisingly solid details-wise for a cheaper batch.

Fragment Jordan 1 Highs (OG 2015s):

– Top Batch: Fragment OG Highs: CZ Batch (current SK Exclusive)

Like I describe in the section above, CZ Batch Fragments are premium quality reps with great details all-around (swoosh shape, wings logos, and most importantly on Fragment 1s, no toe box flaw, which is different from the typical Jordan 1.) The second row of perforated holes on the toe box should be placed in a straight line, as is also the case on the Chicago 1s. All other Jordan 1s have these perforation holes placed more jaggedly. I cannot recommend this batch enough.

– Runner Up Batch: LJR Batch

LJR makes solid Fragment 1s, doing all of the usual AJ1 details well and not having a toe box flaw. A batch flaw on LJR Fragments though is that the embossing of the lightning bolt on the heels is weaker than on retails, which is visible in QCs here and here. What drops LJR below CZ Batch is that quality of materials is good, but not as good as CZ Batch.

– Promising Batch I have not personally investigated: CSJ No-Name Batch. Similar accuracy details-wise to LJR, but I have no idea how quality compares. Dependent on quality, it may be a better, worse, or on-par option compared to LJR.

– Not Recommended:

I don’t recommend older batches like this one from Will, or any other batch with the incorrect toe box perforation pattern. At this point in September 2022, this information is less relevant, but still worth mentioning to avoid repetitive questions.

Off-White Jordan 1s:

Top Batches, in no particular order: LJR or OG Batch

For all 3 colorways of the Off-White Jordan 1s, you can’t go wrong with either LJR Batch or OG Batch. Both batches are great and have their respective pros and cons. For example, comparing the Chicagos from both batches below:

LJR Batch Pros OG Batch Pros
Ghost Stitching Medial text boldness matches retail
Outer swoosh length Midsole color closer to retail than LJR
Heel Cup Shape + Texture Midsole color closer to retail than LJR
Toe Box Shape More consistent AIR text placement on midsole
Midsole markings present under UV light that match retail (more recent OG Batch pairs may have this as well, but I have to double check)  


LJR Batch Flaws OG Batch Flaws
Medial text is slightly thicker, darker, and more distressed than retail batch Weak ghost stitching, commonly fixed with the “ghost stitching fix,” linked below
Midsole color slightly darker than retail Heel cup shape not as accurate to retail as LJR
Zip tie color off compared to retail, but slightly closer than OG Batch Tonge slightly thicker and longer than retail
  Zip tie color off compared to retail

Overall, from what I’ve seen, LJR has more variation between pairs, whereas OG Batch is more consistent and can be greatly improved with the ghost stitching fix below.

Disclaimer: Some middlemen give people OG Batch when the buyer specifically asked for LJR Batch (have seen this happen with Coco, Mango, and Mr Hou, as well as certain Weidian listings). Be wary and always double check you’re getting what you asked for! Easiest tell to distinguish between the two batches is the ghost stitching, medial text thickness, and the fact that Chicago LJR Batch comes laced up in QC Pictures, while OG Batch has only the bottom lace hole laced.

Loscoguy’s Post on OG Batch Ghost Stitching Fix

Loscoguy’s Review of UNC LJR vs OG Batch

Loscoguy’s Comparison of NRG Retail vs OG Batch

Disclaimer: I believe this user was being paid to specifically GL a certain seller’s pairs and RL all others, so just proceed with caution with what information you trust. As always, verify anything you read.

Travis Scott 1 High Mochas / TS1s / TS1 Highs:

My Travis Scott x Jordan 1 High Batch Guide

Travis Scott 1 Low Mochas / TS1 Lows:

Comparing all of these batches in-hand is on my to-do list. Recommendations below are based on the rep-vs-retail posts that I have seen, though the posts are limited and rare nowadays.

– Top Batches: GD 2.0 from Coco (unknown batch identity) or OG Batch (OG Batch vs Retail (Pink Laces)

PK Batch Mocha Lows have solid details but have suede that is a shade or two lighter than retail. OG Batch has medial CACTUS JACK that is slightly brighter red than retail. Its reverse swooshes also tend to be higher than the average retail pair. However, people typically prefer OG Batch due to its suede color compared to retail. It is up to you which flaws you prefer. I personally have went with PK Batch.

– Need to include: LJR, FK Batch (soon to be released)

There isn’t enough information on LJR or FK Batch Mocha Lows to make a strong recommendation on them. Hopefully more information becomes available to us.

Travis Scott x Fragment 1 Lows/Fragment TS1s

– Top Batches: FK Batch and PK Batch

PK Batch, which is rebranded as GD Batch (with the 3/20/21 size tag from middlemen like Coco and Mr Hou, is among the best batches for Fragment lows, due to its midsole color, heel tab shape and length, toe box, and well-defined heel embossing. In the early days, there were people who thought GD Batch from Coco was still LJR rebranded, but I hope we’re past those times (given the differences in midsole color, reverse swoosh placement, heel tab shape and length, heel emoji embossing, and production dates on size tag.)

FK Batch is similar in quality, but with a slightly better midsole color, being just a shade closer to retail than PK. The toe box shape is slightly closer to retail on FK as well. You’re more than fine with either batch IMO. Don’t ask me which I would buy of the two – I bought both

PK Batch/”GD Batch 3/20″ and LJR Batch Side-by-Side

– Runner Up, in no particular order: LJR, UABat, M Batch, HP Batch

LJR has a discolored midsole compared to retail and more U-shaped heel tabs compared to retail. Left heel embossing is also on the weaker end. More consistent reverse swoosh placement than GD Batch though. I prefer the more accurate midsole color, hence why GD is placed above LJR.

LJR Fragment Lows QC from Mr Hou

99problemsna’s Side-by-Side of LJR with Retail

UABat’s batch looks decent. Reverse swoosh is typically placed too high. Midsole color is closer to retail than LJR.

Travis Scott 1 Low Reverse Mochas / TS1 Lows:

Top Batches: FK Batch and PK Batch

FK Batch Review w/ Rep vs Retail Linked in Post

PK Batch vs Retail

Runner Up: M Batch

M Batch vs Retail

Third String: LJR, HP Batch, OG Batch

These batches each suffer from more noticeable flaws than the above pairs, such as LJR’s yellow midsole, HP’s pink midsole, or OG Batch’s CACTUS JACK being brighter than retail.

Not Yet Evaluated: CZ Batch

Union Jordan 1s:

My Union Los Angeles Jordan 1 Batch Guide

Union Jordan 4s:

For Union Jordan 4s, the main flaws you want to look out for are: 1) midsole color being starkly two-toned instead of retail’s more consistent (but not exactly the same) midsole color 2) on Guavas, the cage flaw, when lines behind the cage going diagonally instead of horizontally like retails 3) UNLA tag placement, which should be about 50% hidden behind the cage. Early batches and budget batches tend to have it completely hidden behind the cage or pushed too far forward, but this flaw is rarer on top-tier batches. Example of what you don’t want is this.

– Top Batch: Coco GP Batch (Guavas) and PK Updated (Off Noirs)

Coco’s Guavas are very well-done, with minor batch flaws such as different toe box compared to retail, and shades of reds and blues being slightly duller than retail. What pulls Coco’s Guavas above PK’s Updated Batch is that Coco’s Guavas are much more consistent. I’ve seen too many old PK Batches slipping into QCs from most sellers to feel okay recommending it to you all.

However, since Off Noirs don’t have cage flaws, I do recommend PK Updated Batch as my top batch for Off Noirs, as the colors are more accurate to retail than Coco’s GP Batch for Off Noirs.

The identity of Coco’s GP Batch has not yet been uncovered. It does not appear to be PK Batch or G Batch.

– Runner Up: PK Updated (Guaves), Coco GP Batch (Off Noirs)

As I mentioned above, PK Updated Batch is a fantastic batch, but QC is highly variable from sellers across the board, so I believe Coco’s GP Batch is the safer recommendation. Feel free to see my PK Batch posts below if you are still interested in this batch.

Coco’s GP Batch Off Noirs are solid just like Coco’s Guavas with similar batch flaws – red and blue colors slightly duller than retail, different toe box shape compared to retail. However, Coco’s Off Noirs also have a flaw on the heels, where the two black panels that meet under the NIKE air are two different shades of black. One is noticeably lighter than the other. Not sure why this happens, but it does pull this batch behind PK Updated Batch for this colorway.

My PK Updated Batch Guava Unions vs Retail Side-By-Side Post

A PK Updated Batch Guava Unions QC from Monica, though other middlemen carry it as well

2MakeIt3’s Coco GP Batch Off Noirs vs Retail Side-By-Side Post

My Coco GP Batch Off Noir Unions QC

– Third-Tier: H12

The usual for H12: It’s a decent mid-tier batch, and hence will be okay in terms of details and will have okay material quality, but I don’t think it’s as high-quality as the two batches I have listed above.

Non-collab Dunks and SBs:

– Top Batch: M Batch, HP Batch, VT Batch, or PK Batch

“Let’s Talk About What Batch Muks’ Dunks Are” In-Depth Post on M Batch Dunks

Follow Up In-Hand Review of M Batch Panda Dunks

Explicit confirmation from Monica about carrying M Batch

My M Batch Kentucky’s In Warehouse, Confirmed to Match Muks Pairs As Well

My Rep Vs Retail M Batch Dunks Post: See How Many People Guess Incorrectly Which Pair is Retail

At this point, most of us are familiar with M Batch – very consistent, great overall shape, clean embroidery, decent materials. Some prefer HP Batch for its sadesa leather. VT Batch also provides a sadesa leather option for cheaper than the two other batches at the cost of less consistent heel embroidery. PK is a solid option that is a bit harder to find nowadays, but still a great option nonetheless.

You can’t go wrong with any of these batches. Personally, I grab M Batch for my most wanted pairs, and grab VT Batch pairs to fill out the collection with any other colorways I may not be as sold on.

– Not Recommended: H12 Batch, G Batch, L Batch

Each of the batches listed above doesn’t stand a chance against M Batch in my honest opinion, or any of the other batches listed above. H12’s quality of materials are typically poorer and usually have thicker swooshes. G Batch and L Batch are not as accurate to retail as M Batch, and with M Batch’s price point, I don’t think the little money you save buying G Batch or L Batch are worth the drop in quality.

Off-White Dunks

– Top Batch: LJR

My pair of LJR Batch Pine Green Off White Dunks – really good details-wise with surprisingly fantastic quality. One of my comfiest rep pairs to wear.

– Need to Evaluate but Likely Runner Up: M Batch, PK Batch

– Not Recommended: H12

The story of H12’s life – H12 was the “best option” when there wasn’t an actually decent batch out. Now that new batches have come out, there IMO is no reason to get H12 dunks. Pay slightly more and get the higher-quality LJR pair.

Chunky Dunkys:

– Top Batches, in no particular order: UABat (W2C: or PK Batch

Biggest flaw on all reps at the moment and easiest way to legit check a pair is by looking at the tie-dye sockliner – retails are more blended between colors, whereas reps have more distinct blocks of color. Otherwise, either of these two batches are fantastic. Go with whichever is cheaper at the moment.

– Need to Evaluate: M Batch

Travis Scott Dunk SBs:

– Top Batches, in no particular order: UABat (W2C: or Coco’s GP 5.0

Can’t go wrong with either batch as they are all extremely strong and have different pros and cons. I will update this section when I have more time. Overall though, I would recommend buying whichever currently has the best price.

Rynbro’s TS Dunk Review

– Runner Up: PK Batch

Ranks below UABat and Coco’s GP 5.0 due to the slightly hooked swooshes and white heel embroidery instead of retail’s slightly pink stitching.

– Need to Evaluate: M Batch (may be true batch identity of GP 5.0 from Coco, need to investigate)

Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97

For Sean Wotherspoon’s, the usual go-to QCer is u/plugmebby. Here’s her pick for the current best batch and her guide on how to improve older batches with the dye-method

Top Batch: LW Batch (same batch that Coco, UABat, and SK carry)

Runner Up: OWF Batch

Yellow midsole and overall shape hold this batch behind LW Batch.

Third String: H12: Below LW due to the yellow sockliner flaw, corduroy colors being less accurate than the above batches, worse mini-swoosh placement. This batch is cheaper and hence you’ll see some people recommend it, but beware those with a bias towards cheaper reps regardless of the drop in quality/accuracy. QC Post 1 | QC Post 3

Off White Nike Blazers

For Off-White Blazers, here is u/anon3212 , the resident Off-White Blazer expert’s, guide on Off-White Blazers.

At this moment, I would recommend TOP Batch for all 3 colorways. It is possibly what middlemen were selling as PK Batch for the last 2 years.


14. Massive Sneaker Batch W2C Links
Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Picks: Shoes

– If the listing doesn’t have specific options for sizes, remark your size in the order comments as instructed in the listing.

– Make sure to make the appropriate selections on the listing prior to asking questions, as the price updates depending on what selections you make.

General Tips (see batch guide for more detailed recommendations):

– For Dunk SBs, PK or OG Batch are usually the way to go. Regular dunks, you can go with M, PK, HP, or VT

CZ Batch Jordan 1s

499¥ CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Mochas from Kinstor

999¥ Men’s CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Chicago Reimagined Lost and Found from Kinstor

699¥ GS CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Chicago Reimagined Lost and Found from Kinstor

599¥ CZ Batch/Naked Qingyuan Fragment TS1 Highs from Kinstor

399¥ CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Tie Dye from Kinstor

399¥ CZ Batch “Welfare Price” TS1 High Mocha from Kinstor

299¥ CZ Batch GS University Blue Jordan 1 Highs from Kinstor

CZ Batch Jordan 1 High Wider Selection from EZMade (multiple colors available)

699¥ CZ Batch Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Kinstor

DG Batch (be aware multiple sellers say DG Batch to mean different things/batches)

168¥ Dongguan New Version New Balance 550 (multiple colorways) from CSJ

190¥ Dongguan Batch Jordan 1 Low Bleached Coral/Starfish/UNC W2C from CSJ

310¥ DG Batch UNC Jordan 1 Low SBs from Philanthropist

188¥ Dongguan Batch Jordan 1 High Sale W2C Link from EZ Made

330¥ DG Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low Olive Women’s from CSJ

FK Batch

400¥-470¥ FQ Batch (Qingyuan produced) Jordan 1s from Passerby (Chicagos, Fragment TS1 Lows, Mochas, Obsidians, Reverse Mocha Lows, University Blues)

360¥ FK Batch TS1s Reverse Mocha, Fragments (and other colorways) from A GDJ Supplier write “Good GDJ” in the order comments for free socks with your order!

400¥ FK Batch Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 High from A GDJ Supplier

400¥ FK Batch Fragment x Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Highs from CSJ

420¥ FQ Batch (Qingyuan produced) Fragment x Travis Scott Jordan 1 High from TMF

410¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low Black Phantom from CSJ

400¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low Passerby from Passerby

400¥ FK Batch Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low OG Mocha from Passerby

350¥ FK Batch Sale Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low OG Mocha from Passerby

GX/KW/K Batch

470¥-550¥ K/KW/GX Batch Jordan 4s from A GDJ Supplier

GX Homologous/K2 Batch

268¥ K2 Batch Jordan 4s from A GDJ Supplier

H12 Batch

350¥ H12 Off White Air Forces MCA from H12 Store

HP Batch (rebranded foreign trade batches by Passerby)

320¥ HP Batch Nike Dunks from Passerby

JS Batch

400¥ JS Batch Jordan 1 Highs (multiple colorways) from WWTOP

LJR Batch

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1 (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s)/4s/11s from A GDJ Supplier

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1s (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from A1

470-510¥ LJR Jordan 1s (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from Anonymous

470-510¥ LJR Jordan 1s (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from Cappuccino

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1s (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from CSJ

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1s (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) W2C from GTR

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1 (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from LJR Fat Bro

470-520¥ LJR Jordan 1 (Retros, OWs, Unions, TS1s) from Top Dreamer

480¥ LJR Batch Jordan 11s from GTR

480¥ LJR Off White Dunks from Cappuccino (Pine Green, Michigan, University Red available)

LJR B Batch Jordans From A1 (multiple colors available)

LJR B Batch Jordans GS Sizes from Cappuccino (multiple colors available)

LW Batch

360¥ LW Batch Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97s from Anonymous

M Batch

290¥+ M Batch NIKE Dunk Low from A GDJ Supplier

310¥ M Batch Dunks from CSJ

330¥-420¥ M Batch Dunks from A1

330¥-420¥ M Batch Dunks from Cappuccino

330¥-420¥ M Batch Dunks from Passerby

310¥-390¥ M Batch Dunks from To Make Friends

310¥ M Batch Dunks (Newer Colorways) from To Make Friends

410¥ M Batch Off-White The 50 Lot Dunks from Cappuccino

420¥-490¥ TS1 Lows + TS1 Highs from A1

430¥ M Batch Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mochas from Passerby

410¥ M Batch Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mochas from To Make Friends

250¥ M Batch Nike Sacais from Cappuccino

270¥ M Batch New Balance 2002R from Passerby

250¥-280¥ M Batch New Balance 2002R from To Make Friends

220¥ M Batch New Balance 327 from Passerby

No Name Batch

430¥ No Name Batch Jordan 1 High Best Hand in the Game from A GDJ Supplier

400¥ No Name Batch Jordan 1 High UNC 2015/Powder Blue from A GDJ Supplier

OG Batch

400¥ OG Batch NIKE SB Lobsters from A GDJ Supplier

PK Batch

180¥ PK Batch NIKE Dunk from CSJ

180¥ PK Batch NIKE Dunk from To Make Friends

180¥ PK Batch NIKE Dunk from LJR Fat Bro

370¥ PK Batch Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low OG Mocha from A GDJ Supplier

430¥ PK Batch Jordan 1 High Reimagined Lost and Found from A GDJ Supplier

320¥ PK Batch Off White Air Force 1s from WWTOP

470¥ PK Batch Off White Jordan 4s from A GDJ Supplier

430¥ PK Batch Jordan 1 High Reimagined Lost and Found from WWTop

190¥ PK Special Offer Nike Dunk W2C Link from Xiao Liu Ya

269¥ PK B Batch Dior Jordan 1 Lows from GTR

249¥ PK B Batch Fragment x Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Lows from Super Player

430¥ PK Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Top Dreamer

420¥ PK Off White Dunks from Cappuccino (Pine Green, Michigan available)

PK B Batch Off White 4s from GTR (other shoes available as well)

169¥ PK B Batch Grateful Dead Dunks W2C Link From GTR

199¥ PK B Union 4 (+ other products) from To Make Friends

200¥ PK B W2C Link from Philanthropist

200¥ PK B Union 4 W2C from LJR Fat Bro

QY Batch

QY Batch Jordan 1 Highs from LJR Fat Bro (multiple colors available)

QY Batch Special Discounted Jordan 3s and 4s from LJR Fat Bro (multiple colors available)

QY Batch (?) Travis Scott Low Reverse Mocha from Passerby

160¥ QY Batch Sale Jordan 1 Highs from Cappuccino

160¥ QY Batch Sale Jordan 1 Highs from LJR Fat Bro

150¥ QY Batch Sale Jordan 1 Highs from To Make Friends

169¥ QY Batch Sale Jordan 1 Highs from 7Up

TOP Batch

300¥ Top Batch AHE OW Blazers from A1 Top

150¥ Top Batch SALE Off White Blazers (Multiple Colorways) from LJR Fat Bro

150¥ Top Batch SALE Off White Blazers (Multiple Colorways) from Tianjin

VT Batch

190¥ VT Batch Nike Dunk from A GDJ Supplier

199¥ VT Batch Nike Dunks from Passerby (multiple colors available)

169¥ + 50¥ Shipping VT Batch Nike Dunks from SK (multiple colors available)

Y3 Batch

230¥ Y3 Special Discounted Jordan 1 High Pairs from LJR Fat Bro (multiple colors available)

200¥ Y3 (?) Fragment x Travis Scott 1 High W2C Link from LJR Fat Bro

350¥ Y3 Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low Mocha, Fragment, and Reverse Mocha

Zongcai Batch

670¥-870¥ ZongCai Batch Jordan 1 High Igloos from SK

670¥-870¥ ZongCai Batch Jordan 1 High Rust Pinks from SK


130¥ Non-Refundable Off White Vulcanized Converse from LJR Fat Bro

158¥ C Batch Off White Lot Dunks from CSJ

350¥ Chrome Heart Nike Air Forces from Passerby

128¥ Drew House Crocs from PhoebeYan Collection (lavender, yellow, and white available)

208¥ FT Batch Chef Huyle Custom Off White Jordan 1 Low Chi/UNC from EZ Made

230¥ FT Batch Chef Huyle Custom Off-White Jordan 1 Low Chi/UNC from Passerby

320¥ FT Batch Custom Off-White Jordan 1 Low Chi/UNC from SK

480¥ GOD Batch Off-White x Jordan 1 Low Chef Huyle Custom W2C Link from Philanthropist

190¥ Jordan 1 Low Golf from Want to Be a Philanthropist

¥430+50¥ Jordan 1 High Chicago Reimagined from SK

260¥ Kaws Jordan 4 from EZ Made

170¥ Supreme Air Force 1s White or Black from Cappuccino

550¥ Travis Scott 4 Olive Friends and Family from Ziao Tide Shoe Store

149¥ UNC Jordan 3s from No. 99 Sneakers Store

179¥ Valentine’s Day Nike Air Forces from Laozhu Shoe Trade

Travis Scott x Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mochas

400¥ FK Batch Reverse Mocha W2C Link from Passerby

430¥ PK Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Top Dreamer

430¥ M Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Passerby

699¥ CZ Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Kinstor

360¥ HP Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Passerby

400¥ OG Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Top Dreamer

270¥ DT Batch Reverse Mochas W2C Link from Top Dreamer

Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Picks: Clothes

Select Clothing Listings Post Here

Poncecatchemall’s Select Weidian/TaoBao Picks: Accessories

Jordan 1 High Laces

Nike Dunk Laces

Poncecatchemall’s Select Listings: Spoil Your Girl

ANDCICI Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at Night Tote Bag

ANDCICI Van Gogh Olive Trees Tote Bag

ANDCICI Van Gogh Sunflowers Tote Bag

80¥ Lululemon Everywhere Crossbody Bag (logo isn’t metal and is misplaced)

Tiffany & Co. Heart Earrings

Tiffany & Co. Heart Key Pendant

Tiffany & Co. Pink Pendant Necklace

15. The Complete Guide to Kobe Rep Sneakers
KobeReps is an extension of r/repsneakers exclusively dedicated to guides, news, posts, and questions on Kobe and other basketball performance reps. Feel free to post news, thoughts, QC, questions, updates, etc anything Kobe or other basketball shoe rep or retail related. Please make sure to read guides and check out r/repsneakers and also the post history on this sub if you have simple questions, as likely they are answered there already.

The most asked question – Can I play in Kobe reps?

The short answer is yes, it’s possibleHigh quality pairs are designed to be playable and built for performance. More nuanced performance reviews are included for every model of Kobe in the guides, which can be found here, on the guide list, which will detail personal experiences, fit, traction, technology and build of the shoe.

The longer answer has a lot more context. Understand these are replicas. Even being designed for the court, these pairs don’t go through the inspection that retail pairs do, inevitably every hundred pairs or so there’s going to be one that’s not put together correctly and splits after a few wears. Also understand that there’s different level of qualities. There isn’t a singular rep on the market, the different quality levels, or “batches”, are covered in the guides linked above and also explained on the beginners introduction. The highest quality pairs obviously are the safest and also best performing, the lower quality pairs you’ll find a lot less success. Keep in mind also the level of competition you’re playing at. A pro player (and yes there are pro’s that are active in the rep community) will exert more stress on his shoes and demands more than someone in high school playing recreationally.

This sub is also a resource to get an idea for others experiences. Plenty of people post their experiences playing reps here, both good and bad. You can search them up on the sub (How to Use the Search Bar is a resource to help) or you can filter posts by reviews using this link. This will give you insight on how other feel.

At the end of the day the important thing is to remember that you’re dealing with reps, everyone’s experiences will vary slightly. Even though the general consensus is that Kobe reps can perform and are playable, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect.

On the other hand, Ja Morant frequently wears reps, in NBA games, most recently he dropped 47 on the Warriors in the 2022 WCSF in a mid-tier quality pair… so what do I know? Anyways use this info and the rest of the info on the sub and resources on the Central Hub to help you make informed decisions about what you put on your feet.

How to Purchase

You will need:

-WhatsApp/WeChat (apps)

-A working PayPal account (or an alternative payment method, like TransferWise)


-A brain

Buying through middlemen (sellers)

  1. Find the shoe you want, use the colorway tracker as a resource if need be.

  2. Find out what batch you want for that shoe. Batches are a specific version of a replica.

  3. Use the Trusted Seller list, and find sellers that sell the shoe and batch you’re looking for, and pick a seller you like.

  4. Contact them via the available methods, and follow their instructions to complete the sale (payment, address)

  5. Wait for QC, repeat until you get a GL pair

  6. Wait 1-4 weeks, depending on your location, seller, and shipping carrier you chose

Buying through an agent

  1. Use Google Chrome, turn on auto translate, to convert the page from Chinese to English

  2. Find a working H5 search link to weidian ( 微店搜索 ( ), you must use this link

  3. Search up keywords to what you’re looking for in the search bar on top

  4. Find a listing you want to purchase

  5. Open up your agent site (superbuy, wegobuy, sugargoo, etc)

  6. Copy and paste your desired product listing link and paste it into the agent site purchase link

  7. Follow the necessary checkout steps

  8. Wait until goods arrive to your warehouse (your account basically), check QC photos, repeat until GL

  9. Submit all ready products for shipment

  10. Choose a desired shipping carrier, top up your balance, and pay


Sizing Guide & Info

Different shoes have different methods of sizing – this is especially true for different brands (Adidas vs Nike, etc.), but also true between shoes (many people will find Jordan’s/Air Forces fit differently than basketball shoes like Kobe’s). This guide will hopefully help with sizing issues – covered here are insole measurements, sizing for each model and batch, and what size runs are available for specific batches.

The full sizing spectrum of all Kobe reps that exist is US 4-14. Specific sizing runs for each batch of reps is listed below.

*Note – As of 6/25/22, Size 13’s are available for WKB and Godkiller Kobe 6’s.

Insole measurements

Insole measurements are your friend – they are the #1 method of checking sizing before you have the shoes in hand. You can get insole measurements by asking your agent or middleman to send you a picture of the insole measured during QC. Example shoe tag of a size 10.5 Kobe 5

As of 5/28 it is best to get OUTSOLE measurements rather than insole measurements – especially for Kobe 6. Work for an outsole guide is in progress, for now check here for more details.

Here is the full Kobe insole length list with all standards of sizing:

US 7 / UK 6 / EU 40 – 25 CM

US 7.5 / UK 6.5 / EU 40.5 – 25.5 CM

US 8 / UK 7 / EU 41 – 26 CM

US 8.5 / UK 7.5 / EU 42 – 26.5 CM

US 9 / UK 8 / EU 42.5 – 27 CM

US 9.5 / UK 8.5 / EU 43 – 27.5 CM

US 10 / UK 9 / EU 44 – 28 CM

US 10.5 / UK 9.5 / EU 44.5 – 28.5 CM

US 11 / UK 10 / EU 45 – 29 CM

US 11.5 / UK 10.5 / EU 45.5 – 29.5 CM

US 12 / UK 11 / EU 46 – 30 CM

US 13 / UK 12 / EU 47.5 – 31 CM

Basically every half size increase is an extra .5 cm insole increase. Sellers tend to use EU measurements as it is a more international sizing scale – but be careful with EU, the sizing increments are not always linear. You’ll notice from a US 9.5 to 10 it jumps from a 43 to a 44, not a 43.5, from US 7 to 7.5 it goes from 41 to 42, and from US 12 to 13 it jumps 3 sizes from 46 to 47.5.

These full measurements are also included on the box tag and inside shoe tag of every pair of Kobe’s (and Nike shoe). The box also includes women’s sizing conversions (essentially 1.5 sizes higher than the corresponding men’s size number).

*NOTE* KOBE 6 INSOLE MEASUREMENTS WILL REGISTER HALF SIZE UP because of the “cup” shape around the heel. You should tack on a quarter to a half cm from the list above on your Kobe 6 insole measurements. For example, my size 10 Kobe 6’s have an insole measurement of 28.5, not 28. ALSO USE OUTSOLE MEASUREMENTS FOR KOBE 6

However, insole measurements aren’t necessarily the only factor for sizing. The amount of space inside the shoe and the shape of the build are also factors – Kobe’s are historically narrow, and the space within the shoe can get sketchy as you get into reps. Unfortunately there’s no good way to measure this with numbers – so instead we’ll list out batches and models and talk about them individually sizing wise. Keep in mind I don’t have comprehensive info on every single size – info here will be based on my experience with my size, plus feedback and info others have shared on the sub to this point. This section will be updated as new info pops up.

This section uploaded 12/7/21

My size: US 10


Note: WKB is known to have very inconsistent sizing – ESPECIALLY larger sizes (10.5, 11, 12, 13). It’s HIGHLY recommended to get insole measurements if you’re this size ordering WKB.

Size run: US 4-13

World Killer Batch size runs primarily from US 6.5-12. However, some half sizes are not supported – US 7.5 and US 11.5. This is because, well, not enough people in their main customer base are those tweener sizes to justify them making a whole production run for those sizes. Therefore, the majority of WKB sizes are US 7, 8-11, 12.

Kobe 6’s are now being made up to a size 13, and the Kobe 6 All Stars go down to a 4Y.

Kobe 4 sizing – in my opinion around true to size. Could be half a size large as well as they are on the looser end for me but not so much where I would say they are half a size too big.

Kobe 5 sizing – True to size, be very careful for sizes 11 and 12 – they often fit way too large.

Kobe 6 sizing – True to size, be very careful for sizes 11 and 12 – they often fit way too large. \



Size run: US 7-12

DF Batch has the same size run as WKB, US 7-12, except they have US 7.5. Their full sizing list is US 7-11, 12, no 11.5. They also do not have some pairs that go down to a size 6.5 or lower.

Kobe 4 sizing – half size large. I only have 1 pair of DF Kobe 4’s and they are definitely “spacey” inside at a size 10. This pair is from 2020 however, so maybe they fixed it.

Kobe 5 sizing – True to size.

Kobe 6 sizing – Around true to size. Similar to WKB Kobe 4, they are on the looser end, but aren’t off by enough to warrant saying they are half size too large.

Kobe 7 sizing – True to size.

Kobe 8 sizing – Unknown

Kobe 9 sizing – Half to full size large. These are very spacey on the inside. Would definitely recommend going at least half size down.

Kobe 11 sizing – Around true to size. Similar to WKB Kobe 4 and DF Kobe 6, a bit on the looser end but not quite a half size too large.


Size run: US 7-13

STAR Batch size runs from US 7.5-13. Like the previous two batches, they skip size 11.5. Every other half size however is accounted for so their full size run is US 7.5-11, 12. STAR Kobe sizing is weird tho. For sizes US 7.5, 9, 10.5, 11 and 12 (EU 40.5, 42.5, 44.5, 45, 46 respectively) they are labeled with a different outsole size (pic). I’m not exactly sure what it means as I haven’t gotten a straight answer out of STAR but I think it’s just that he uses the same outsole size for different sizes of Kobe’s (for example his size 11, and 12’s are both labeled “11.5 outsole” so I’m assuming both have an 11.5 outsole). How this is possible without causing sizing issues, I have no clue. I’m honestly just confused by his sizing tbh.

Kobe 4 sizing – Unknown

Kobe 5 sizing – Unknown

Kobe 6 sizing – True to size – but again, best to get insole measurements and depending on your size could be confusing bc of the whole outsole thing.


Size run: US 7-14

Kickwho produces the Godkiller batch, and only have Kobe 6’s. Godkiller is the only batch supporting US 14 pairs.


Size run: US 7-13

KickJerry batch sizing is the only batch besides budget batches that go up to size 13. Their size run is US 7-13.

Kobe 6 sizing – Half size large. Would definitely recommend going half size down for these. The inside of the shoe is just very roomy.


Size run: US 7-12

Not sure on the full size run although I believe it is the same as DF, US 7-12 with 11.5 omitted.

Kobe 10 sizing – True to size

Kobe 11 sizing – True to size


Budget Batches get sketchy. In my limited experience with them, they are almost ALWAYS half a size large at least. I think it’s due to the thin and cheaper materials that there is just always extra room inside the shoe. However, an advantage of budget batches is that they sometimes go up to size 13.

GMK Order Guide

GMK’s site:

GMK’s business is unique because it’s run like an actual online clothing store. His website is very professional, to find Kobe’s (and other shoes in general) there’s 3 ways to navigate (links will include both desktop and mobile sites)

  1. Using the search bar in the top right corner (or just up top on mobile) and searching Kobe. This will giving results for every Kobe listing, regardless of model or batch.

  2. Filter Kobe by model using the drop down list on the right side of the page (top left on mobile). From there go to the “Basketball” tab between “Air shoes” and “Running”. Once you open basketball you’ll see the tab for Kobe to pop up. You can expand that further into each specific Kobe model, or just clicking on Kobe takes you to all Kobe’s on the site.

  3. Filter Kobe by batch by using the drop down list. From the list select “Factory”. Then select “World Killer”. A list with Kobe’s, Lebrons, Kyrie’s, etc will pop up. WKB GT Cuts are also listed under the Kobe drop down section here.

Navigating Site and Search

You can add things to your cart like you would on any other website. You can enter your shopping cart either using the “shopping cart” tab, or the shopping cart icon in the top left corner. It’ll take you to a page like this. As you noticed there is a button for a coupon code. GMK automatically gives you 10% off on all orders, and is automatically applied for everyone (everything is just 10% off automatically).

Once you’re at the checkout page, you’ll fill in your delivery info, simple. Next you choose your delivery method. The method you want will vary depending on where you live and current news on shipping carriers. First time buyers should double check with GMK to see what shipping route is best for them. However, if you’re in the US you can just use FedEx/DHL, it’s the quickest and very reliable. There’s also 3 options, w OG box, no OG box, or fold box. With box is the most expensive. Folded box can save you some money IF you buy multiple pairs. No box is the cheapest but you won’t have your shoe box.

Next is the payment method. Paypal and Wise are gonna be the two most popular options for the majority as WeChatPay and AliPay you have to be a Chinese citizen to use I’m pretty sure. Using Wise gives you an additional 7% off your order (shipping isn’t included in discount rates). On the right hand side your total will be reflected automatically as you edit your shipping and payment preferences. Paypal is Paypal, we’re all familiar with how that works. Wise is a bank transfer app, similar to WesternUnion.

Purchasing Process/Tutorial

Now is the hard part

Once you select your payment method, you’ll be redirected to a page like this (TransferWise is pic #1, PayPal is pic #2) (keep this screenshot open for the rest of the guide, it will be important).

  • Follow step 1, save your order # somewhere. This is the order # you’ll need to both pay, access your QC pics, and track your order.

  • Click on the link in step 2 to submit a ticket. Select the linked ticket services. You’ll see a screen like this. Ignore the left side, you want to create a ticket. Enter in your email, fill in the captcha on the right side. Press “Create a Ticket”

  • You’ll see your ticket you just opened now. Like it says in step 2, type what’s highlighted in blue in the subject line, in this case for me “64873 by TW”

  • Follow step 3 and type in “confirmed by TW” as the body for TransferWise payments, or “FF” for PayPal payments. Your page should look like this (TW Pic #1, PP Pic #2).

  • Then type in the captcha and submit your ticket. You’ll get your ticket number which you’ll need in order to access the ticket you just submitted so copy it or save it somewhere. It will look like this. You’ll also receive a receipt of the ticket you just submitted which includes your ticket number and info, it looks like this.

  • Follow step 4 and wait. Once GMK’s team gets to your ticket, they will send you a message on your ticket with payment information. When you receive a response, you will also receive an email saying so.

  • Once you get the noti that GMK’s team has responded to your ticket, head back to the “submit a ticket” link (if you ever lose this page, get back to it by scrolling to the bottom of the gmk homesite and pressing “contact us” in the bottom left). This time you’ll input your ticket number you saved on the left side of the pop up, like this, and press “view ticket”.

  • Now your page should like this (TW pic #1, PP pic #2), and the payment info is the reply.

  • From here, hop on whichever payment app you chose, Wise or Paypal, and complete payment to the recipient given on your ticket response (NOTE: For Paypal you MUST do Friends and Family payment. Do NOT leave any comment with the payment. Yes, it is safe, yes it’s normal). Steps 7-11 should assist you, but this part is pretty self explanatory. Once you’ve completed payment, take a screenshot and send it to GMK with your order # (NOT ticket number) and let him know payment is complete for this order.

  • GMK will confirm payment is received whenever he gets to it and you will get an Order Update email letting you know that your order is officially paid for.

QC Tips and Info

You’re done, and from there you just have to wait for your QC and eventual tracking to come in. You’ll receive an email when your QC is ready, and (once you’ve GL), when a tracking number is live for your package.

Once your QC comes in at the top of the pop-up, there is the GL, RL buttons. If you’re satisfied with your pair, select the GL button and you’re set. If not, press the RL, and send a text to GMK with your order # stating what flaws and why you RL’d and they will get a new pair.

Note GMK’s standard QC’s should always have around 9-10 pics per pair. You can request more special angles with him via text (like insole measurements, for example). The pic total is located on the left above the pictures. You must press the yellow ‘Load More’ button to load the rest of the album. You can also automatically save each picture to your computer using the icon below each pic (this isn’t a thing for the mobile site).

*Note* The site does temporarily crash often. If your QC bugs out or isn’t loading just try again in like 5 minutes, or press the refresh button next to the picture total count.


16. The Complete Colorway Tracker

Current list of every known colorway under each batch. This list will be updated accordingly. Feel free to make suggestions or corrections.

Each colorway is linked to album of a retail picture and a rep picture of the shoe. Retail pics will be first. Colorways that exist for multiple batches are listed with the same album, so the picture you click on may not necessarily reflect what that shoe in that batch will look like (for example, there are over 4 batches of Kobe 6 Grinch’s, but they all share the same album link).

[Batches included (in order): World Killer Batch, DF, STAR, Godkiller, S2, KickJerry, OMY, Unknown batches, Budget batches]

*Note – “**” will denote that a colorway is discontinued, they are not in production anymore and can’t be found from sellers or other vendors unless the factory decides to bring them back.


Kobe 4

MVP Home

MVP Away **

Joker **

Metallic Silver **

MLK **


Kobe 4 Protro

Del Sol

Carpe Diem

Draft Day

Undefeated Lakers

Undefeated Spurs

Undefeated Bucks

Undefeated Suns

Undefeated Black Mamba

Demar Derozan “Drew Aid” PE **

Kobe 5



Big Stage Home **

Big Stage Away **

Dark Knight **

Lakers Away **

Del Sol Home **

Ink **

Blackout **

Kobe 5 Protro

-Big Stage Parade **

5X Champ


Bruce Lee

Alternate Bruce Lee


2K Gamer Exclusive

5 Rings

Zebra **

PJ Tucker PE

Mambacita (Custom) **

Kay Yow Promo **

Kobe 6

Del Sol

​-Chaos “Joker”


Kobe 6 Protro


All Star


Mambacita/Mamba Forever

Kay Yow Promo

Angel Custom

Kobe 8


Sulphur (coming soon)

Milk Snake (coming soon)


Kobe 4


Lower Merion


Gold Medal


Kobe 4 Protro

Del Sol

Carpe Diem

Draft Day

Undefeated Lakers

Undefeated Spurs

Undefeated Bucks

Undefeated Suns

Undefeated Black Mamba


Snakeskin PE’s


Wizenard PE’s

Demar Derozan “Drew Aid” PE

Bred PE

USA Home

USA Away

Devin Booker Purple PE

Kobe 5



United We Rise

Big Stage Home

Big Stage Away

Dark Knight


Draft Day


Wolf Grey

Lakers Home

Del Sol Home

Kobe 5 Protro

-Big Stage Parade

5X Champ


Bruce Lee

Alternate Bruce Lee


2K Gamer Exclusive

5 Rings

PJ Tucker PE

Mambacita (Custom)

Undefeated What If

Undefeated Dirty Dozen

Undefeated Hall of Fame

AD Bred PE

Devin Booker Suns PE

Kobe 6

Del Sol

Lakers 3D


Lakers Home


Draft Day


Kay Yow



Orange County

Kobe 6 Protro


All Star


Mambacita/Mamba Forever

AD “Media Day” PE

Devin Booker “Sunset” PE

Ja Morant White/Red/Blue PE

Ja Morant White/Red/Blue Alternate PE

Demar Derozan “WNBA” PE

Demar Derozan “Drew Aid” PE

Kobe 7



Christmas Day Leopard “Supreme”

Snow Leopard

What The Kobe



Yin Yang


Gold Medal


Lakers Home

Invisibility Cloak

Opening Day

Black Panther Custom

Black Panther x USA Custom



Elite Home

Kobe 8


What The Kobe


All Star


Venice Beach



Green Glow

Philippines Red

Shanghai Fireworks “Sparks” PE


Playoffs Purple Platinum

Pit Viper

Kobe 9


Lakers Elite (Custom Low )

Mamba Moment

What The Kobe (Custom Low)

Hero (Custom Low)

Masterpiece (Custom Low)

All Star Gumbo (Custom Low)


University Red

Fundamental (Custom Low)

Bruce Lee


Perspective (Custom Low)

Kobe 10









Kobe 11


Peach Jam


Invisibility Cloak

Draft Day




Mamba Day NikeID (Black/Gold)


Pale Horse

White Horse

Bruce Lee

Ghost of Christmas Past



Kobe 4

MVP Home **

MVP Away **

Philly **

Beijing Exclusive **


Del Sol “61” **

-Christmas ID (Coming soon)

-Venom (Coming soon)

Kobe 4 Protro

Del Sol

Carpe Diem **

Draft Day

Undefeated Black Mamba

Undefeated Lakers (coming soon)

Undefeated Spurs (coming soon)

Undefeated Bucks (coming soon)

Undefeated Suns (coming soon)

-Argentina PE (coming soon)

-Devin Booker PE (coming soon)

Kobe 5

Prelude **

-Think Pink (coming soon)

Kobe 5 Protro

Chaos **

5X Champ **

Kobe 6


All Star



Kay Yow

Del Sol



Lower Merion Aces

Purple Gradient




TB Rainbow Set (White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Purple)


Kobe 6 Protro

Mambacita/Mamba Forever

PJ Tucker Yeezy “Pure Platinum” PE

PJ Tucker Yeezy “Solar Red” PE

PJ Tucker Yeezy “Red October” PE

BHM PE (Black)

BHM PE (White)

EYBL (Coming soon)


Kobe 5 Protro

Bruce Lee (coming soon)

Alternate Bruce Lee (coming soon)

Chaos (coming soon)

5 Rings (coming soon)

PJ Tucker PE (coming soon)

Kobe 6 Protro


Mambacita/Mamba Forever



-Kay Yow (coming soon)

All Star (coming soon)


Kobe 5

Bruce Lee


Kobe 6


Mambacita/Mamba Forever


All Star


Kobe 6


All Star


Del Sol



Kay Yow


Kobe 10

-Think Pink PE

All Star



-Opening Night


-5AM Flight



-Shark Jaw

What The Kobe (Low + High Versions)


Kobe 11

Bruce Lee

White Horse

-Red Horse


All Star (Northern Lights)




Last Emperor


Fade To Black


Great Career Recall (GCR)


*GUIDE NOTE* Only colorways that aren’t listed above in other batches will be listed here, i.e. only exclusively unknown/budget colorways, unless otherwise stated. This is because basically every colorway above with higher quality batches has a budget/unknown counterpart.

Also note that Unknown batches are NOT necessarily Budget batches.


-Final Seconds **

-81 Points **

-All Star **

-MPLS **

Mamba Day **

-Maize **

USA **

Undefeated White **

Undefeated Camo **

Undefeated Yellow Camo **

Undefeated Red Camo **

Undefeated Orange Camo **

Undefeated Green Camo **

Devin Booker PE **

-Demar Derozan PE **


Scream PE


Carpe Diem/POP

Think Pink/Kay Yow

Rice PE

“Rainbow” PJ Tucker PE

EYBL Tie Dye Exclusive


TB Black White

Devin Booker Alternate PE


-Lakers 3D


-All Star East LA


-Elite Away

Del Sol


-Elite WTK

-Elite Christmas

-Elite BHM

-Elite Lakers

-Elite Fundamentals

-Elite Gumbo