Today I’m going to be doing a review of the new Rolex Day-Date 40 that was released earlier this year. So Rolex released a bunch of several different watches. They came out with the Yacht-Master with the rubber strap, which I’m excited particularly about. A couple of other little things here and there, but the main one that caught my attention was the 40-millimeter Day-Date.

Now, as you know, the Rolex Day-Date Presidential is one of the most famous and flagship models from the brand, besides obviously the Submariner. And for years the 36 mm has always been the standard gentleman dress watch. In an all gold bracelet combination. And I’ll never forget the day that I saw when they came out with the Day-Date II. It’s actually a pretty coincidence because I happened to have been partying one weekend in Vegas and I was walking into a nightclub in The Wynn and I noticed that the Rolex boutique outside, I see the 41 mm.

I had no idea it was coming out. I didn’t even know. Obviously, I was lost around that time. But I didn’t even noticed it came out and I just saw it and it blew my mind. I thought…the first thing I thought is I thought I was drinking way too much and I was magnifying it. Then I kind of realized immediately I got out my phone and went on the Internet searching and realized that they had released the Day-Date 2 in 41 millimeter. And it just looked bad-ass. It was big, same proportions, same characteristics as the 36mm, just pretty much bigger.

And I felt like “Wow, immediately when I saw it, I was like, they hit it right on the nail” what needed to be done. Let’s talk about the case size. That’s the obvious reason why they came out with the new model. A lot of people were complaining about the case size. Me personally, I don’t like those oversized watches. I don’t like these overly big watches. I feel like sometimes when the get a little bit too big, it’s a little bit tacky. I would say, personally for me a 44 is my max. There are watches that, although they say 44 millimeter, they wear a bit smaller. And also some that say 42, but wear a bit larger, like a 44.

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But with the Day-Dates, I think that they’ve always worn exactly how they say. Rolex tends to be very precise with those types of things. If it says 40mm, it just wears like a 40 millimeter. It never seems larger or feels larger, except maybe the case of the Deepsea, which is a big tall. The 36 mm on my wrist, and usually for me that I have a smaller sized wrist, it is a bit small, it is a bit outdated already. I look at it more as a woman’s model, although it is a men’s model and a lot of guys do swear by it, a lot of older guys like the smaller model and I understand that. But the 40 mm, as you look at them right next to each other, there’s an obvious difference. Obviously, it looks a lot smaller. Just by looking at the bezel alone, the bezel alone looks smaller. The case is smaller, thinner. I could see where it’s a bit more comfortable and maybe a little bit more toned down you could say. It’s a hard decision for me because I don’t think there’s anything that needed to be changed with the Day-Date II.

Going down one millimeter, I’m not really sure if it was worth revamping the whole line. Some people say that it’s too big, that it’s too bulky, that the 36 mm is perfect. In my opinion, if you think that the 36 millimeter is the perfect…not that you can’t afford or want to spend the money on the the bigger one. But if you think that the 36 mm is perfect and you’re a male of over 30 years old, I think you’re just retarded. But that’s besides the point. Like I said, that’s why they make all these different models, so that you can choose whichever one you like. That’s why they make Range Rovers and they also make Yarises. If you want to drive a Yaris, you have your right. But besides that, the case is…one millimeter made a huge difference with Rolex and I think that’s obviously what they wanted to do.

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That’s something that they obviously wanted to do. They just wanted to make it smaller. I don’t understand if it has to do with foreign markets that maybe they just require a smaller wrist size or what. At least us Americans, the 41mm is perfect in my opinion. There’s also speculation now going around, then there’s rumors and some have been confirmed, some are not very…that the 41 millimeter is going to be discontinued. I mean, Jesus Christ…here they come out and they come out with this perfect watch and then it’s like, “Oh…just kidding, we’re going to discontinue it!” So, it’s official, the Day-Date has now come out in 40-mm case. For some people like I mentioned earlier, it’s going to be…are they trying to please everybody. It’s Rolex just trying to please all the whiners out there.

“Wuuuaaahhh, the 41 is too big. I like the 36. The 36 is the perfect size suit watch!” Personally, I respect everyone’s opinion and they can like the 36, but I’m sorry man, if you like the 36 over the 41, I think kind of you’re an idiot or you’re just being an extreme cheapskate. As far as Rolex is concerned, I don’t know if they were trying to please everyone or if they’re just smoking crack. Maybe the watch just hasn’t grown on me. Maybe eventually I will change too my opinion and think that the new 40 millimeter case is the right size, but for the current moment, the things that excite me about the new watch is the new dial combinations and the movement.

Other than that, I’m not really that thrilled about it. I have no doubt in my mind it’s going to sell because it’s not an ugly watch, but I’m not absolutely thrilled about it. I think that really there’s several other models that we need from Rolex, than a new 40-mm Day-Date. I think there were a bunch of other models that would have excited us a lot more and that we need. It’s about damn time they come out with a watch with a rubber strap. I’m excited about that watch. The 40 millimeter, I think that’s unnecessary. I think it’s ridiculous. Personally, I think if you’re going to go with a 40, you might as well just go all the way and get the 41mm, because the 41 is the nicest size. That’s just my opinion. The 40 mm, I don’t know. I think the bracelet looks a little bit silly with that whole little dirt-bike ramp bump that it has all over there by the endings.

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I think instead of it accenting and all blending in into the case, they tried to make this invisible looking…the bracelet continues through the watch. I don’t know man, I think it’s a little bit ridiculous. Like I said, maybe they’re smoking crack over there. Still, it’s going to always be one of my favorite brands. Definitely, they’ve already done it, so what else can we do? I like it, just not as much as the 41. So the conclusion is, if you like the 41mm, I recommend you go out and buy one right now if you don’t have one already, because supposedly it’s going to be discontinued, and if you plan on getting one, now it’s the time to get one, because if they’re going to stop making them, they’re just going to get more beat up and more beat up and eventually, you’ll end up getting one when it’s too late and it’s looking like a 1970 36-mm Day-Date that’s all stretched out and loose, all Nicky Minaj and stuff.

So, if you want a 41 millimeter, now it’s the time to go get it.

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