Automobiles became an important bone in the era of black magic, until they became independent. Particularly important is that the daily commuting distance is far more important than the commute. There are a lot of cars with different motifs There are two types of vehicles: ordinary cars and sports cars. They are completely different. Racing is far from the norm. The car will tell you the story of the car as you recite Bible passages and tell you crazy about cars. If you like sports cars, you will like it, or you may not.

This week’s video is for the second group and for two reasons. The first is that you do not need to be a racing fan to enjoy the interesting aspects of cars Secondly, those who have been studying the car for some time It’s very difficult to like For those reasons, the theme of our Behind the Business program this week is: It’s about Ferrari’s first race car in Italy.

In the early 20th century They are still looking for ways to start cars. While urban areas are building infrastructure in the suburbs Cars are still commonplace. The same is true of northern Italy The beginning of the Italian car industry was almost everything These are just small local jobs.

The country’s automobile manufacturing is only a workshop of local engineers. One of these workshops is in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy Alfredo Ferrari’s small workshop was located on the outskirts of Modena.

Alfredo is a metal detector with a primary interest, and he owns the car and knows how the car works Car repairs were also made. Alfrado often called his son Enzo to help him He taught them how to drive a car. Enzo’s childhood ambition was to become a driver The first world war broke out before this was even attempted His father and brother enlist in the Italian army. In 1916 the flu hit, his brother and father died and the family business ran out He died with them.

A year later, Enzo was called up to the army’s blacksmith. However, because of his illness, he was reinstated in 1918 and served only one year. Unemployed and destitute, enzo drives used cars used by military vehicles to travel to Turin and Milan. Engineer For many, the old car is being repaired and re-marketed. There Enzo met a lot of engineers and former competitors.

Gradually, they became the drivers they wanted to become Enzo Given the opportunity. Enzo’s first race was in October 1919 The Parma Poggio di Bercento, Enzo won fourth. In 1920 he drove for Alfa Romeo In 1923, Revenna made his first appearance at the Circuito del Savio competition in Revenna. Savio was a fierce competition in Italy at the time. Enzo’s success was a surprise. Enrico Baracca, one of the sponsors of the race, was impressed with Enzo’s driving skills.

He was called to his home. There, the woman’s wife tells about her son who was infected. He is an Italian aviator and the name is Francesco Baracca. Francesco won 34 air battles and won the battle It was in the highest position than any other Italian air force. His plane leapt over the white platform Decorated with black horse-drawn figure.

The city governor is interested in Enzo’s driving skills Enzo’s son’s nickname was given to Enzo. After he won about a dozen races Scuderia Ferari founded its own car group, which worked for Alfa Romeo for about ten years.

The most interesting point here is that Ferrari is a flower in history It is also a well-known family name in Italy. Enzo chooses a horse called cavallino rampante for the team’s logo The white background was changed to the color of Modena. Enzo was a talented man who drew the best drivers of the time. Classic Tazio Nuvolari and Giuseppe Campari have been able to help Enzo’s team win a number of matches. Some of these are: And the Targa Florio Le Mans 24 Hour Grands Prix Competition. In 1938, Alfa Romeo set up their own club It was decided to part ways with Scuderia Ferrari.

Initially enzo served as manager of the new team and about a year later He left Alfa Romeo to set up his own team Auto Avio Costruzioni. Enzo’s departure has caused a great deal of trouble, and according to the rules He will not be allowed to compete with Alfa Romeo’s new team for four years. In those days, Enzo’s company made equipment and aircraft for Mussolini’s fascist government.

In 1940, enzo launched his own AAC 815 racing car Attempted to design. In just four months, Enzo was able to assemble the two cars. Now only one of them is left and it is called Private Righini It is a collection of cars and is located in the 15th century outside of Modena. As World War II neared, the Allies bombed Enzo’s factory It was amended in 1946 and continued.

A year later, Enzo made a Ferrari 125 and it was It became the first race car under the Ferrari name. Unlike the 815 is an eight-cylinder engine design. Enzo allows his engineers to create a V-shaped body of six cylinders on each side. The V12 engine was built after Ferrari’s Second World War It became the engine used in many cars. In 1948, enzo produced the Ferrari 166 after 125 S It became the company’s first international car.

Alberto Ascari drove Ferrari Tipo 500 for the first time in Ferrari 1952 Drivers` Champion Ascari took his place again He became a successor to each other. Then Formula One is for both drivers and builders Two awards were given. Next, a team at GrandPrix has at least two cars You have to compete There must be four competitors and one each In the competition, Chiang remembered both for the team and for himself. Only the first 10 are remembered in a competition The winner of the highest score receives the Driver Championship. The same applies to the Constructors` Championship. However, these two cats have multiple players in each team Not always the same In 1957, he produced the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and continued its success.

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It won three awards in 1958, 1960 and 1961. The beginning of the 1960s was a very difficult time for Ferrari Many older workers opposed Enzo’s wife, Laura, as manager. Laura is a bad talker and is involved in every issue. Finally, Ferrari’s sales manager Girolamo Gardini Along with 8 other colleagues, she filed a letter asking for Laura’s resignation. Girolamo’s direct claim failed All the submissions were packed. That is the biggest loss for Ferrari It causes labor protests. It wasn’t much worse than the deaths of four motorists two years ago.

All of Ferrari’s packaging efforts have been discontinued It took about four years. The workers’ strike was terribly bad for Ferrari It can be considered bad before good Enzo recruits young people in these former jobs. The new ones are built on the Ferrari 250 GTO. Ferrari only made 39 cars At that time, a minimum of 100 stitches were required to enter the competition. Enzo has installed non-sequential numbers in cars When they came to the inspection, the cars were put in a different position and deceived. Thereafter, he was allowed to compete in the 250 GTO for three years Won the World Sportscar Championship.

The remaining 250 are now too expensive. In 2014, the car was sold at 38 mm. The 1960s were the best decade for Ferrrari They continued to pack Ferrari 275 and Ferrari Daytona. In the 60’s it was impossible to build enzo Demand has increased. Fiat has sold a 50 percent stake to expand the company He became one of the biggest car makers of the time. The new money was used in Ferrrari’s expansion He copied a few things that he knew little about. Then he packed up cheap cars and made sure to sell them to a large crowd.

He wants his car not to be seen as a luxury item He created a car named Dino, which honors his son Alfredo. Alfredo died about 10 years before the car was smashed and cuts through the muscles He died of disease. Twenty-five-year-old Alfredo died while he invented the V6 antenna. Enzo was extremely impressed and received three versions of the Dino until 1976. The 206 GT 246 GT uses the V6 engine, which was built by Alfredo The 308 GT4 is equipped with a better V8.

In 1970, Ferrari won three Drivers` Championships thanks to Niki Lauda and Jody Scheckter. Not until the next 20 years. More specifically, the death of Gilles Villeneuve in the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix. Gilles was by far the most successful player at the time, and it shocked the whole world. Testarossa was produced in 1984, and the Testa rossa was attached in 1950 Repeat. Surprisingly, Testarossa did not arrive on the field But Ferrari is one of the most recognized. He then joined Miami Vice in the deepest of three seasons. In 1987 Enzo made the Ferrari F40 for 40 years The following year, Enzo’s death affected the model.

Estimates have raised the price of the F40 four times It’s because Enzo was finally certified. In 1990, only about 10% of the F40’s sales were in real time They buy. Enzo’s death changed the company’s ownership. Piero is the sole heir to 50% of his estate. Many of these were again sold to Fiat Becomes Vice President Fiat owns 90% of the shares Only 10% owned Piero. Although Enzo died, Ferreri’s racing team recovered.

In 1993, he was appointed CEO of Ferrari and the chairman of the International Automobile Federation. At that time Micheal Schumacher was acquired in 1996. It has now become a scary pattern. Since 1979, there has been no award Their V12 engine was not as good as other V10’s. Michael Schumacher’s decision to relinquish Ferrrari was extremely exciting Ferrari also paid 60 million for two years. To this day, Ferrari is still competing with rivals and acquiring the best drivers. In 2016, the most expensive player was Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettle, earning about 50 million a year.

Let’s go back to Schumacher In 1996, he won three small competitions and placed third in the Drivers` Championship. That has been the best result of the past five years. By 2000, Schumacher had not yet shown his best form Then came McLaren’s victory over Mika Hakkinen and the Drivers` Championship for 20 years Inside was restored. Then they won another four years He was the most successful player in Formula 1 history.

He dominated those times, building a 58-point cut in 2001 and passing 67 the following year. Schumacher was ousted in 2005 when Fernando Alonso appeared Fernando Alonso won two awards for Renault. The 2000s were the time when the Ferrari was returned to the podium. Schumacher’s performance made Ferrari the most successful of both races Ferrari’s record car was a Ferrari enzo. Built in 2002, it became the first V12 used car. The F140 is still used in other models Made in 2013, the Laferrari is Ferrari’s latest car Very good night. It has a value of 1.4 mm and has 499 packs. Support your people in the recent Italian earthquake The 500th trunk is announced.

Fiat has also announced that it will support Ferrari’s plan. It was designated as a public company in January 2016. It was a surprise for Ferrari enthusiasts, but the move was great Already calculated. Ferrari is already under the control of Fiat This has not been a dramatic change. Fiat also had the capital to refurbish the Jeep and Alfa Romeo. Although Fiat’s share price may not be as high as its peers It is difficult to say that the change has been a success Ferrari is preparing the 350 Special Pack for 70 years.

They are preparing to make five other models except Laferrari It is expected to be ready by the end of this year.

This is not all Ferrari news, though Ferrari’s 70th year will be a successful car production.

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