Recently, the popular 3KF Aquanaut has been upgraded from V2 to V3 version, making it closer to the genuine.

V3 Upgrade the movement from 324 to 330, the letter on the back case change to 330. And the balance wheel also upgrade. But the function is still not the same with genuine.

The function of genuine is that the second hand will be stop when you adjust the time.And the second hand still run when adjust time in 3kf 330 movement.

The index and the hand is not green as V2, it becomes a little bit white. It’s close to genuine. But the gen is more white, I think V3 is still more green.

The clasp is upgraded to the newest version, the same with gen.

The letter of calendar is thinner than V2.

And I think it’s not necessary to use SW dial in V3, all in all if you want to buy an Aquanaut, 3KF is the top now.

Written by NecoClock

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