We finally finished this comparison, thank you guys for waiting.

Here let’s talk about the mainly differences between 116500 and 126500.

1. The case shape is different, it looks like a bigger 116509.
2. The end links are also like 116509’s, but sit slightly lower(126509 also has this feature).
3. Metal protectors were added to these new models.
4. Movement is updated from 4130 to 4131.
5. The gen thickness is 12.1mm on 126500 while 116500 is 12.5mm.
6. The shape of case back is updated.
7. Hands are still the same, but the center pinion
8. The dial has changed a lot
9. 126500/126508/126505 still don’t have glide lock, 126519/126518/126515 will have it.

Old Daytonas have three different shape of watch cases, they are:

1) 116500/116508
2) 116518
3) 116509/116505

Now for the new models, there are only two left:

1) 126500/126509/126505 (126529/126506, same case but with see-through case back)
2) 126518

Now let’s start with black 126500. The most concerned point is the sub-dials, and it’s also one of the biggest update from the old models– they are thinner and has a silver ring on the outer edge of each sub-dial. From the pictures, we can see that Clean has nailed most of the details, but the engraving texture is still a bit rough. It seemed less visible under natural light, and I can barely tell the difference with eyes.

For the white 126500, it has the same problem as on 116500 — different white version. This gen is more yellowish comparing to Clean, I believe Clean will update the dial in the future. I will also post some QC comparison below for reference, they look much better under softer light.

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And for the other details, like markers and fillings, still remained the Clean quality.

Thanks to Clean, we can get Rolex watches and make this comparison in a short time. It’s a great honor for me to had the chance to appreciate every model and take pictures of them, I love every step we made.

Lastly, I know many of you guys had questions about why Clean chose SH movement this time, it’s really complicated between factories and I don’t want to say anything bad behind anyone’s back. Hope you guys would understand, Clean will never lower their standard, besides choosing SH doesn’t mean it’s low-quality. I know they spent no less money than DD4130 on this movement, I have high expectation of it.

That all for now, I will update more comparison of 126xxx models in the future, please follow us if you haven’t!

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