Hi guys, first-time reviewer here! I decided to format my review a little differently by showing you how I mix my Taobao finds into my regular wardrobe. Due to the wonderful and plentiful reviews on this sub, I have waaay too many items in my cart. I’m hoping this exercise will force me to consider what items actually work with my lifestyle.

Below each outfit, I will list the outfit details and provide a detailed assessment of each item from Taobao. For reference, I am around 5’4″ and 110-120 pounds. I usually wear a size 4.


Outfit #1: Business B*tch Outfit (pink sheath dress feat. jewelry reps)

Dress: L.K. BennettHeels: Zippy ◆ Bracelet: unbranded Céline knot from [ALIEXPRESS] ◆ Necklace: Missoma coin necklace from [ALIEXPRESS]Bag: authentic LV pouch from Damier Azur Neverfull

Missoma Roman arc coin necklace from [ALIEXPRESS] (unbranded) ◆ Price: USD $8.69 ◆ PSPs: none ◆ Authentic: here

  • Quality: 5/10 – The color of the necklace is a nice shade of gold. Other than that, I am disappointed with the quality, especially since the necklace was more expensive than Forever 21 necklaces and yet appears to be worse quality. The chain simply has no weight and feels flimsy.
  • Accuracy: 7/10 – The cheap chain is completely different from the authentic version.
  • Satisfaction: 3/10 – I haven’t worn this necklace at all, mostly because the “coin” is thinner than the width of a penny and the chain feels like it could snap at any moment.

Céline knot bracelet from [ALIEXPRESS] (unbranded) ◆ Price: USD $2.39 ◆ PSPs: none ◆ Authentic: here

  • EDIT: I fully intended to enter this Taobao review into the Repladies “Turkmaskkah Reviewstravaganza” contest and forgot that the Céline knot bracelet is on the Exclusion List. So I won’t be providing a full review of this item right now. I’ll just say that I wear it every day and you can find some of my thoughts in the Imgur link above 🙂


Outfit #2: Winter Whites (white, gray, and pink)

Coat: [TAOBAO] soft white oversized coat (unbranded) ◆ Sweater: white funnel-neck from [TAOBAO]Boots: SW ‘Tieland’ reps from WendyBag: authentic LV Damier Azur Neverfull ◆ Beret: from [TAOBAO] ◆ Chanel brooch: [TAOBAO]

Coat: soft white oversized coat (not branded) from [TAOBAO] | Price: CN ¥ 788.00 | Size: M | PSPs are here

  • Quality: 9/10 – This coat is now the softest coat I own!
    • Also, it is lined in the cutest butterfly print fabric.
    • I’m not sure if the coat is made of wool but I’m hoping you can see the long, soft fibers in the close-up picture.
    • I also can’t say enough good things about the way this coat fits. It feels like a snuggly cocoon and I could even hide snacks in it when I went to the movies (true story. Btw, Wreck It Ralph 2 is great!)
  • Accuracy: ?/10
  • Satisfaction: 10/10 – When reading the reviews for this coat to figure out my size, I saw that the tiniest Asian girls had ordered a Large. Imagine my surprise when I ordered a M and the PSPs made it look like it could fit a linebacker. But the coat is intended to have a batwing effect that drapes in layers once you put it on.


Sweater: white funnel-neck from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 69.0 ◆ Size: one-size, in the color apricot ◆ PSPs are here

  • Quality: 10/10 – Made of thick, tough yarn, this is one warm sweater!
  • Accuracy: ?/10
  • Satisfaction: 2/10 – Unfortunately, it’s a little too tight on my neck and the sleeves were made for someone with shorter arms. Will be donating.


Beret: here it is from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 35.00 ◆ Color: Beige ◆ PSPs are here

  • Quality: 10/10 – These berets have a little tie on the inside that helps it adapt to the size of your head. If you’re thinking, “why should I click on the PSP link, it’s just a beret?” — just click and marvel at the Chinese ingenuity of including hair clips with every beret purchase.
  • Accuracy: ?/10
  • Satisfaction: 12/10 – The ties on the inside of the berets are genius. I’ve never been able to get berets to stay on my head so well!


Chanel brooch is from [TAOBAO] ◆ Type: I ordered the one labeled “winding section” ◆ Price: CN ¥ 78.00 ◆ PSPs: PSPs are here ◆ Authentic: from Fashionphile here

  • Quality: 9/10 – According to some source that I probably just made up, Coco Chanel was fond of costume jewelry so I don’t think she would be too mad that I bought a costume-jewelry version of her brooch. The brooch has a nice weight and the pearls are attached very securely.
  • Accuracy: 7/10 – The ‘pearls’ on my brooch are a little smaller than the authentic’s, resulting in more pearls per square inch (which sounds like something a shady Taobao salesman would say?)
  • Satisfaction: 9/10 – It’s a cute brooch to throw on a jacket or a blazer and the price can’t be beat.

(BTW, the boots are from Wendy and they are a little large for me, so you might be able to find them for resale if you know where to look *winks badly* )



Outfit #3: Don’t talk to me, I’m freezing outfit (camel and black)

Coat: Max Mara-ish coat from [TAOBAO] (unbranded) ◆ Sweater: Theory (authentic)Skirt: Theory (authentic) ◆ Scarf: Acne ‘Canada’ scarf from [TAOBAO]Bag: authentic Neverfull in Damier EbeneBoots: Rag & Bone (authentic)

Coat: Max Mara-ish coat from [TAOBAO] (unbranded) ◆ Price: CN ¥ 498.00 ◆ Size: M, in “caramel” color ◆ PSPs are here

  • Quality: 10/10 – I completely believe that this coat is pure cashmere. It’s soft but you can feel the short fibers when you rub the fabric. The fabric drapes beautifully and as my friend told me, it makes me “look skinnier.”
  • Accuracy: ?/10 – The M is a little tight on my hips when I button the coat, so I plan to reorder a L.
  • Satisfaction: 10/10 – I asked Superbuy to measure the waist of the coat and uploaded that pic as part of my PSP link above so that you won’t have to pay Superbuy ¥ 2 for a detailed photo. You’re welcome; I’ll accept your ¥2 donation in my Venmo, thanks.

Scarf: Acne ‘Canada’ scarf from [TAOBAO] ◆ Color: 驼色 or Camel ◆ Price: ¥66 ◆ PSPs: are hereAuthentic is here

  • Quality: 6/10 – Maybe this is a wool blend, but it doesn’t feel like 100% wool.
  • Accuracy: 7/10 – Visually, the scarf looks pretty accurate. However, the tag on the recent versions of the Canada scarf seem to be placed at a diagonal and do not resemble the square tag that is on my scarf.
  • Satisfaction: 9/10 – I still love and wear this scarf daily, even if it’s not made of wool as promised.



Outfit #4: Navy trench with capelet (navy, red, and black)

Coat: Burberry-ish trench with capelet [TAOBAO]Hat: H&M?Boots: Givenchy reps from WendyBag: Celine box bag from Heidi

Coat: Burberry-ish trench with capelet [TAOBAO] | Price: CN ¥ 198 | Size: L | PSPS are here | Authentic: I couldn’t find an authentic version but it looks like a Burberry piece.

  • Quality: 1/10 – This coat is made of polyester that was probably rejected from the factory that Walmart uses to make its $5 coats. I’m sorry, that was too mean — this coat is made of polyester that was rejected from the factory that Walmart uses to make its $5 car floor mats.
  • Accuracy: ?/10
  • Satisfaction: 4/10 – Despite the wrinkly and cheap look of the fabric, I still love the style of this coat and might wear it out with my Celine Box bag.
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Outfit #5: Gucci tweed dress (black, red, and white)

Dress: Gucci (not branded) from [TAOBAO] ◆ Shoes: Ferragamo Vara bow pumps from [TAOBAO]

Dress: Gucci (not branded) from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 198 ◆ Size: I ordered the L in “five point sleeve” ◆ PSPs are here ◆ Authentic: can be found here

  • Quality: 9/10 – This is a well-made dress with real pockets (!) and sturdy hems. However, now that I see pictures of myself wearing it, I realize it doesn’t really do my figure any favors.
  • Accuracy: 9/10 – The buttons and trim are all accurate. The only detail that is a little “off” is that the sleeves look puffier in the Taobao version.
  • Satisfaction: 5/10 – I really wanted to love this style but the waist hits too high and makes me look shorter than I am. But then again, Kate Middleton wore the same dress and it also made her look a little shorter, so maybe it’s just the style?


Shoes: Ferragamo Vara bow pumps from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 238 ◆ Size: I ordered 39, will reorder in 38 or 37 ◆ PSPs are hereAuthentic shoes are here

  • Quality: 9/10 – I am quite sad that I bought the wrong size (I’m a size 7.5 and the size 39 that I ordered would better fit a size 8) because the quality of these shoes is excellent. I think they are on par with the Ferragamo flats from Zippy. The patent leather feels solid and the details (the heel, the bow) seems to be attached well. The downside is that the bow seems to be glued on and there are glue specks on the shoe.
  • Accuracy: 8/10 – While there isn’t anything glaringly wrong with the shoe from what I can tell, I’m sure the branding on the inner sole and the bottom of the shoe are probably inaccurate in some way. I also can’t find an authentic Vara bow pump with the grosgrain ribbon currently on sale.
  • Satisfaction: 10/10 – I can’t believe that I struck gold with Ferragamo flats at this price. I will definitely be reordering in a smaller size.


Outfit #6: Zimmerman floral top (burgundy and cream)

Top: Zimmerman blouse (not branded) from [TAOBAO]Pants: Ann Taylor (authentic lol)Shoes: Valentino Rockstuds from ZippyBag: random Marshalls bag

Top: Zimmerman blouse (not branded) from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 188 ◆ Size: M ◆ PSPS are hereAuthentic is here

  • Quality: 9/10 – It’s a polyester blouse, probably the same quality as Zara or H&M.
  • Accuracy: 10/10 – Surprisingly, this blouse gets full marks for accuracy, down to the little frilles on the sleeves (which remind me of the frilly scales that you see on some dinosaurs. Just me? Ok.)
  • Satisfaction: 8/10 – The M is a little large on me (the sleeves don’t hit at my wrist and the shoulder seams don’t line up with my shoulders) but I don’t like this blouse enough to reorder it in a smaller size.



Outfit #7: Puffy pirate sleeves (tan, black, and orange)

Top: puffy-sleeve button up from [TAOBAO] ◆ Jeans: Madewell ◆ Shoes: Valentino Rockstuds from ZippyBag: Pochette Metis from OC ◆ Twilly: Dior alphabet twilly from [TAOBAO]

Top: puffy-sleeve button up from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 33.97 ◆ Size: one size in the color “apricot” ◆ PSPs are here

  • Quality: 9/10 – I couldn’t think of another way to describe this top other than a “puffy pirate sleeve” blouse (you know, the floaty blouse that Will Turner would wear in Pirates of the Caribbean.)
    • Very pleased with this top because I low-key love the balloon-sleeve trend. Sure, the color isn’t ideal for my skin tone but the quality is quite impressive.
    • The blouse has a velvety texture on the outside and a smooth satin lining, making it very comfortable to wear.
  • Accuracy: ?/10
  • Satisfaction: 8/10 – I did take my photos in pretty bad lighting, so overall, I think the top is a lovely tan-brown color that will integrate well into my work wardrobe.

Twilly: Dior alphabet twilly from [TAOBAO] ◆ Price: CN ¥ 33.97 ◆ Color: I ordered one of the initials in my name ◆

  • Quality: 8/10 – Despite the “double layer silk” description in the Taobao listing, this twilly appears to be mostly polyester.
  • Accuracy: 8/10
  • Satisfaction: 8/10 – I don’t use twillies that much so I’m pleased with what I received even if it doesn’t feel as luxurious as the real thing.



Bonus: Avoid these TAOBAO Chanel Flats

My pictures: here ◆ Price: ¥358 ◆ PSPs are here ◆ Authentic: from Chanel here

Hey ladies, do you love getting blisters on your feet after wearing a pair of flats for one day in a low-impact office environment? Well, then I have the flats for you! They are advertised as leather but the back of the heel and the toe area are encased in the sweatiest plastic you have ever seen!



Agent: Superbuy

Payment method

These items were spread out over 2 Superbuy hauls and 1 Aliexpress order. Some of the PSPs are from Basetao but I felt like Basetao’s USD-CNY exchange rate was very unfair and I switched to Superbuy exclusively. I used Paypal on Superbuy and my credit card on Aliexpress.

Shipping cost and carrier

  • 1st shipment:
    • Shipping cost: CN ¥493
    • Shipped from Superbuy warehouse through EMS: Nov 13
    • Received: Nov 19
  • 2nd Shipment
    • Shipping cost: CN ¥411
    • Shipped from Superbuy warehouse through EMS: Nov 17
    • Received: Nov 24
  • Aliexpress items (through Epacket):
    • Shipped: Oct 17
    • Received: Nov 16

Service and/or Communication – 9/10

Superbuy’s agents are quick to respond and eager to help, even if their English isn’t that great.

Superbuy’s photos, however, are another story – they always look like they were taken with a graphing calculator or the only iPhone 3G still left in circulation


Hope this was helpful!

Comments are welcome unless you are just going to criticize my fashion sense, in which case I hope you are forced to dance in those trash Chanel flats that I reviewed above AND your hauls are stuck in customs until after Christmas 😈

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