In a landmark crackdown on counterfeit merchandise, Shanghai-based Cantoop has sounded the alarm over the sale of fake footwear through domestic online platforms.

Subsequent probes have unveiled a significant connection to Pandabuy, a cross-border operation infamous for distributing fake sporting goods and luxury items.

Heeding the call of concerned brand owners, Cantoop lodged an official complaint with Shanghai’s Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Changning, rallying a team of 70 dedicated investigators to closely examine Pandabuy’s operations.

After an extensive six-month inquiry, the team unearthed that Pandabuy’s illegal activities spanned across five urban centers, employing an army of over 2,200, with warehouse facilities covering an expanse as vast as 100,000 square meters – the equivalent of nearly 20 soccer fields.

The sweep, strategically planned for April 11th, 2024, saw over 200 officers from the Shanghai PSB and 50 specialists from Cantoop embark on a major raid of Pandabuy’s sites.

The rapid intervention by authorities led to the detention of more than 30 leading figures in the counterfeit ring.

Investigators, delving into Pandabuy’s storage sites, identified millions of packages filled with products from upwards of 200 brands destined for unsuspecting international consumers.

Moreover, 1,700 workers were found to be part of the systematic cross-border dispatch and handling operations.

The extensive review of the confiscated goods is expected to continue for several weeks, with the clean-up operation likely to stretch over several months before the seized items can be moved to law enforcement depots for in-depth examination.

The significant operation has sent ripples through the intellectual property (IP) circles within China and drawn widespread attention from global markets.

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Numerous brand owners have acknowledged the incident as one of the most consequential offline-online cross-border IP enforcement actions undertaken by Chinese authorities in recent history.

Cantoop has expressed deep pride in participating in this pivotal action and extends its deepest appreciation to the original brand owner for flagging the issue, to the law enforcement bodies for their decisive action, and to the collaborative efforts of all parties involved.

The company affirms its commitment to combating the counterfeit trade, highlighting the collective efforts essential in addressing such a complex and substantial case.

This episode marks a turning point in the fight against counterfeit goods and signals a strengthening resolve among law enforcement and brand protection agencies to target and dismantle operations that undermine intellectual property rights and consumer trust on a global scale.

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