I had a pair of Jenny’s Pro2 v5.1 and I took up the new year promo to pick up the Pro2 v5.2 TB Airoha 1562ae that everyone has been raving about in reviews:

Shipping and Packaging 8/10 Only took 8 days transit to UK, tracking app showed all updates. As usual Whatsapp messages answered super quick from Jenny. Received unit in protective packaging with fake external cardboard sleeve which was plastic wrapped. Apple packaging looked ok but the rip tags were really poor but this is a very minor issue for me 8/10.

Build Quality 10/10 Really nice build, pods feel great, great colour and have very good finish. The case looked perfect and the magnetic lid had the right amount of snap. Case speaker and led light work perfectly. Grills on the AirPods are fitted very neatly.

Multi Device Connectivity 10/10 This is an important feature for me as I use both an iPad and iPhone. Apple’s ”Connect” method worked perfectly, you just need to open the lid, please connect on both devices, then hold the case button to connect to both my devices. Sound switches between both devices seamlessly. All Apple controls, inc volume slide controls, renaming Airpods worked perfectly. My devices detect the presence of my AirPods quicker than my v5.1’s. Works fine on iOS 17.2.1.

Sound Quality 9/10 I have to clarify that I am not an audiophile, but these are noticeably louder than my v5.1’s so I suspect the speakers in the AirPods are larger. Great amount of bass and trebles were clear without any clipping at max levels. My listening level is around 40-50%, where as my v5.1’s were more like 70%. I really find the quality of the sound is excellent in my opinion.

Microphone 7/10 I made some calls and the recipient said that the quality of the call was good and better than my Pro2 5.1 mic. The mic is never going to beat something like retail Jabra’s with multiple mics but they do a decent job when indoors.

Battery 10/10 Not really pushed these pods to their limits but during my initial usage I hardly used any battery. Apple battery gadget displays the battery % of both AirPods and case perfectly. I am expecting over 5hr using ANC but honestly haven’t pushed yet, will report back.

Controls & Other features 10/10 Touch controls work perfectly including the new Pro2 volume touch controls. All the Apple device features are recognised, popup windows, the battery gadget, Settings etc. Wireless charging of case works fine. USB-C connector fits perfectly but again I only use 5/10W chargers and remember to disconnect the case after a short while (DO NOT use fast chargers on reps to avoid killing the battery!). As these are Pro2, there is a loop on the case for a lanyard and the case speaker provides a beep notification when charging commences wirelessly or via cable. The AirPod’s are listed as a device in the “Find My” app and you can play sound through the earbuds but no sound comes out of case. Really excellent.

ANC/Transparency/Conversation Awareness 7/10 These new v5.2 TB’s not only have Transparency and Noise Cancellation but also Adaptive modes too. The Conversation Awareness feature is also present. Conversation awareness seems gimmicky to me, I don’t use that feature nor do I use the Adaptive ANC as I am very happy with the ANC that these units bring. I’ll report back when I test out these AirPods on a flight where ANC really helps.

Spatial Audio 8/10 I tested the head tracking feature Spatial Audio works fine but I prefer the Fixed setting.

Conclusion 8.8/10 Really happy with these v5.2TB and the excellent service from Jenny’s. Everything from the shipping, packaging, quality of unit, sound quality and Apply feature compatibility is really impressive.

I honestly feel that the Pro2 features don’t make that much difference but it is pretty cool to have these additional adaptive ANC features including the conversational awareness which I have to admit I do not use. As ever, I am very happy with using Wise payment with Jenny and I will continue to highly recommend her to you.

r/AirReps - Jenny’s Pro2 5.2TB Review - really impressed

r/AirReps - Jenny’s Pro2 5.2TB Review - really impressed

r/AirReps - Jenny’s Pro2 5.2TB Review - really impressed

r/AirReps - Jenny’s Pro2 5.2TB Review - really impressed

r/AirReps - Jenny’s Pro2 5.2TB Review - really impressed

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