Steve from compares Rolex boxes from TOP Factory and CHEAP factory vs. Genuine Rolex Box.

Today I’ll show you the comparisons of Rolex box between gen and replica. For GEN, we apply the whole set of black 116500 in May, 2022. We also apply two versions of replicas, one is TOP that sale to foreign market by all TDs, the other is CHEAP that as complimentary box in domestic market.

Ok, let’s go straight to do it.

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

out looking

The stereoscopic of outer crown of the TOP box looks very well. It’s just that the ellipses aren’t flat enough! But the CHEAP one is more terrible exactly.

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

The green box view

the color of TOP is very close to the GEN, but a little bit darker. And the color of CHEAP version is more different and it’s dark and has no texture.

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

Inner side view

The print of CHEAP version is exactly tricking, but it could not be helped because of controlling costs. it’s a free gift, after all.

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

Inner details

The various frame details of TOP version is similar to the GEN! The deviation of crown and font is hard to avoid. It’s also used as an identification point for GEN!

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

Watch pillows

TOP’s pillow is thinner and smaller than GEN which is needed to be improved.

r/RepTime - Rolex box Comparison –GEN, TOP, CHEAP

Warranty card

There are two small pits on the top right of the front of the GEN card and there is an NFC chip inside the card, so if you get close to your phone camera, a link to the Rolex website will pop up.

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The cheap version of the card has no pits or NFC.

I forgot to take a photo of the TOP card, but I’ll post it later!

I just took an EW Factory Panda Daytona 116500 warranty card to test the shot, although the card also has no pits, it’s nice to have the NFC chip, except that when you click in, the model number pops up for the corresponding model!

Well, that’s it for today’s post, feel free to share your comments!

Notes; (the comparison images are not entirely uniform in perspective as they were taken on the phone itself, so please forgive Steven’s poor photography skills, haha)

There is no perfect replica, only the one you love the most.

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