Is anyone else here a snek lover like me? I am beyond obsessed with the entire Bvlgari Serpenti line. I am not a big ring-wearer so I skipped that item, but got the remaining set (chubby necklace (wanted the bang bang vs the skinny version), bracelet and earrings). I get that they retail for $$$$$$ but who’s countin’? Out of all three, the bracelet seems the most accurate 1:1 of the set.

Mary’s wagoon intro provided insight into the levels/tiers of vgold factories available so I felt she was extremely knowledgeable in the space. I spent a few days inquiring about the ins and outs of vgold from her. Such a doll for explaining everything to me. Given the reports of tarnishing from other RepLadies on the forum, I wanted to try out these “high/highest tier” vgold factories that purportedly use better materials and are less prone to tarnishing than lower/cheaper tiers. According to Mary, there’s many factory tiers. Price of pieces also generally reflect the quality (i.e. GF would be more expensive, especially if you added diamonds instead of moissanite/cubic zirconia).

  1. GF Factory (not the same as our “god” factory known for bags): 18K Gold and Highest possible tier of vgold (V2 or VK). This factory’s color match to vgold is more accurate to 18K and is less prone to tarnishing (though still not recommended to shower/swim with them on for longevity).
  2. YJ Factory: Next best factory, what we would call mid-high to high tier. Uses V2 vgold.
  3. “All Others”: Generally lower tier to low-mid tier, like V1 or 925 silver, more prone to tarnishing and less accurate. Stones used are more likely cubic zirconia.

There are already several guides out there on vgold (1 2 3) that I read up on. Do your research – I believe the safest and most color accurate vgold is the white gold version.

I initially asked to go with GF but Mary recommended I do YJ factory given the quality was the same for this set (according to her) but the price differential wasn’t worth it. I went with her recommendation given she has expertise (and I could save a few big bucks).

  • Disclosure – I got 15% RepLadies discount off my order.
  • Seller’s name: Mary
  • Seller contact info: wechat: mary19952 whatsapp: +8617879950549
  • Price of item(s) after discount:
    • Necklace: 660 cny (~$99)
    • Bracelet: 560 cny (~$84)
    • Earrings: 460 cny (~$69)
  • Payment method: wechat pay
  • Price of shipping and carrier: 260 cny FedEx (~$39 no branded boxes. She quoted 320 cny (~$48) for shipping with branded boxes but I was too scared to ship all three with all the trappings)
  • Order timeline:
    • Inquired 6/1
    • Ordered 6/7
    • PSP 6/9
    • GL 6/10
    • Shipped 6/10
    • Received 6/24
  • Constructive criticism wanted


## **Photos**


## **Quality – 10/10**

  • There are no loose stones.
  • No hydroxyfufu
  • Closure mechanism on necklace feels sturdy
  • Earring hinge/clip feels strong, has some resistance
  • Bracelet stretches to fit over hand
  • No kinks in links
  • Shiny sparkly moissanite and V2 gold.
  • Nice weight


## **Necklace Accuracy – 7/10**

  • Moissanite: count is wrong on last tail segment (rep has 8, auth has 5) and the mini-segment after the head intersection (rep has 4, auth has 3). Head segment also wrong (rep has 17+7, auth has 9+6). All other segments have the correct 9. -1
  • Side holes: look wider on rep -1
  • Back: segment “v-holes” look accurate and pointed, 3 each except for clasp, head, intersection link and tail end.
  • Clasp: pinch and release appears similar to auth (no close up auth photos to compare).
  • Stamping: located only on clasp (could not find reputable reseller photos to compare if this is correct or not). No Bvlgari stamp. -1
  • Overall shape: Looks accurate to auth.
  • Weight: 67g
  • Length: 24cm from clasp to tail
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## **Bracelet Accuracy – 10/10**

  • Moissanite: count is correct on each segment (two per segment, head and tail each with 3).
  • Overall shape: Looks accurate to auth. Tapers to an elegant point at the tail end. Not too “thick” like some lower tier versions.
  • Back: segment “v-holes” look accurate and pointed, 3 each except head and tail. Head correctly has the “v-holes”. Bvlgari is engraved on second link. Other stamping are located on head and a bit between the third and second (no close up auth photos to compare).
  • Weight: 27g
  • Inner circumference: 16cm but stretchy


## **Earrings Accuracy – 7/10**

  • Moissanite: count is correct on each earring and segment.
  • Overall shape: Looks accurate to auth from the front.
  • Side holes: look wider on rep -1.
  • Back: no segment “v-holes” like auth from official site -1.
  • Stamping: on tail, with Bvlgari branding (no auth photos to compare).
  • Hinge Clip: no “BVLGARI” like auth from official site and shape looks off -1.
  • Weight: 5g each
  • Length: 4cm each


## **Satisfaction – 10/10**

  • Note: I have not felt or seen auth.
  • Honestly I’m in love. I want the entire collection (my wallet is cringing). Don’t even care to add up the retail totals because I love it so much. The necklace might actually be a “dupe” since I didn’t see the branding on it, but it’s not enough for me (personally) to upgrade to GF for the supposedly better accuracy.


## **Seller Communication and Service – 10/10**

  • Mary was such a doll – she sweetly answered all my questions leading up to my purchase and never pressured me to buy. I felt comfortable working with her since she seemed very knowledgeable and disclosed the levels of factories for me so I could make a proper decision.
  • I skipped the branded packaging (due to fear) but otherwise the items came in perfect condition bubble wrapped.
  • I plan to try out GF factory next with an 18K piece since I felt she gave me the proper attention and worked with me in making sure I liked my pieces.

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