Overall comparison of Omega Seamaster 300m blue dial GEN, VS, OR, AG and ZF

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I have done a lot of comparison posts about the most popular Rolex models. We guess you guys may tired of reading it. For a change of pace this time, let’s see how well the major factories have done with the Seamaster 300 Blue dial.

let’s get straight to it!

Dial Front View

In terms of color, VS and ZF are the closest to GEN, AG is not bad, OR is the most obvious, too dark!

Bezel view​

All factories’ bezels are well polished, and the shape and smoothness of the sides are about the same! OR’s bezel is better polished.

As far as the rotating feel is concerned, the VS’s is the most comfortable. Like the GEN, it is relatively loose to rotate. The sound is too loud is the only defect. OR, ZF, AG are all too tight to rotate!

Detailed Engraving View​

The enamel engraving process used by GEN is almost flat and has no ranges visually! There is no problem with what the rep factories do!

In terms of fonts, VS and ZF do better, OR is a bit thicker, and the flatness of AG edges is relatively poor!

Night Pearl Triangle View​

The enamel engraving process used by GEN is almost flat and has no ranges visually! There is no problem with what the rep factories do!

In terms of fonts, VS and ZF do better, OR is a bit thicker, and the flatness of AG edges is relatively poor!

Glass view​

Overall, the crystal surface of ZF is better, and the secondary treatment of glass is done on the side. AG’s glass surface is low.

Stick view​

The overall polishing of the scale is not bad, but the GEN’s dot time scale is flat, and the factories’ seem to be too round!

The double sticks at 12 o’clock are not very neatly arranged in all factories!

Hand Luminous Filled View​

The luminous light of the hands are made grainy in all factories which are not much difference.

Looking at the dot stick from this perspective, the factories’ are indeed too full, and the OR is obviously yellowish in color!

Oil Font behind 12:00 Stick View​

VS is also not bad. The best thing ZF does is the shape and flatness of the font. The downside is that the red SEAMASTER is darker, and the color closest to GEN is the OR factory.

Oil Font behind 6:00 Stick View​

On the whole, the OR factory is slightly worse. The letter A above the calendar window is the most obvious place. The skeleton part in the middle is made into a circle!

Hand view​

The GEN middle axle is solid, but all the factories are skeleton. VS’s and ZF’s external leakage cylinders are better in shape, protruding like GEN, and very flat!

Panel Wave Notch View​

The depth of the notch is not bad in all factories. In terms of color, GEN is dark gray. Through physical observation, VS, ZF, AG are very close, and the graininess of the OR pattern is too strong!

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Date Window View​

The window shapes of VS, ZF, and AG have secondary processing of beveled edges, while OR does not.

And only VS and ZF are correct for date fonts. GEN’s font 20 is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The upper part of the number is leaning towards the middle, and the lower part is inclined towards the outer edge (the same is true for 10 and 30, and the date after many days is this shape.

Case Side View

There’s nothing wrong with the shape of the case.

The shape of the upper part of the letter E of GEN’s exhaust valve is an arched curved corner, and the factories’ are a bit square!

GEN’s crown and exhaust valve are chamfered with circular arcs, which looks like a layered slide. All factories have noticed this detail, but VS and ZF are better at arc angle grinding.

Thick Bottom Cover View​

GEN’s rear bottom cover has a very fine chamfered edge, VS and ZF have noticed it and have chamfered it, while OR and AG feel almost no treatment.

Engraved view of lugs

The VS logo graphic is thinner.

In terms of lettering, the factories all use different lettering processes, so there will be some gaps, but the overall shape can still be seen clearly.

Strap Detail View

Lume View​

GEN’s sticks lume is more green, the factory’s is more blue. The color is still different.

Movement View​

All factory movements use Seagull 2824 to imitate the 8800 SMD movement.

The structure of the four factories is slightly different. OR, ZF use fewer patches and more similar with GEN

The most obvious place for VS is the lack of a screw on the balance wheel.

In terms of polishing, OR and ZF are better, and in terms of gem color, OR is closer to GE

Data Comparison​

Illustrate: All watches are in a clamped state, and there may be precision due to the slight deviation of the caliper position. GEN and factories have steel tape protective films.

Well, today’s post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it. Complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!

(Illustrate: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the problem of the light source. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)

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