Top1: Handicraft

Recommended for basic product. Good quality, good package, good customer service. This factory price is not too high, not too low. Quality worth your money. Compared with the original version, every detail is even too refined. Hermès handmade bags, 100 people have 100 different understandings of Hermès, but many people, even those who have a small number of authentic products, are too deified and nervous about Hermès, and they will take the details of an authentic product or a few pictures on the Internet. Compare the bags in various ways, and they will definitely be different. Firstly, there are no two identical Hermès. Secondly, identification is not as simple and crude as comparing an authentic product. Hermès is a combination of materials and handcrafts. We only need to judge the materials. Whether it is the correct version, whether the craftsmanship is consistent, plus the charm of Hermès, this is right)

Top 2: God Factory

Updated February 27, 2024: Temporarily stopped accepting orders for Hermes bags from the God factory due to many negative feedback from customers and purchasing agents. Factory prices are high and not worth the quality. Chanel, Dior and LV from God factory still have very good quality.

Top 3: White Chair Factory

Good quality but high price. This factory regularly raises prices.

Top 4: H Factory

The factory says they are 100% handmade. Many styles, beautiful pictures, good prices. Long waiting time. Recently my customer feedback that this factory is not pure handmade (?!!). Consider before you buy.

Top 5: 24K Factory

A lot of sellers source their goods from here and say it’s from their factory. Domestic customers like it very much. This factory temporarily stopped operating for a while. Receiving very few orders. Consider before buying. Price is not low.

Top 6: SYMode

100% handmade, original leather. Famous factory in China market, owner is good relationship with Italian and French leather companies, good copy workmanship. It’s a little not good customer service. This factory used to be very famous in RL because they have many resellers in RL

Top 7: Other Factories

Lots of other factories with good quality and good price. Contact us for a consultation.


Top 1: God Factory

Good quality, high price. God Factory do not refund, do not exchange products if there are no obvious defects from the factory. Quality is good for the price.

Top 2: Chanel JBIAA

Updated February 27, 2024: JBIAA Chanel factory temporarily stopped delivering goods. Join our Love Lux New group to receive the latest information of this factory.

Updated March 2024

After being closed since the end of March, the Chanel JBIAA factory returned to work. Full price list has been added in our Love Lux New group Here. Contact admin for best price.

This factory is famous in China. There are many factories that fake bags from this factory (!!!). This factory has Chanel bag chip technology that allows you to check the information of that bag via email. Each bag 1 chip, 1 information, 1 email. Different bag, different chip, different authentication email. This factory only produces Chanel. No Hermes, No Gucci, No Dior…


Top 3: 187 Factory

浩浩 = 187 Factory. A few years ago, he was famous for CF with good quality. He is good at marketing and has many foreign customers (RL). His price is too high, the quality is not worth the money. Now he only sells online and the prices are high, the customer service is not good – no refunds, no exchanges for any reason other than obvious bad quality. If you buy from 187 浩浩, I do not recommend it. If you buy “187 King” (not from 187 浩浩 factory) the quality is better.

187 = 浩浩 is not the best. He is most famous for RL

Top 4: Original Factory

This Factory has a very attractive image. They often take Authentic (ZP) to take photos. His family bought the original to copy it. Bag quality is good (leather material and hardware). However, his family often has problems copying colorful leather handbags. Therefore, the bag you receive may have a slight color difference from the factory image. If you’re not too picky, his price is good compared to the quality of the bag. If you are picky about colors, you should only buy black and white. His family does not allow exchanges or refunds.)

Top 4: Xiao c Factory

Previously they were just a shop with many styles from many different factories. Then they had a factory and produced it themselves. But up to now (first month of 2024), there is still no information about inside the factory. Not sure if they are manufactured or not.

Top 5: HTL

This factory used to have Drama with the seller on RL – the fault is not the factory’s. The quality of this factory is good. Good price. After the recent 11.11 sale, I consider this family to be doing business ethically. He reduced the price of the bag but delivered good quality bags, no quality problems. Should buy from his family.

Top 6: Shunyang Factory

The factory has good quality, few customers know about RL, few reviews. Domestic customers like it very much. This factory has good reviews from other factories!!! They are well liked by their competitors lol)

Top 7: JD Factory

Good quality, they use imported HAAS leather. This factory often releases the latest Chanel models. Buy authentic to copy.

Top 8. S Factory

Good quality, good price, same as Xiao C. But I recommend you to buy from Xiao c Factory.

Top 9: CD Factory

Good quality, high price, CF bags have many colors.

Top 10. All Black Factory

His family takes attractive photos, the product’s packaging is attractive. The quality of the bag is good but the price is too high compared to the quality. Should only buy his family at a discount.

12. Wooden box Factory, Coco Factory, 031 Factory, Senlin Factory, FeiFei Factory, Panda Factory, Min Factory, Anna Factory, Amy White Chair Factory, QiQi Factory, BL Factory


Top 1: God Factory

No need to introduce much about God’s LV anymore. The best in the market. Only sad thing is that this factory doesn’t make many styles

Top 2: Royal Factory

Tax-Free Quality. This factory has almost the same quality as God but the price is much lower. Recommended purchase. Many sellers on RL source goods from this factory and claim this is their factory. The only problem is that this factory takes real pictures and colors that have a little problem with black. This factory black handbag shown in the picture is navy blue. But you can rest assured it is black.

Top 3: Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall is one of the first factories in Guangzhou to make LV bags. About 15 years ago, the owner of Yellow Wall and the owner of the God factory were working together. They aspire to create the best LV handbags in the world. Then there was a drama between them. 2 bosses build 2 different factories.
The boss of God factory was more successful when he changed the hardware from 208 steel to 316 steel (watch steel) and introduced his products to foreign customers. The owner of Yellow Wall serves domestic customers only. Yellow Wall’s hardware is still 208 steel, so it is less popular with customers. At that time we removed Yellow Wall’s LV from the album. Recently Yellow Wall introduced new hardware, still very good leather and good replica workmanship.

Top 4: Dingji Factory

New factory, many styles and pretty good monogram copying skills

Top 5: MB Factory

This factory says they are duty free quality. I don’t have much experience and feedback with this factory. There is no bad feedback, but “WOW happy” feedback from customers who buy from this factory has not been received. This factory makes many LV bags for men.

Top 6: JC Factory

Domestic customers buy it a lot. Recently this factory is out of stock. Recently this factory doesn’t have many new styles. It seems that this factory is “tired” in the race to run the best factories.

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Top 7: Duty-Free Factory

The special thing about this factory is that they have a chip that can be checked. Also the quality is not wow at all. Don’t confuse the name of the factory and the quality of the factory.

Top 8: Birdcage Factory

Many new designs, not bad quality. Lately, the factory has done a pretty good job taking care of the details. However, if you are picky, consider before buying. This factory does not offer free branded boxes. If you want a full branded box, you should tell the seller before paying.

  1. Orange Couch Factory (often closed, the quality with LV is getting worse and worse)
  2. Huahui Factory (Good price, medium to high quality. If you want high quality, you should not choose this factory)
  3. JYH Factory (regularly update new models, good prices, not accurate)
  4. OTQ Factory, An Factory


Top 1: Green Factory

New factory, has not appeared on RL because not many sellers have stock. Domestic customers give positive feedback. Very good quality. Less style.

Top 2: Royal Factory

Duty Free Quality. Recommended to buy from this factory.

Top 3: Panda Factory

Top 4: Extra Small Factory

Same Orange Couch Factory

Top 5: Red Brick Factory

Good quality compared to price. Fast shipping. Many Gucci style bags for men. Red Brick Factory does not offer free branded boxes. If you want to buy a branded box, please message the seller before paying.

Top 6: DS Factory

Old DS Factory background

Good leather material, good package, good customer service.

New DS Factory Background
New DS Factory Background

DS factory has a change in quality. The factory changed to a new background and upgraded quality. The factory album has new background images and real photos of the factory before shipping.
Price list of products from DS factory (upgraded quality) is HERE.

Top 5: Original Factory

A famous factory on RL, good quality, bad customer service. No refund or replacement without obvious factory defect

Orange Couch Factory (Good quality, good price, famous in RL, many good reviews. Cons: often temporarily closed). Palm Factory (Many new bag models, many Gucci men’s bags). Pomegranate Factory, Acai Factory


Top 1: God Factory

Dior God Factory is the Queen’s factory. This factory has a very high price but also has good quality. The most highly rated products of this factory are leather products. Embroidered products are of good quality but the price is too high, customers consider Dior from DR96 factory because of good quality and good price. Dior from God factory runs out of stock very quickly and needs to wait. Dior bags from God factory cannot be returned or exchanged without obvious factory defects.

Top 2: DR96 Factory

One of the best Dior factories in Guangzhou Baiyun. Quality worth your money. This factory has many new styles. The quality of the leather bags is great value for money. The quality of the embroidered bags is good. This factory has many styles of Tote bags.

Top 3: Angel Factory

Factory is famous on old RL for high quality Dior products. However, the factory has been in operation for a long time. The factory has returned to operation but the product quality is not as good as before.

Top 4: Orange Couch Factory

Good quality, good price.

Top 5: DMZ Factory

Not recommended for leather products.

Top 6: Vivi Factory, Li Factory, Weipin Factory


Top 1: Black Frame Factory

This factory buys authentic to copy. Factories that buy authentic copies to copy have a very high % accuracy. They can cross-copy from the outside of the bag to the details inside the bag. Many say it is 1:1. However, I want to share with you the information that there is no replica bag that is same 100% authentic.

Top 2: Green Panda Factory

Good quality but no information about whether the factory bought it authentically to copy or not? The factory is a little inaccurate in the details. If you are picky, we do not recommend it. If you just need a bag to carry it and go on the street, without anyone shouting at you “Ah you’re wearing a Replica bag”, then this factory is fine.

Top 3: JXG Factory

Top 4: Original Factory

Top 5: FG Factory


Top 1: Nickloe Factory

This factory has been on the list of the best factories for many years in a row. They only make high quality Fendi bags. The price is not low and there is a delay in responding to messages.

Top 2: XXL Factory


Top 1: Mirror Table Factory

Jundu is closed, so choose White Table. Many other sellers call it the Black Frame factory. This factory buys authentic copies so the small details are very accurate. The factory quickly responded to messages and delivered goods very quickly. Recommended to buy YSL bags from this factory.

Top 2: Jundu Factory

Temporarily closed

Top 3: Acai Factory

Top 4: BeiZhan Factory


Top 1: Liu Factory

Mr. Liu’s family has been making leather handbags for nearly 20 years. His family’s LOEWE are top. Not many sellers on RL source from his family so he’s not famous. Mr.Liu has business ethics, doesn’t need to be famous, just needs customers to understand the product, domestic customers only want to buy from his family.

Top 2: Jipin Factory

Last August, his family’s warehouse was flooded. The brand box is not much, the inventory is also not much. When buying, ask me first. Good quality will sell, bad quality won’t sell.

Top 3: Qiutian Factory

This factory has many Loewe wallets.

Top 4: Orange Couch Factory


  1. Jing Factory
  2. Meng Factory


Top 1: B Factory

This factory has no pictures, he has a shop, come directly to buy, the best quality are nylon styles.

Top 2: Black Frame Factory

Top 3: JYO Factory

Prada bags for men and women

Top 4: Meng Factory

Top 5: FG Factory


Top 1: White Factory

Good quality good price. However, I want to remind you that there is no perfect Replica bag. There is no information that this factory bought authentic to copy. Because authentic Goyard bags are difficult to buy and this factory has so many copy styles that they cannot buy all authentic to copy.

Top 2: Lemon Factory

Top 3: Straw Mats Factory


  1. Chloé Factory (Good price, quite good quality, many styles and quite fast delivery)
  2. MBB Factory (Closed)
  3. XF Factory (Closed)


  1. Kata Factory


If you want to buy more suitcases, check HERE

MCM Factory

I have 3 factories that produce MCM bags but only introduce this MCM factory to you. Good quality, complete accessories, makes a great gift.

Attention: This post is a compilation of information from many sources (Our Chinese customers, Foreign customers and our sales experience in Guangzhou more than 10 years). It is for reference only. You find your own seller and experience the wonderful shopping process in Rep-Game. Factory improve quality regularly. Each batch has different quality. Just because you have a bad quality review 1-2 years ago doesn’t mean the factory hasn’t been good now.


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