I personally started my H journey 1.5 year ago, and I currently own 5 auth H bags. I had some sold or bought from resellers and vintage stores.

I am not gonna talk about this too much here, but I would like to share if anyone’s interested!

Lets jump into my review of the lovely bag I got from DDmode!

  • Disclosure She did not offer incentives or discounts for writing this review. She doesn’t know I’m writing this review.
  • Seller’s name DDmode
  • Seller contact info WeChat ID DDmode (for those ladies who are unsure if you’re reaching the right person, her wechat account icon is a girl at beach with the name “丁丁”)
  • Price of item 4500CNY
  • Payment method I used TransferWise
  • Price of shipping and carrier 400CNY to Australia / Delivered by Aramex


  • Order timeline

2/28 Inquiry, since it was ready stock PSP was sent immediately, payed, shipped from Guangzhou

3/5 Arrived at Aramex Hong Kong

3/9 Left Hong Kong

3/10 Arrived in Australia & custom cleared

3/18 Received (don’t know why it took a week to deliver though…I live in metro area)



Before I go into the deeper review, let me briefly clarify the Auth bag I have.

It is Birkin 25 Crair GHW Togo leather Z stamp(2021)

I was offer this beauty last year in the H boutique on my birthday as my first ever H bag.

I was specifically requesting this spec, so it was just absolutely perfect.

There are actually a lot of stories behind this, but again i’m not gonna mention it here.

So here’s the review!!

Quality – 9.9/10

As I am not a picky person about reps, I would like to just give 10 but I know you wanna hear some thoughts.

It’s really really identical to the auth I have, but when I first held the rep, I did feel something different. I am really sorry that I can’t tell specifically what’s the difference, maybe the leather? Maybe the weight?

It’s just something different, not wrong, just different.

But I assume, no matter if its rep or auth, as long as its handmade it cannot be 100% identical. So I think this is usual but just in case, -0.1

(My bf says he cannot tell at all)

Accuracy – 9.75/10

I did notice the stamping of ‘MADE IN FRANCE’ was bit unclear compare to Auth, but no one would capture it unless they go really close to it and try to find mistakes. So I GLd anyway.

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As you can see on the pics I shared above, the stamping on the front is deeper on the rep.

Pic from the bottom of the bags, you can clearly see the difference of its width, but honestly I did not notice until the moment I checked this pic.

Also, as I mentioned in the pics, the folds shape is sharper on Auth.(check the handles comparison pictures)

Finally, I think the clochette is the biggest difference. DDmode’s cut on the string was too small as the ‘key cover’ cannot go through the hole. But anyway I don’t use clochette, so I don’t mind this point at all.

Satisfaction – 10/10

I definitely love this bag!

I literally have nothing to complain about this bag even though I know there are some differences and I am even with people who have tons of Auth H bags.

Maybe not to the H boutique but I am super comfortable carrying this bag around.

(Only thing is the Aramex shipping. As I didn’t want to wait any longer, I called the depot to request pick up. They told me to wait for the confirmation email before I go to the depot. But you know what, they didn’t send any email and just delivered it to my house 2 days later. I don’t even know if I am supposed to be disappointed or happy about this.)

Seller Communication and Service – 10/10

As I can speak Chinese, I contacted her in Chinese.

She is definitely not a chatty person, but really prompt and helpful, which I think it’s definitely more than enough at this kind of communication.

She even messaged me when the bag was delivered just to remind me!

I will definitely go back to her again!!

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