To follow on from my obsession with the marvellous ‘~ bleu pale ~’ colour, the day I bothered Aku about the pale blue classic flap – I decided to yolo and get some Hermes Oasis sandals in the same colour as well to match with my CF muahaha. Currently where I am in Australia is bloody cold, thankfully I am going to fly overseas next week for my cousin’s wedding and it is in the tropics so I am keen to rock these!

This is going to be a short and sweet review welcoming any constructive criticism, again this is based off just my personal opinion and I try to upload photos taken with good lighting and several angles so you guys can observe them and form your own thoughts/opinion.

Disclosure: No discounts were given or offered, Aku does not know I am writing this review and posting this.


Seller: Aku

Whatsapp: +86 185 8884 8288

My photos


Factory photos

Authentic Can’t find my ‘bleu pale’ online 🙁

Aku’s szwego album

Cost: USD $115 + $45 shipping = USD $160, approximately AUD $235 (Again I asked Aku to ship with a Hermes box so that’s why shipping cost a bit more)

Payment method: Paypal

Timeline: (in Australian date format)

13/06/2022 – Asked Aku about these shoes the same day I inquired about the CF, paid on same day. She said I have to wait about a week as the factory has to make it.

19/06/2022 – Received PSPs, looked good to me so I GL

21/06/2022 – Aku sends me a picture of my package and said she’s sending today

23/06/2022 – I received a notification from AUSPOST saying they received tracking info (so I can track it)

01/07/2022 – Received package! Once again from POST SERVICE RETURNS which is located in Matraville, NSW for all Aussies who are curious.


Accuracy – 9/10

The shape, the cut, heel height (5cm), type of material and leather all looks on point to me, however I could not find this pale blue colour online at all. So I will be -1 point due to that reason, please let me know if there is indeed this colour. But I don’t care if it is a fantasy colour because I love this colour and I get to match my CF with these shoes!

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Quality – 10/10

These feel and look like my friend’s auth Oasis, the leather feels of decent quality and I can’t seem to find any fault within the stitching. After peeling off the plastic sticker at the sole of the shoes, the material it unveiled felt sooo nice and almost soft. I’m scared to get it really scratched up and dirty – was I meant to peel that sticker off?? Wouldn’t it be slippery if I left it on? Can someone school me pls

Satisfaction – 10/10

I am sooo satisfied with these pair of Oasis sandals, I love the height of the block heel as its just enough elevation but not too tall hence allowing a sense of casualness still. I cannot wait to wear these with my pale blue CF!!! Also, these fit true to size – I usually am a size EU38 in all type of shoes I own and these are an EU38 and they fit perfectly. I would add photos of my feet in them but I have not had a pedicure done so I will spare all of your eyes from my gross feet/toes haha.

Seller Communication – 10/10

Of course I’m happy with Aku as I have purchased from her again, she has been reliable and easy to communicate with. I don’t need to chase her up, she remembers to send me my PSPs or provide updates once she has them which is the type of service I truly appreciate. Also, I have sussed out other sellers too and usually Aku does the best prices compared to the few other sellers I have messaged through WhatsApp – so kinda a no-brainer for me to stick with Aku 🙂

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